22 Dec 2008

I see 'The Pool' drew with Arsenal then.(I missed it)
Hats off to top of the premership.
We'll soon be on you heels ...... ho ho ho

18 Dec 2008

Right then........... Just eaten a massive fresh cream and jam doughnut and I'm looking at the added inches already on the bum lol.

Crimbo prezzies all done and wrapped.
I'm going to spend part of Crimbo with the children and little one and then the second half and new year with friends. So the first will be late nights and early mornings (the children are 25 and 24 yrs and like excited big kids).
The second half will be late night/late mornings.
No doubt there will be the usual various photo's taken on digital or mobiles of the drunken ala sleep mode with bodies in various reposes.

Ok then off to view Reg's blog now then.
Merry Christmas one and all and here's to a hale and hearty New Year for all.

8 Dec 2008

Well I didn't go into the station today, 'cos I'm poorly thats why.
I can't shake this horrendous cold and chest cough.... I sound like a dog barking!
The cold has made me sound very husky and it's been suggested that I should hang on to it as it makes me sound sensual.
Hah they can have it willingly. I feel like death dug up for a second chance.

I've missed out on two Crimbo functions as well so totally peed off.
Going off for another regulation lemsip. :-(

Laters potaters

30 Nov 2008

Yippee I've completed my 13 weeks mediation course AND got the certificate to prove it.
So instead of knocking disputants heads together I now know how to do it proper like.
yea............. wahoo............

13 Nov 2008

Well How bad am I. No blog done since October.
It's frightening where the time flies to. I have been off the whole of this week and got absolutely nothing to show for it apart from a tidy house (sort of!)
I have been doing a mediation course and that in its self is rather tiring. No excuse though I should have made the effort.
However on the plus side I did read though one of Regs' neck/nail biting short vampire stories. The ending took me by complete surprise. I passed it on to a couple of friends who are into that sort of stuff and it got rave reviews. So hopefully he will see it in print.
Oh well time to put the feet up then with a cuppa.
In the words of the imortalised Reg.
Tara for now.

27 Oct 2008

Go the 'pool but you'll need some wheels
'cos Arsenal the champs are on your heels.


22 Oct 2008

FENERBAHCE 2 ARSENAL 5 I'll leave it there ................

19 Oct 2008

With the greatest of respect to the book of prayer

This is especially for Reggo and his little round podge he continues to refer to.

Our lager
Which art in barrels
Hallowed be thy drink.

Thy will be drunk
(I will be drunk)
At home as in the tavern.

Give us this day our foamy head
and forgive us our spillages
As we forgive those who spill against us.
And lead us not into incarceration
But deliver us from hangovers.

For thine is the beer
The bitter and the lager
For ever and ever

5 Oct 2008

Not really in the mood for blogging lately. The weather is absolute pants and it has been raining for two days. Come Monday of course when we're all going back to work the sun will break through.
I always feel this is a depressing time of the year. I could probably do with a large dose of vitamin D which we all lacked in England this year.
However on the plus side all my housework and ironing is done.
Another watch this space then.............

1 Oct 2008

Well it's the 1st October and traditionally the heating goes on today in offices etc. Personally I felt the need for it in September. What a year and today has a real autumn bite to it.

Reggo has a bit of a quandery with his book. To go for an opportunity to begin print on demand or not. Always a tricky one that as there could be lots of hits at the site - or maybe not.

It's a funny ole world.
As writers, we sit there tapping out these blockbuster novels and they get trodden on by publishers who will only go for either tried and tested or well known celebs. These celebs are also people who can afford to self publicate their work and get it put on the shelves. Mostly it's their background and rise to fame which they pen. (Or in some cases have "ghost" written). In some cases they even go on to write childrens books which of course also go on the shelf because of the above. "Well fancy her/him writing childrens novels etc as well - WOW how cool is that".
Yeah right and us in the literary world know the answer to that.

Ok that's me off me soap box which is getting a bit tatty these days due to extra usage.

On another note...........Arsenal 4 Porto a big fat zero (made up for the w/ends fiasco) thought I would get that in before anyone else does. LOL

17 Sep 2008

It's that time again

And so nature takes a well earnt rest. After all that hard work flowering and growing it's now time for the Crone to take over.
She gently lays all of nature to rest ready for the long sleep of Autumn/Winter.
I'm doing my bit by planting lots of Spring bulbs this year. I have always been very lax in this so I thought I would give it a go. White Hyacinths (is that how you spell it)? white narcissus with yellow centres lots of bright yellow daffys with red centres. Cant wait to see them in bloom as it means that yet again winter has finished. It's not the season I find hard to deal with it's the short days! Dark at 3.30pm in November/December. Because we still stupidly play with the clocks (It's back this time) the mornings are still dark sometimes up to 8am.
Why do governments mess with things?...........

I see Liverpool struck lucky against Marseilles then Rego! Hows the ole Writers block then?

28 Aug 2008

Well the weather has been overcast and crap all day. Not one single ray of sunshine out there, but by golly it's warm though, about 26 deg.
Why do cats always feel they need to get involved with gardening? He rolled in all the earth I dug. Then made a hole and squatted.... little darling... NOT!!
However I have only small borders and these are now weed free and also fairly maintenance free - lovely. The rest is all 6 ft bushes here and there to break up the lawn. Works well for me though. Someone suggested I could build another small house as the garden is so big. Maybe a one bedroom bungalow I guess.
Anway I digress I have moved my herb garden for ease of picking and I think it works well. The slugs got confused but thats not my problem.
Talking of slugs a silly joke.
The farmer is sitting at his table eating his Christmas dinner after a very hard day on the farm. He clears up the crockery and settles down with his favourite newspaper and a mug of ale. He takes a sip and there is a knock at the door. Cursing he gets up and looks out but there is no one there. As he looks down he sees a slug and hurls it with all his might back out into the field. The following Christmas he finishes his Christmas meal and after clearing up he again sits down with his favourite newspaper and mug of ale and again there is a knock on the door. When he answers it there is no one there. He looks down and the same slug is there. It looks up at the farmer and sez "What did you do that for?"
Oh bless. Right then time for a cuppa and feet up me thinks.

27 Aug 2008

Well it's so long since I did a blog that 1st I couldn't remember my password 2nd I had to think twice on how to get round site. How sad is that.

My first day off and I expected a lay in - Wrong I woke up at 7am as usual and my cat was snoring by my ear. He was laying full length keeping my back snug. I have now decided to call him "Pyewacket" (just to confuse him). What a cracking name that is.

