22 May 2008

Got another one !!!

Struggling Authors is a website which I work very closely with.They have guided me through the labyrinth at times and propped me up when I sagged in the middle.
A couple of months ago whilst browsing through the message boards which I contribute to I noticed an advert for a Literary Agency who were looking for new writers.I noted it but decided to leave it for a while before I approached them. My own Literary Agent and I had parted company a while back and I was still licking my wounds.
I filled in the "on line" form and they came back vitually by return asking to see my work. As I had written a trilogy for teenagers I bombarded them with the lot.
Within a week I had another email asking if they could represent me. They apparently felt my work - with a bit of polishing - had commercial potential.
I am now waiting for the contract which apparently they also send by email.
Not bad eh? As I always say it's just a matter of timing.
I have also given Reg details of the Agency as I feel he could also benefit from it. What is there to lose it's all done electronicly (their preference to keep costs down). No stamps/enveys etc to worry about.
He has already approached another Agent and is waiting for a reply at the moment.
Why not go and look at his web site www.divisionofthedamned.blogspot.com/and see what his novel is all about. Its amazing and scared the hell out of me and I helped write the synopsis!!

15 May 2008

Blimey Oh Reilly

Well where did the week go? It was there on Monday when I woke up and now it's Thursday.
I have nothing to show for it apart from a broken toe. It's my little one on the left foot. Stupid woman....I foot butted the leg of the bed. I swear the cat smiled as he watched from the comfort of the bed.
My trouble is I hate wearing anything on my feet so I only have myself to blame.
Was going shopping tonight with my mate but it's raining so we put it off 'til tomorrow - and I can't wear shoes.
I can live with that but have run out of wine. The box has been squeezed dry!! Oh well going to settle for a nice cuppa. Tea or coffee haven't made my mind up yet.
Laters then.......

10 May 2008


Is it really that long since I last did a blog. Frank Delaney has been keeping me occupied of late, along with councilling a friend and colleague over a week.
I decided to clear out my shed today. How can we accumulate so much rubbish? Have decided to do a run to the tip tomorrow with a friend to get rid of it.Why is it we hang on to things "just in case".
However its all tidy now. My biggest mistake was to put a sun bed mattress into a dustbin liner. I must have thrown it out with the rubbish some time ago. What a bummer! Got to buy another one now. On the plus side I found the other one lurking at the back with the tins of paint and garden stuff.
Have also cut the lawns watered the plants and am now sitting surveying the results.
It's 7pm and still quite warm. My son has returned the table chairs parasol etc. so I am sitting here watching the sun slowly sink behind the fir trees to the side of my garden. A nightingale and blackbird are competing in serenading me from the trees in my garden. The cat is laying beside me washing himself and a squirrel is sitting on the otherside of the garden just watching.
I have a glass of red in my hand and enjoying the last rays before the sun disappears. In the words of Pop Larkin Darling Buds of May........ Perfik

1 May 2008

Oh No !!!!!!!!!

What can I say it's Manchester United against Chelsea.
Reg must be gutted.
Please don't let Manchester United win.
I would rather see anyone in the Premier League win other than Manchester United.
Haven't they got enough silver ware?
Alex Ferguson is big headed enough surely?

On the plus side I was voted in as Chair for another year.
God help me I thought I had got away with it.
Oh well there is always next year I guess...maybe Arsenal will win!!!
Maybe Thierry Henry will be back!! BONUS.