18 Mar 2009

Ey up it's me agen then.
Went for my first weigh in last night......
I lost two pounds and I sunk a few during the week. Yippe yeah.
My friend also lost two pounds - can't be bad.

On the writing front I am looking for an agent and this time I am sticking to the English market. I sent the MS off yesterday and it will be at least six weeks before I hear from them.
So it's watch this space.

14 Mar 2009

Ey up me hearties. How you all adoin then?
Whilst I've got five minutes I thought I would blog a bit.
My friends talked me into going to weight watchers to give them a bit of an incentive to lose some weight. I agreed thinking it would be a laugh and I could do with losing a pound or two. My scales have been inactive for at least a year. My colleagues always dispute my weight with comments like "your scales need aligning" etc. I weighed in the lightest of them all at 11 stone! However I am 5ft 6 inches and my target weight is 10stone 6lbs.
Because i'm big boned (apparently) I weigh more than people expect.I have been mistaken for 9 and a half stone recently! lol
Once all the weigh ins had been done you can browse the w/w shop area and buy treats etc.then comes the meeting ( a boosting chat and many rounds of applause for anyone that has lost that odd pound or two.
I lost five just walking through the door! but if I lose a bit of weight it will be worth the money I tell myself.However we do get value for money with a neat little book filled with ideas for meals and how many points each item of food is worth. e.g. 75 grams of fresh coconut is 10 and a half points.whilst a cup of coffee with whitener is only 1 point.A jam doughnut is 5 and a half points.(bummer).
It works on a points system (For my weight and height I am allowed 18 points) and I was surprised how many veggies etc are no points at all. So if you love veggies you can stuff with treats.
However I left the best until last..............
A glass of red wine 175grms (who counts fill it up I say) is only 2 points. So if I budget my points carefully I can still drink 525 grms each evening which is basically a glass and a half.
As Reg would say .... BAH
However I will keep you updated on my weight loss. I may be told to give up the fattening red wine though. :-( ......... we will see.
I'm going to do a bit more on Frankie Baby later. Working slowly to get it right.