It's cloudy today 21 celsius and I'm thinking about doing some gardening but can't get motivated. I'm a fairweather/sunny gardener when I'm in this mood.
Just checked and the slugs have mullered all my sweet pea seeds. They must have been laying in ambush, round the corner of the butterfly bush (Cant spell budlhia)waiting for them to poke their heads up. The idea was to train then up through the bush (still can't spell it properly). Ok so I planted them late as I had visions of a September flourish. Forget that now then.
My neighbours had a garden full of trees that overhung into my garden. They joined up with the trees on the other three sides.It afforded shelter from the sun and my patio table and chairs are there along with regulation summer brolly. In their wisdom the owner has decided to move out. Consequently they gutted the garden including all the beautiful trees (roots were attacked mercilessly). Beautiful flowers sailed over the shoulders in a rapid clearing frenzy. In it's place is a six foot full length fence. The whole area will be grassed. Ok it looks nice and affords privacy but I do miss those trees. Most of my first book was written under the shade of them during that barmy summer.
Obviously they served a purpose and have now gone to that green landfill in the sky.

8 Aug 2008

Bliney Guvnor is it really that long since I did a blog.
..........Busy busy busy.......Thousands of emails to catch up on at work and I only do two days a week. What can I say.
Weather is naff naff naff. 3 hot days and a thunderstorm. In other words typical English weather. Some of my colleagues are off this week so my guess they are responsible for the change in weather. "We are just gonna doss around and sleep and doss" well I guess you don't need heat for that. Hopefully when they return we will be back to some good ole heat.
Busy at work teaching some new recruits about "how ropes work". Bless they do look a bit concerned.
That's it really. Waiting for an epistle fom Reg and Frank now............

18 Jul 2008

Oh isn't life fun when you aint working. I have just been pottering about here and there. Started a job got half way through and then left it for tommorrow (which never comes)!!
I've spent the whole week lazing..........don't you hate me? Face bothered? Nah.... And... I've got next week off as well.
I started the ironing earlier and then had a visitor so it got left for the day that never comes.
Potted up some more tubs for the garden to pretty it up. Don't need to water them though 'cos guess what? It's only "spazmodic" summer rain though with sun shine in between.
I might put my feet up in a mo and watch an afternoon film............
Traa la la ;-) ^.^ ;-)

7 Jul 2008

Ok So it's Monday today the beginning of my second full week of work covering my boss who's lazing in Majorca. The weather is horrendous and it might as well be November with a few sunny spells here and there.
However come Friday I am taking two weeks off and the crime can wait. Hurrah Hurrah just Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday and counting. Yeah.
I will be doing nothing but lazing, regardless of the weather. In to no one and just chilling away the hours doing whatever.
Can't wait.

30 Jun 2008

Frank Delaney has come out to play at long last. His hayfever has subsided somewhat along with mine and movement in the storyline has been detected. ;-)

29 Jun 2008

Well how wrong could I be?
They were, out thought, out run, and out played by the better team.
That should fan the flames a bit.
AND the scorer Torres plays for Liverpool. (Some redemption for Rego)
What can I say except perhaps Arsenal should buy him.
Torres that is - not Reg. ;-)

26 Jun 2008

Spain Vs Germany then.
Interesting combination.
Many beers will be drunk in the Rheinland on Sunday me thinks.
I ponder on the outcome..........

22 Jun 2008

Holland down........blast AND I forgot to record it.
Plus side I had a fabulous time Friday night and yesterday.
Recuperating this morning.

So Germany it is then. I should have stuck to my guns in the first instance but that's me fickle as ever.

20 Jun 2008

Well my boss and I have finally finished our week of talks at the Eldercare Day Centre.
I think they were more interested in their raffle tickets and a cuppa.
However they were all still breathing when we left, so relief all round.

16 Jun 2008

What a couple of stunning footy matches. I was flipping channels like mad trying to watch both. Turkey and Switzerland both did themselves very proud.

Just come back from an Eldercare Day Centre close to where I live. My boss and I spoke to them about home security etc as most of them are over 70 and live alone. I think that most of them were still breathing when we left!
Lawdy I hope so.
They got really excited when my boss introduced himself. Then continually discussed amongst themselves what a good looking fella he was. I think they got him confused with Pierce Brosnan as his name is Paul Brosnan. - Double 0 three and a half.
As they're all day visitors from their own homes we are doing it daily for the remainder of this week. Maybe tomorrows bunch will be more lively. Or not. As long as they're all breathing when we leave......... Smiles

12 Jun 2008

Well I've missed two matches this week because of meetings. Bummer!!! I see Switzerland has bitten the dust - and - a host nation. Red faces and sadness there then.

The good news.... I'm not back into the 'chocolate factory' until Monday.
Having said that the weather has changed yet again and it's completely carp. (Yes that word).

And Another Thing.... Reg has done penance for being sexist hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Wicked woman!!!

Dont ya just love that little blue gas flame. ^.^

9 Jun 2008

Just watched Holland and Italy............ Inevitable conclusion.
Why don't Italy just give up and cry in the corner as usual.
I wanted to put a bomb in to bring up the pace a bit. Or is that mean of me?
It just felt so slow and perfunctuary. Don't know if thats the right word but it sounds good.

7 Jun 2008

I just watched the second half of Portugal and Turkey Euro 2008. Portugal won of course.
Now I was of the opinion that Ronaldo was Spanish. Ok so call me stupido!! Why would I think that. Yes of course the languages are similar but thats all.
However England aren't contenders so I'm not sure who to support this time. Well you have to support someone if you're a footy fan. My girlfriends think I have lost the plot, but I don't knock it when they watch "Sex in the City" and I went to see the film and didn't moan - sort of. I also have to join in with the office "gossip". Did you see? I can't believe how he missed that goal and hit the post...and so on.
I spent a very happy time in Utrecht awhile back so maybe Holland may get my vote. Personally I don't think they will make it to the finish.
So how about our old adversaries then? Umm well maybe. Well I assume they are contending.
Ok sorted then if Germany are playing I will support them - sort of. Well maybe I might fancy someone else.
I'm a woman and entitled to be fickle. Get over it :-)

And Another Thing

I forgot to mention Andrea who ensures things are "moving along nicely" Sherry who is another contact but I can't remember what for now. The editors who seem to be the Hierarchy.
Oh I also have a telephone number with a message taking service. I can ring but they respond by email to your address. Apparently they use phone hours for talking mainly to buyers and doing deals. editors etc.But they guarantee to come back to you via email.
Oh ... apparently writers and editors make lousy sales people! Yeah I'll give them that to a point.
Apparently the best time for publishers to consider work is Spring and Fall. Christmas and Summer is taken up with holidays ..... apparently.

I can imagin all these people in one huge room with room dividers and potted palms. Through the middle is a conveyor belt which the various agents can sit on. They are then conveyed along to the next person in the team and in passing they pop the work into the next intray.They then go round in a loop and jump off as they reach their own desk.
Cynical? yep but then they are Americans and I have got a warped sense of humour.

