20 Feb 2012

B A Morton does it again

Babs and her hubby left the rat race and escaped to the country. This inspired her to write her novel Mrs. Jones which has had megga sales on kindle.
Here is Babs again in interview with the press.


There is also some very interesting information for would be writers from publishers. Take heed writers, the information is invaluable and the Writers Handbook referred to is The Writers and Artists Year book. You can also buy a Children's Writers and Artists Year Book if you prefer to write for that age group.

13 Feb 2012

Me and Mrs Jones

My good friend B.A. Morton has just been interviewed by Jean Gill.
Babs is the author of Mrs Jones and Wildewood.
I've read Mrs Jones, reviewed, and recommended it with 5 stars. If you're into Romance and Crime thrillers then this one is for you.
Take a look at the interview here and leave a comment.


Oh and we both simple adore Michael Buble :)

3 Feb 2012


In honour of Shah Wali Fazli's birthday I did him a video on you tube. I've been trying to upload it for several days now, and finally today I succeeded.

Unbeknown to me it was his birthday, so a lovely birthday present he tells me.
You can view it here


It is quotes from his book The Interpreter. An amazing book which I reviewed at 5 stars.