5 Feb 2009

The tv engineer just left. He told me my set was defunct or NFG in my language.
I may have blonde hair but well I could have told him that. It was as dead as the preverbial dodo.
I bought it on 23rd January 2009 which made it 13 days old.
Because I "collected it" from the store as opposed to having it delivered I had to retun it to the store myself for replacement.
Customer services will remember me for a long while to come.

However I'm now awaiting my friend coming over tonight to set it up for me.
I am only allowed to touch "white goods" at work because without fail if I go near anything electrical it shrinks in fear and cries. Then it breaks down.... Hah

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R.R.Jones said...

There's no such thing as "Customer Service" anymore, just "Punter's Kiss-Off".
It's like, we'll promise the world until we get our greedy maulers on your lolly, and then it's ,"Sorry, do we know you?"
It makes my blood boil.