What a Lark

Well yet again I have a new dept to deal with concerning my new agent.
So far I've had the following:

"Your Agent Team" .... Initial Enquiry - or - shall we take her on or not.
Carole .... Ok send me your work and we'll see, critique probably needed.
Joan .... Right sign on the dotted line - we want you!
Vicky .... Send us the dosh we're ready to go to work.
Ok thanks for dosh/dollars/cash we need to get started.

Americans eh so many depts for some many different areas. I have now got as far as having the critique sorted which will take approximately 2 weeks.
So it's watch this space.

Other good news.......my cold is on the wain.
Bad News .......don't feel well enough to go to party tonight.
Lots of texts and phone calls trying to persuade me to go.
"You're the life and soul of our parties you have to come!"

Until they hear my voice. "Blimey woman keep that to yourself and stay away".

What it is to be loved. I think ^.^

5 Jun 2008

Right then. Thats sorted. I think I was trying to post to Reg on my blog.Whatever somethings been posted somewhere.
I can't wait to get rid of this cold. My head is full of cotton wool, my hair and teeth hurt (how come?)My joints ache and I have a temp. Maybe it's the 'flu masquarading as a cold.
Boring Boring Boring Boring :-(

What's Occuring Then Rego

I have been trying to post a message on Reg's blog.
As I don't have a Google Account it won't let me post unless I sign up for Google.
I have tried several different ways to no avail They're probably stuck on the ethereal plane somewhere waiting to send all at once. Now that would be a larf.
Hmm unless you tell me different Reggy baby.
Maybe a blonde moment or the cold eh?

4 Jun 2008

Well I've been and gone and done it.
I've signed the contract for 6 months with the Writers Literary Agency and emailed it off to them. I bet they wondered what took me so long!!
I also paid $78 for the critique which will apparently improve my writing so far.
As Richard said if I only get a critique out of it then it will be worth it.
So it's watch this space.
One of the Police Community Support Officers just popped in for her "refs" break. I think I successfully passed my cold on to her as I gave her a hug. Well I did warn her I was fed up with it and she is so healthy.
As it's nearly 3pm I'm going to sit in the lounge and have a bit of a power nap. Once I get rid of the cold I will get my energy back.
I was offered a fiver for it as one of my friends wanted a week off from work.
Anyone want to up the anti?

2 Jun 2008

I'm Back

Well I have been remiss with filling in my blog. What can I say? Well I have had a very heavy cold and my head has been full of cotton wool. No change there then some would say. On the other side of it now though. I probably picked up some negative energy from somewhere and it got stuck.
Am working on Frank Delaney at the moment, yep it's my turn again. It's getting to that interesting where are we going next stage.They're training at the moment ready for the off and sorting the men and women from the raw recruits. Will they all be ready to go? And....who is in the pay of Dobson I wonder? Will Maddy or Caitlin be the first to get laid? And... who will do the foul deed? :-) I'm working on that one. There has to be some light relief somewhere I guess.
I've also started work on another young adults novel the ideas are in place, it's just a matter of putting them all together.
Was going into work today but the carpenter turned up to repair my security gate. Needless to say the cement won't set around the post because it's ..... what do they call that wet stuff that keeps happening in summer..... oh yeah rain!!!!! He has had to leave it to set and won't be back until early evening.... bummer I'm going out at 6pm. Fingers crossed.
On Saturday I'm going to a 40th birthday party (down at the coast) with a 60's theme so the black afro wig will be getting an airing again along with..........well I don't know yet. There will be many police officers there as it is a colleagues birthday so I may have a bit of a head on Sunday :-)

22 May 2008

Got another one !!!

Struggling Authors is a website which I work very closely with.They have guided me through the labyrinth at times and propped me up when I sagged in the middle.
A couple of months ago whilst browsing through the message boards which I contribute to I noticed an advert for a Literary Agency who were looking for new writers.I noted it but decided to leave it for a while before I approached them. My own Literary Agent and I had parted company a while back and I was still licking my wounds.
I filled in the "on line" form and they came back vitually by return asking to see my work. As I had written a trilogy for teenagers I bombarded them with the lot.
Within a week I had another email asking if they could represent me. They apparently felt my work - with a bit of polishing - had commercial potential.
I am now waiting for the contract which apparently they also send by email.
Not bad eh? As I always say it's just a matter of timing.
I have also given Reg details of the Agency as I feel he could also benefit from it. What is there to lose it's all done electronicly (their preference to keep costs down). No stamps/enveys etc to worry about.
He has already approached another Agent and is waiting for a reply at the moment.
Why not go and look at his web site www.divisionofthedamned.blogspot.com/and see what his novel is all about. Its amazing and scared the hell out of me and I helped write the synopsis!!

15 May 2008

Blimey Oh Reilly

Well where did the week go? It was there on Monday when I woke up and now it's Thursday.
I have nothing to show for it apart from a broken toe. It's my little one on the left foot. Stupid woman....I foot butted the leg of the bed. I swear the cat smiled as he watched from the comfort of the bed.
My trouble is I hate wearing anything on my feet so I only have myself to blame.
Was going shopping tonight with my mate but it's raining so we put it off 'til tomorrow - and I can't wear shoes.
I can live with that but have run out of wine. The box has been squeezed dry!! Oh well going to settle for a nice cuppa. Tea or coffee haven't made my mind up yet.
Laters then.......

10 May 2008


Is it really that long since I last did a blog. Frank Delaney has been keeping me occupied of late, along with councilling a friend and colleague over a week.
I decided to clear out my shed today. How can we accumulate so much rubbish? Have decided to do a run to the tip tomorrow with a friend to get rid of it.Why is it we hang on to things "just in case".
However its all tidy now. My biggest mistake was to put a sun bed mattress into a dustbin liner. I must have thrown it out with the rubbish some time ago. What a bummer! Got to buy another one now. On the plus side I found the other one lurking at the back with the tins of paint and garden stuff.
Have also cut the lawns watered the plants and am now sitting surveying the results.
It's 7pm and still quite warm. My son has returned the table chairs parasol etc. so I am sitting here watching the sun slowly sink behind the fir trees to the side of my garden. A nightingale and blackbird are competing in serenading me from the trees in my garden. The cat is laying beside me washing himself and a squirrel is sitting on the otherside of the garden just watching.
I have a glass of red in my hand and enjoying the last rays before the sun disappears. In the words of Pop Larkin Darling Buds of May........ Perfik

1 May 2008

Oh No !!!!!!!!!

