27 Feb 2009

Morning All
Well it's my birthday today.
I'm apparently coming up to my best before date.
Actually I'm at the peak of perfection AND i'm over 40 (but not the hill)! so it can't be bad.
Sammi sent me a birthday card and The Anchorman DVD so intend to chill out with friends, pizza, wine and dvd..............lol

5 Feb 2009

The tv engineer just left. He told me my set was defunct or NFG in my language.
I may have blonde hair but well I could have told him that. It was as dead as the preverbial dodo.
I bought it on 23rd January 2009 which made it 13 days old.
Because I "collected it" from the store as opposed to having it delivered I had to retun it to the store myself for replacement.
Customer services will remember me for a long while to come.

However I'm now awaiting my friend coming over tonight to set it up for me.
I am only allowed to touch "white goods" at work because without fail if I go near anything electrical it shrinks in fear and cries. Then it breaks down.... Hah

4 Feb 2009

Well 5cm of snow locally and we ground to a halt. London seemed to get the brunt of it and it stopped the buses running and in some places the trains also. Here where I live the buses struggled or didn't run and the trains? well forget it we are buried in the countryside.
I hate the snow but I have to admit my garden looked like a christmas card. The trees and shrubs looked beautiful.
I did smile at my cat when he looked out. Obviously he had every intention of going out to play in it until I opened the door and the northern icy blast blew in. I told him to get over it he was wearing a fur coat. He gingerly put out one paw and then another and completely disappeared! Well apart from his blue collar and head. I had to rescue him. Today is the first day he has actually chanced it and gone out. Having said that he is laying beside the radiator in the front room now enjoying the warmth.
I don't blame him. Unfortunately I have to go out tonight to chair a meeting at the police station.
I wonder if I can defer most of the items until our next meeting in the spring.
Worth a try I guess.
I bought a new flat screen tv with built in dvd towards the end of January.
Whilst watching last night it suddenly went dead. Zilch narda nothing. The engineers can't get in until tomorrow so I sat there last night wondering what to do.
What DID we do before tv? sat by the fire with a blanket over our knees reading and listening to radio. Well I caught up with one of my magazines and listened to the local radio station. As it was a phone in programme I talked to the DJ and told him why I was listening to him. He couldn't stop laughing. Not because the tv was dead but because I was having to listen to him. "Spread the word about local radio" was his command. As my office use local morning radio I mentioned it to them in passing and they were very sympathetic before they also found it funny.
It's probably just as well I have to go out tonight bcause I still don't have any telly. Groan groan.