18 Jul 2008

Oh isn't life fun when you aint working. I have just been pottering about here and there. Started a job got half way through and then left it for tommorrow (which never comes)!!
I've spent the whole week lazing..........don't you hate me? Face bothered? Nah.... And... I've got next week off as well.
I started the ironing earlier and then had a visitor so it got left for the day that never comes.
Potted up some more tubs for the garden to pretty it up. Don't need to water them though 'cos guess what? It's only "spazmodic" summer rain though with sun shine in between.
I might put my feet up in a mo and watch an afternoon film............
Traa la la ;-) ^.^ ;-)

7 Jul 2008

Ok So it's Monday today the beginning of my second full week of work covering my boss who's lazing in Majorca. The weather is horrendous and it might as well be November with a few sunny spells here and there.
However come Friday I am taking two weeks off and the crime can wait. Hurrah Hurrah just Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday and counting. Yeah.
I will be doing nothing but lazing, regardless of the weather. In to no one and just chilling away the hours doing whatever.
Can't wait.