What can I say it's Manchester United against Chelsea.
Reg must be gutted.
Please don't let Manchester United win.
I would rather see anyone in the Premier League win other than Manchester United.
Haven't they got enough silver ware?
Alex Ferguson is big headed enough surely?

On the plus side I was voted in as Chair for another year.
God help me I thought I had got away with it.
Oh well there is always next year I guess...maybe Arsenal will win!!!
Maybe Thierry Henry will be back!! BONUS.

20 Apr 2008

Oh dear Oh well

Looks like I'll be watching Liverpool v Chelsea on Tuesday night then.
I'm neutral but I sorta promised Reg I would favour Liverpool.Oh God
I can't believe I just said that. I'm Arsenal through and through.
Well Liverpool had better win now.......... Or Helga makes use of the chopper!!!

18 Apr 2008

Oh Bless his socks and smelly trainers :-}

(That's a form of endearment by the way - not personal)
Oh poor old Reg. I shot him down in flames again. Anything submitted to publishers and Literary Agents has to be in double spacing and he's tearing his hair out. Not to worry though he just needs to submit to a different agent. Most of them are happy to take two pages if necessary. It just needs to be brief and to the point thats all.

However Reg and I are working on a blockbuster at the moment on www.strugglingauthors.co.uk Without them I would have been tearing my hair out and selling it to mobile hairdressers for wigs.
Digressing again...
The blockbuster - called Frank Delaney The Longest Journey (working title...maybe) started out as a bit of laugh with "whose line is it anyway". I started with a few lines then Reg does a few and then it's back to me and so on....
I set the scene on a beach anywhere in the world and at the time was considering a touristy holiday read and Reg suddenly twisted the tail and it turned into an Americanised Vietnamese P.O.W. camp style novel. All of a sudden we realised we had got a novel in the making and we're working closely on plots and sub plots.
Who knows which way it will turn as we are co writing it and our thoughts and writing patterns are completely different.
I am completely out of my depth, but when in wet cement you just have to run a bit faster right?
If you're into soaps - it certainly isn't.........

12 Apr 2008

Margies Place

A couple o'me Irish poems as promised to that 'pool man!!!
Oh go on then just this once I'll root for them against Chelski. (If all our players had been fit though!!! mutter mutter)
"Margie's Place" is dedicated to my landlady in Avoca - or Ballykissangel as it was known on the TV series. Most of the crew and stars of the series stayed with Margie during the filming.
I was going through a particularly difficult time in my personal life when I flew to Ireland for a break. Margie was like a second mother to me. I also discovered that no one in Ireland locks anything at any time. The trust was wonderful and I fell into the habit.I have got irish roots of course in Southern Ireland.


I flew into Dublin it's raining of course
I looked to the heavens to see the source.
But I didn't mind I came for some peace
For me it was a happy release.
To be welcomed by Margie with open arms
I knew I was home and felt so calm.
Each day was special just wandering in awe
At Irelands own without a chore.
Visitors came and visitors went
But I was the only one from kent.
I left my cat and neighbour's cockerel
Which crowed in the morn just 'cos he's got to
A surprise for me at four one morn
A tap on the window from my sleep I was torn.
A pheasant was asking to be fed
I just wanted to sleep in my bed.
Next door to me was a haunted tower
With spooks and ghosts that walked any hour.
All too soon my last night arrived
Releived to find I had actually survived.
An early meal to put things right
I then settled in for the night.
At two in the morning I felt myself yawning
Something had disturbed me but what could it be.
Lights from a car, it was the visiting Greek.
He'd lost his key so I sneaked a peep.
I returned to my bed and settled my head
Thanked God for no pain and slept again.
At three in the morning without any warning
The door handle turned and gave a squeak
Worried and concerned I chanced a peek.
'Twas a woman in the buff, she looked pretty rough.
Oh for the Greek I'd have pulled back the sheet
Kept him 'til dawning and confessed in the morning.
A time to remember from now to December.
Thank you Margie for the fun and laughter
Something I'll remember 'til forever after.
For letting me loose with all your plants
I'm sure you thought "my sainted aunts!"
For teaching me wherever I roam
Things like "It's your granny's home."
I shall remember it all like no other
But I will never forget........I'm not your mother!!

c./tkg 18/07/01


Avoca My Love

As I sit in the hills caressed by the trees I look down on

Avoca my love

With crocks of gold and legends of old for this is

Avoca my love

Through the mists of the morn before day is born I still see

Avoca my love

Serenity and peace are holding me still in Avoca

Avoca my love

Where the waters meet they laugh and sing your one with

Avoca my love

The breeze in the trees whispers gently don't leave Avoca

Avoca my love

For embedded in time are roots that are mine in Avoca

Avoca my love

With a breaking heart you call to me still, come back to

Avoca my love

Although we're apart I leave you my heart 'til I'm back in

Avoca my love



9 Apr 2008

Can you believe it!!!!!!!!!

The 'pool against Arsenal ("The Champions"). We lost 4-2, even on aggregate. What can I say? The penalty? Don't go there!In fact best passed over I guess. Reg won't let me live it down. My guess Chelsea will beat the 'pool ( I can't stand Chelsea
:-) but The 'pool beat Arsenal so I have to support Chelsea. Right. Right?........we will see.)

I am now on rest days for four days Yeah and yippee. Sleep Sleep Sleep. Went to a Police conference yesterday and workshops. The Chief Constable of Kent decided to chat to me. In fact he came and sat beside me for a chat. Well I am a volunteer.

Then some more on Reg's and my novel on strugglingauthors.co.uk. (The plug is needed).
My friend came round earlier to pick up some furniture I had been storing for her. Well it went in through the front door but would it go out? Nah course not. We turned it on its side upside down sideways. What a larf and palaver. Finally, finally we got it out. Two psychics together and we still couldn't work it out. However - bit to the right "Mr. Shifter" bit to the left "Mr. Shifter" and it's gone. Thank the Lord. My lounge is back to normal. As normal is.
Right where's the see wind? (See Wind? Predictive text of course - you work it out)? No? Red Wine of course.

