27 Feb 2009

Morning All
Well it's my birthday today.
I'm apparently coming up to my best before date.
Actually I'm at the peak of perfection AND i'm over 40 (but not the hill)! so it can't be bad.
Sammi sent me a birthday card and The Anchorman DVD so intend to chill out with friends, pizza, wine and dvd..............lol


R.R.Jones said...

Penblwydd Hapus !!!
That's Happy Birthday in Chinese... or was it Welsh? Whatever, lol.
You'll either love "Anchorman" or you'll hate it. I found it went down better with a couple of jars beforehand, but individual taste is as varied as the fish in the sea so do what you want, lol.
While you're sorting Frank out, I'm doing my short story about a guy who is plagued by his conscience.
You'll obviously get a read of it sometime.
George hasn't come back to me with Frank yet. I read through it and we've got a bit to do in regards to matching our styles, but it ain't that much. 90% of the time you can't tell who's written what so that must be a good sign, right?
Right Reg.
Have a great day Tee, I wish you all the best and do feel free to get whammoed tonight and call in sick tomorrow.
Reg :-)
X - A birthday kiss.

R.R.Jones said...


Struggling Authors said...

You never told me it was your birthday!!!

Hmmm, feel guilty now....