4 Apr 2008

Here we are again then

Well that sez it all really.If I don't write something I will get a bollocking from Reg to do so PBQ.
I had a brilliant day today as I met the young lady who will be doing my illustrations for my book trilogy and updating my web site.
Kirsty Powell is her name she lives in Swanley in Kent and she will be going far mark my words. At the moment she is a student at Maidstone College in Kent.
I met her at Ashford International Station and we went up to the local bar cum resturant my colleagues and I use. Very quiet for a change it's usually banging out current music and it's a case of "breathe in i'm coming through". At least by the time I get in there at night its heaving. The bouncers fortunately only have the odd body to evacuate though. So it was quite nice to sit and have lunch with Kirsty and look at her sketches for the web page.
My expertise is in stick men. Hers is amazing - how wonderful to have that sort of artistic temperament.(Is that how you spell it?).
I admit I was spellbound. She has put into drawings the ideas from my head and I can't wait to see her work on my site. We're talking faeries and robins and magik (Yep right spelling for my work) and movements across the page and she is even going to re align my links etc. So what can I say.
Old shoulders with a young head I guess.
Reg of divisionofthedamned fame is still waiting to hear from the agent to see if his MS is accepted or not, whilst I have moved on from my agent who dropped me hot potato wise. Is this a face that looks bothered? NAH you get over it and move on. I am working with Struggling Authors now which is a web site set up to help published and unpublished authors. They have done more for me in four months than my agent has done in eleven months. It can be found easily enough at www.strugglingauthors.co.uk. + they also have the web site SLR Books which is worth taking a look at. Mostly because I have got an article printed on there.
They have promised me sales of my book and help with publication so who can ask more than that.
Reg and I are writing a novel on SA......he writes a bit and then it's my turn. A bit like "Who's Line Is it Anyway". it looks like it will be a good laugh cos neither of know where it's going.
BUT I get the feeling we are well matched with our sense of humour so we shall see.
Well it's after eleven and I have to be up early in the morning as I am helping to look after the grandaughter (10 months old yes you knew that didn't you I've told you before)so its up the wooden hill for me.
Ta ra

30 Mar 2008

And Another Thing!!!!!!!!!!!

I forgot.....................Reg has sent his synopsis and manuscript off to an agent in London.
I feel it will do very well and yes we will get the shampoo/shampers out.
I will keep my fingers and toes crossed and if I had dangly bits they would be crossed too. Just checked - no definitely not got any down there ^_^ Tee
You can easily find Reg's blog at www.divisionofthedamned.blogspot.com or by going to the links on my web page www.teresageering.co.uk

Spring has sprung a leak

Well Reg has been on at me to write something. I think he is getting withdrawal symptoms. So here we go then.
Last Monday I was back on duty again after a two week break at home. Gave me a chance to catch up on some spring cleaning etc.
When I went into the office the big brother at the Station had caught up with me. I hadn't done a training package. Did I have to do it I asked innocently? Yes was the answer, the only difference is as a volunteer on the Station you don't get paid for doing it. So I sat at the computer and opened up the training zone. A couple of officers were in the office and asked me what I was doing. I explained and they sat on either side of me. The three hour training package was done in half an hour with their help. Don't ya just love yer mates? especially when they're in uniform....
Just having a female moment to myself there :-)....
Last night I was asked if I could help with the bar as a surprise leaving party was being held. It was one of my female colleagues that I did co-buddy with on patrol.She was moving to Australia and marrying a naval paramedic. She also nicks my sausages when we're in the canteen together. So get your own back time.
She was under the impression her and a friend were going for a meal....wrong....the ploy was that the bar area was flooded and we needed her companion to bring us the keys to the fuse cupboard which she is responsible for. Meanwhile the bar is filling up and everyone is happy.On cue she turns up and is visibly shocked as she really had no idea. The Police are sneaky at times!
So the evening went brilliantly. Lots of food was eaten and drink was drunk. Suddenly I noticed that the hose attached to the dishwasher was sprouting water (a bit like the shower head when it needs descaling but much more forcefully) at the same time more leaks appeared and the dishwasher decided to empty its complete cycle of soapy water on the floor. Fortunately the police are pretty resilient when it comes to thinking on their feet, but a fireman off duty on the other side of the bar was their in a flash. He had the water sort of turned off (We only had scissors, and bottle opener.....I remembered after I had a pair of small pliers in my handbag.
So it was mops and buckets as the lights flickered meanwhile I soldiered on serving drinks as I paddled from one end of the bar to the other. Finally the floor was dry and it was 01.15am....except the clocks went forward last night so it was 02.15am. We were too tired to care and finally put our feet up with a glass or two.
Talk about something comes back and bites you in the bum. We wont be using that ploy again I guess.
Eventually home getting towards 03.00am and my head hit the pillow. 06.30 my cat decides he wants to go out. I ignored him but perseverance is his forte. So I gave in and got up, let him out and went back to sleep on the sofa. I woke up at 08.00am. He wants to come in again. (Yes I have got a cat flap but he invited half the neighbourhood in to eat!!!). The kettle went on and I made a cuppa. Sat down to check my emails and I find that my Literary Agent is no long pushing my book out there. This is the man who chose my book over 400 plus that he receives a month. "I never take anything on unless I feel I can place it and yours is a definite"!
Well I finished my cuppa and licked my wounds. Then went on to my other emails. Richard Grayling of Struggling Authors wants to help me out in many ways so I am going to work with them instead.
So Reg what a weekend eh. Am I downhearted? well yes I was a bit pissed off at first but you get over it and I know the trilogy will sell.
Roll on the heat of summer I say, Red wine, baguettes, cheese and pickles. Luvely Jubbly :-)Tee

17 Mar 2008

Why do parents worry about offspring

Well that sez it all really. My son and his partner (both 24 years old) and their baby daughter flew off to Spain in the early hours of this morning. They are spending a week with her nan and Grandad. It seems the old folks are out there for three weeks. The little darlings were up at 2am for a 6am flight from Gatwick out to Javier. About half an hours drive from my friends who live in Murcia. Yep the place advertised on the telly with the golf complex. It was brown scrub land when I was last there a couple of years back.
Yep I'm digressing again - a bit like Ronnie Corbett when he sat in his chair in the 2 Ronnies and eventually finished the joke after many diversities.
I looked after the baby yesterday at theirs while they packed the cases and sorted all the stuff. Food going in one end and having to change the other end. Ewwwwwww yuk.God I was knackered. I forgot how much attention babies need.Turn your back and they're gone. She-Madison Teresa (or another Mad Tee that is - i'm training her well), doesn't want to go through the crawling stage so she pulls herself up on anything that will support her including my body parts. I was sitting on the floor with her at the time. God my bits still hurt! I swear she has been on this earth before. She is too knowing and worldwise not to have been. Here I go again...........
Anyway with their promises of phone calls and text messages when they get to Spain I bid them farewell and safe journey etc. and made my way home.
Now according to the laws of aviation it should take no longer than four hours or so to fly to Spain so in theory they should have been there latest 13.00hrs or 14.00hrs tops allowing for the time difference... God I hate all that malarkie. Why aren't we all one standard time in Europe everyone else but England sorted it. Trust us to miss the boat literally. I read somewhere eons ago that there was some sort of summit to do with European and English time being standardised and the English contingency missed the boat. No change there then!!!!!
Anyway here I sat at the old computer all day doing "stuff" for Richard at Struggling Authors which I have been really enjoying.
Was there a text, was there a phone call?? Nada which translated from Spanish means 'nothing'. I've been to many Spanish classes. :-). I left messages, plus voice mails on their mobiles...........nuffin.............. Every so often I had the panic attack and the what if syndrome....
Tonight the land line rang whilst i'm in the middle of something. It's them. Their contract phones with orange don't work out there and so they're having to use the public phone box at the bottom of the road. They took great pleasure in telling me that it's 15 degrees celcius (is that the right spelling?) out there. They know I love the heat, It's one thing I will never complain about. It's never too hot for me. However here I am in old blighty with the central heating on..shucks oh it sucks.
They had a brilliant flight the baby thoroughly enjoyed it and I was a nervous wreck. So as I said why do parents worry about their offsprings?
Cos it's in our job descriptions that's why............

Lostris my cat (Lossie for short) is asleep on the bed yet again. Well it is before ten o/clock and thats when his nightime patrol of the house starts. I'm surprised he makes it up the stairs, he is 15 years old but having said that he scales my six foot fences to meet up with his lady love. Not that it does him much good, I took him in for the chop when he was 10 weeks old. I don't think he ever forgave me. I remember his face well when he came back from the vets.
Oh well blanks are better than nothing I guess.

Oh by the way Reg, apparently I have another clandestine viewer to my blog site. Evidently he reads my blogs but doesn't always leave a comment! Apparently you know him.
Laughs a bundle there then............ Bring it on. Ha ha ha

13 Mar 2008

What a week !!!

What can I say......... for the last week I have been on rest and recuperation. The old outer casing has been taking a bashing so I've been giving it a rest. Also decided to take next week off as well. The house is a mess and needs some TLC and spring cleaning so I thought I would do a room at a time.......Well I'm supposed to be resting. :-) I work in the morning and then all the afternoon I can be found on my sofa with feet up watching the cobwebs on my ceiling. Why is it when you get rid of one with self righteous satisfaction the spider sneaks up and sez "yeah right think you've got me beat" and overnight produces another one. Now spiders don't bother me but that's taking the proverbial to my mind.
I'm more excited than a kid on Christmas morning playing with the boxes all the Chrissy presents came in......... Don't you hate that? you spend all that money and then they play with the boxes. It's a castle/car/fortress. Been there and done that. My son 24 years old reminded me of that of late. His own daughter Madison Teresa will be doing the same thing soon. Mind you she is only nine months at the moment.
Just had a sneezing fit.....why do we usually do three at a time I wonder?
However I digress dear readers......(I pluralise it because now I have another "blogster reader" apart from Reg).
This week two things have happened. Firstly I went into the local art college opposite the Police Station desperate in my attempt to look for an illustrator for my book and website. Actually I lie I pushed my friend in first (she is the new driver I spoke of in earlier blogs). She admirably spun a line to the lady at reception explaining my needs and I followed up behind.
The long and short of it. I was wandering in Staples a local computer/stationery store and my mobile rang. "Hi my name is Kirsty Powell and I would like to illustrate your book and web site". What can I say, we are as kindred spirits and soul mates. How often does that happen in your life. She is putting my thoughts into actions. I have the ideas but my artistic talents stop there. Kirsty is my right arm extension. I see amazing things happening and bless her she can't believe I have taken her on. She just wanted work experience. I intend to take her to heights she feels she can only dream about.
Us psychics are pretty spectacular when we get going.......More about that another time.

So on to the second thing. Well Reg was having a bit of trouble with his synopsis. I suggested he send me a rough idea of what the story was about, which he did.
I was so intrigued by it I printed it off and got to work. it must have been the fastest synopsis I have written. it took about forty minutes to an hour tops and longer to type it up than actually put it together.
Bless him he was ecstatic. It just needed a fresh pair of eyes that's all. (He can be found at www.divisionofthedamned.blogspot.com). It isn't something I would normally read but if your into vampires and intrigue I would definitely recommend it.
Anyway that was the week that was - or TW3 as it used to be called in the good old days.
Laters then. No cat tonight, he is asleep on my bed..............

9 Mar 2008

God I'm Trollied again

Well dear reader......Reg that is - probably. Here I am again. I don't think anyone else reads my blog. Oh bless!!!!!!!
Last night I had friends over and yes we hit the wine bottles again. It had to be done and out came the cheeses and the biscuits. All the usual things you have with wine. We toasted Sammi of Struggling Authors of course who was celebrating her 21st birthday and anything else we could think of to enable us to get to the bottom of the glass. A perfect excuse to open another bottle.
Tonight I have just come back from the Police Station bar. My section, the Police Community Support Officers and several hangers on were having a bonding session. Basically we were just getting trollied as I said earlier.
One of my colleagues had been on duty and when hunger got the better of her she decided to take her "refs" which is basically a half hour break for refreshments. She wanted chinese. She found a local one and on her return back to the vehicle the chinese went one way and she ended up on her b t m. The pavement was wet and slippery. A long story very short.....her colleague took her to the local A. & E. Dept. and yep she had broken it. What can I say.... if it's going to happen it happens to our P.C.S.O. Annie and she had just passed all the exams etc to pass out as a police officer. Once A. & E. was out of the way she came up to bar. She is to be in plaster for four to six weeks and she was devestated. It will probably put her timing for the Police back a bit. Many tears were shed and sympathetic "don't worry it will all be ok" were said, but at the end of the day she is still devestated by it all. But true to form we got her drunk to help her feel better about it. Eventually the drink got the better of her and she was looking forward to her enforced "holiday". Bless her. It will also give her the opportunity to do some studying which she admitted she was behind with. So in one way serandipity I guess.
AND I left my sargeant clearing up the bar so i could have an early night. Hah am I mad it's 00.37 and i'm sitting here unwinding while my cat attacks my leg through frustration. It's way past his bed time. Will he "lay in" in the morning?.........course not. Come 7am he will be on the rampage to be let out. Ho hum it's a funny old life....................

3 Mar 2008

I am so grateful for this Monday

God what a week it was last week. Covering for my liaison officer. Looking after all the Police Community Support Officers and Community Beat Officers. Sorting out their meetings.............
Wednesday was my birthday and they bought me cakes and chocolates and lots of lovely cards. I'm not even considering going near a pair of scales. Much to frightened.
I love them all to bits but the work is sometimes very demanding. I know the rewards are even greater..........Yeah yeah. If I have a problem they close ranks around me.
This Monday my Liaison Officer was back from his hols looking disgustingly brown. How dare he have the right to look so smug after a week in the sun. Ok so i'm jealous I know that but at least he is back and I can get on with the day job as they say.
So yes this Monday morning it was great. Poodled along at my own pace. Luverly jubley. This evening I actual had time to do an article for Hedw on Tip Bits for writing short stories.
Have had a couple of glasses of red wine 13% and feel luverly. Now I know how Colwyn feels with his endless tankards of german beer.......... Can of worms.........I know he will read this. Ha Ha.
Will probably have a "head" tomorrow but it's great to relax.
Got another piece to do for Sammi now and my cat Lossie is walking along my computer desk saying feed me!!!! I can't see the screen so signing off until I have another chance to update.

22 Feb 2008

Shasta The Trilogy Synopsis

:::::::: Well finally guys and gals by popular demand the SHASTA SYNOPSIS ::::::::




The trilogy of the lives of a woman called Shasta.

All three books are now completed and aimed at age group - 14 years plus.

Although the story begins in the present, Shasta the trilogy allows the reader' imagination to dictate a time frame.

Synopsis - SHASTA

This book is about a young vibrant imaginative girl called Poppy. She is sent to her aunts' house while her parents go away on a business trip. Here begins an imaginative, MAGICAL and wonderful story about Shasta.

The feelings the reader can enjoy in this story, opens the mind and senses to the belief that we can take on as a young teenager.

The story describes the magical village and the warmth it brings to the mind of anyone willing to open up their imaginative minds. Wouldn't the child in us like to be transported to this dimension?

As Poppy's feeling for her eccentric aunt unfold, with spells and magical beginnings, there lays an unknown heritage conjoined with her aunts cat - a truly fascinating animal.

This book opens up all the fictional characters that anyone believes in, clap your hands if you believe in faeries or they die. Do we dare not believe? Our imagination is our saviour.


A village of powerful gifts used at will by the inhabitants.

This book tells of a traveller and colourful transporting wagons. The village enables us to use again our imagination, as it describes in detail the environment. It enables us to almost smell the earthy smells, and the environment that the reader is transported to. Here is where Poppy has an unusual effect on the village beliefs of old, etc....

She is then transported into the past, to regress her previous life as Shasta. Here lies where the path of true love develops and wonderous beginnings unfold.

Unknown to Shasta this male whom she has uncontrollable feelings for has a past.

Will fate recall the past?


Erasmus is the story of a time traveller. No matter what age, it allows our imagination to take flight into our own thoughts and fantasies.

Erasmus enters "one world" during a raging storm. Over the years he becomes aware of and develops his numerous spiritual gifts.

Whilst peering into a deep red fire, his eyes show him his forsaken love.

With pounding heart he transports himself through time to meet her.

The story also embarks on a mystical story of forbidden love between Shasta and Erasmus. Their time travelling love is always one step ahead of them. Will they finally meet within the same time zone and reawaken their spiritual excitement?

If their love grows, will it develop and assist future time travellers to take on what they have or haven't discovered.

Watch the story and hidden angles unfold.

As it unfolds it makes ready for the vortex, which will be opened by a young girl in the future, and so once again the story of SHASTA begins.


20 Feb 2008

A Day in the life of...........

My closest and dearest friend I would lay my life down for.

Well thats a bit drastic but you know what I mean.

Due to changes in her job (which is closely linked to mine in the Police) she had to learn to drive. My friend is in her thirties so this was quite a challenge for her. However she finally plucked up the courage to do it.

When I learnt to drive it was a driving test on the road, a few questions on the highway code and "well done Teresa you've passed"! Hooray. Fling arms round neck of examiner and vow eternal love.

So my friend after several lessons in a small Fiesta went off to do her theory test and passed first time. Plucking up even more courage she put "L" plates on the family seven seater people carrier and drove her husband and myself to Tenterden which is no mean feat from where we live and in rush hour with little darlings coming out of schools.

Within three months tongue in cheek she put in for her driving test. This woman was on a mission and her job relied on her passing a.s.a.p. Unbelievably she passed first time. Even she didn't believe it.

The following morning at 07.30am she phoned me. I was on a rest day but I dragged myself awake.
"I'm scraping the ice off the windows (we had a hoare frost overnight). Is there a quicker way to defrost"? I suggested she turned the engine on and let the car warm up which would help.

This woman was going to travel 20 miles in the family seven seater which had now been designated her car. What pluck she had!

She turned the engine on......... nothing! Three times she tried with the same result. The end of a long story ......... she got picked up and driven in to work.

Gutted all day, she text me on the way home, "I will be round to pick you up soon we can go for a spin".
This was about 5pm and bearing in my mind it gets dark at about 6pm.


1. She hasn't driven in the dark before.

2. This would be only the second time she has driven this vehicle.

However, she turned up on my doorstep her courage still intact and carrying a change of underwear.
I took one look at her face and said
"would you like me to sit beside you while you drive home"? (A matter of ten minutes up the road. Half an hour if you walk).

"Oh yes please" she said

So yes we had a bit of a spin.

We got back to hers and I helped her park it. We had a cup of coffee and a debrief of her driving (exemplary I might add) for about an hour and I ended up getting a taxi back to my house which cost me nearly £6.

I related the story to the taxi driver who I know very well and he never stopped laughing until we pulled up outside of my house.

What a day ......................... and I still luv her to bits.

15 Feb 2008

Money for old rope

Well hello again........ Mad Tee on the rampage again.
Thought you might like to view a couple of me poems this time.
I'm not very good at food receipes. (see Grayling) :-)
My Mobile Phone
I had a trusty mobile phone it really was the best
I loved it heart and soul, it was better than the rest
I dropped it in a glass of wine that I call "wonky neck"
That's J.P. Chenet if you really care a feck
It needed warmth and heat I thought to dry its little innards
So I put it in the airing cupboard alongside all me knickers
With shaking hands I took it out it looked ok to me
I took a chance and plugged it in and waited just to see
Wether my little mobile phone would work again for me
A tiny drop of blood oozed out or maybe it was wine
It coughed and spluttered in torment that little friend of mine
Then it died a death so awful it really was unkind
What a way to go though - drowning in red wine
**************(c)tkg. 02/2008*****************
The Supermarket Trolley
It stands in a line just waiting for me
That supermarket trolley for all to see
I fall for its charm every time
The new one thats shiny and 1st in the line
I know it will steer all over the place
I will end up with a red face
Why don't I take the tatty one at the end?
It looks pretty sad and could do with a mend
When will I learn that looks don't matter?
We only push it around and have a natter
I have to admit old ones work best
Truth to tell they've passed every test
Abused by shoppers and crashed into stands
Used time and again and been through many hands
But my pride is at stake image is the thing
The new shiny trolleys go with my "bling"
So struggle I will to steer it straight
My image looks good at any rate
How I envy the woman gliding with ease
She watches me struggling just to tease
With shopping done I vow once more
No more shiny ones I know the score
As I pass through the door they stand in a line
One is winking at me saying wait 'till next time
*************(c) tkg 02/2008**************
Around comes June and its Wimbledon again
Brolleys out getting ready for rain
Strawberries and cream showers and sun
In their droves the fans all come
Tim our stalwart he always there
Henman Hill and yearly we all care
We get bitten nails, anguish and a tear
Will this one be Tim's year?
We live in hope that he can do it
Just this once let him beat Hewitt
Federa's the one if he gets that far
We'll toast his health and shout hurrah
Yet again he failed to win
It always seems such a sin
Next year isn't far away
And he lives to fight another day!
*************(c)tkg 02/2008)************

8 Feb 2008

The Guestling Murderess

Well I promised you the reputed story of my ancestors so here goes then...

Mary Ann Plumb was born the eldest of five children in 1800 and lived in the parish of Westfield. She was a housekeeper in her own home while her parents worked in the fields.

At eighteen she went into service and met Richard Geering. Discovering she was pregnant they eventually married at Westfield Parish Church and three months later the child was born.

Richard and Mary lived in a cottage near Guestling, where Richard worked as a labourer. Although it wasn’t a particularly happy marriage they had several children.

It was during this time that they moved to Guestling Green and Richard secured employment. For thirty years they lived in a tiny cottage. He earned a living for them while she devotedly raised the children.

In 1846 Richard Geering was left the sum of £20 which he deposited in the Hastings Savings Bank and the deposit book was given to his sister for safe keeping.

About this time, Mary’s eldest son William lost his wife to consumption, and he and his three children went to live with his parents at the cottage.

During September 1848 things took a violent change. Richard Geering was taken ill with a sickness and five days later died. The diagnosis was given as heart disease.

Four months later twenty one year old George became ill with violent bouts of sickness and raging thirst. Although nursed by his mother during the day and brother James by night he finally died.

Six weeks after George’s funeral James aged 26 was taken ill with the same symptoms and died on 6th March in the same year. About three weeks later on Easter Sunday, Benjamin Geering eighteen years old was taken ill, and after two or three days of sickness he was attended by two doctors who removed him from his mothers care. Benjamin recovered which threw suspicion on his mother. The doctors finally came to the obvious conclusion that he had been poisoned. The coroner under Police supervision exhumed all the bodies in the family and Mary Ann Geering was arrested on suspicion of poisoning her husband and two sons. She was sent to Hastings Gaol and the three youngest children were sent to the poor house.

At the inquest evidence showed that she had purchased arsenic from a chemist in Hastings, of which traces were found in the bodies of Richard and James and mercury in George.

Dressed all in black and wearing a black shawl with a multicoloured border, bare headed, she finally admitted to the murders.

Mary Ann Geering known as the Guestling Murderess or Murdering mother was found guilty of murder at Lewis Assizes and sentenced to hang. She died aged forty nine years old.


In 1996 I visited the Stag Inn at Hastings for a short break. This is a sixteen century Inn where I had spent my childhood. My young son and I stayed for several days.

One evening having retired to our room in the converted attic area, he visited the bathroom and then called out to me to come in which surprised me. (Any bathroom business was always considered very private as far as he was concerned).

As I walked in there was an eerie cold feeling that I hadn’t noticed before but obviously he was aware of it. It was much larger than the average bathroom and I sat in a comfy chair in the corner. Suddenly he told me not to turn round but to just listen. In a completely calm voice he stated that on the whitewashed wall behind me he could see a woman in a black dress and shawl with coloured edges, pouring a drink from an old pot, which she handed to a man in old clothes. After drinking the man clutched at his throat and rolled to the floor writhing in agony. He then laid still.

Startled I naturally turned to view what he was seeing and needless to say I could see nothing. He told me that the wall was now as it was before which was plain whitewash.

He was a bit shaken and we returned to the bedroom. After he went to sleep I began to ponder on what he had seen and questioned the publican. He explained that the Inn was haunted and it might be worth while doing a bit of research.

I met up with my cousin and he confirmed that the information I had given him was indeed concerning our ancestor. This had only been recorded in two books........The Sussex Murders and Gaolers Diary of Historic Hastings.

My son was far too young to have read either of these books and I had no idea of any of these related facts.

...........Spooky eh?

1 Feb 2008

Bloggers Unite

Well firstly let me say I never expected to go “blogging”, but according to my son it is the cool thing to do. So let’s meet Teresa Geering!

I was born and raised in Hastings Sussex and was part of the fishing community. My great great (how many do you want to go back?) grandfathers through to modern day were all fishermen or went to sea as sailors.
Yep, somewhere in their one or two were smugglers in the Old Town. Mostly around the old churches, and the Stag Inn which is still there today (The rector of the parish in those days was a bit of a naughty man by all accounts)
My parents on many occasions used to help out in the Inn. I whiled away the time in one of the upstairs room imagining smugglers running riot in the cellars of the pub with the bow street runners in hot pursuit. I had a very vivid imagination even then.
When my son was still quite young I decided to revisit the Stag Inn for a short break and also research my family history. The fishermen in my family were all called “Old Lapper” and all fishermen had nicknames carried down through history.
I took my son to visit the infamous St. Clements Caves which is now a commercial enterprise. I hadn’t been there since my teens. My son had wandered off and I found myself alone in one of the caves surrounded by someone’s vivid imagination of what probably happened to smugglers when they were caught. (I admit it is very realistic and worth a visit – cheque maybe payable to........).
As I stood there absorbing the atmosphere the air became even chillier and I got the feeling that someone was behind me. As I began to turn I heard a voice whisper behind me “So you want to know about Old Lapper then”. Startled I looked to find the owner of the voice – the cave was empty! My son had wandered through to the next cave and was also quite alone preoccupied with the next feature on smuggling.
To this day I have kept an open mind as to what happened.

Oh I forgot apparently another one of my ancestors back in 1800 was the Guestling Murderess Mary Anne Geering!!
I will tell you more about that next time...

Cackle Cackle.

24 Jan 2008


My name is Teresa Geering but my colleagues call me Mad Tee.
I have worked for Kent Police as a volunteer in their busy Neighbourhood Dept. for 16 years. Although I only work two days a week normally, the job itself is very demanding. To chill out I write poetry, mostly humorous. I have a portfolio of approximately thirty.

I have written 3 books about Shasta and, tongue in cheek, I sent the first to a Literary Agent - who snapped it up! Finally someone had faith in my writing. We signed a contract and he approached at least sixteen publishers including some mainstream. Interest was shown apparently but they had never heard of me and were reluctant to take a chance. After all..............”Who is this Teresa Geering no one has heard of her”.

So here I am!

Stay tuned for more postings