22 Apr 2009


Liverpool 4.............

Arsenal 4.............

What do you say to that...... except Liverpool now top dogs

Arh!!! Virginny

21 Apr 2009

Oh lawdy lawdy Arsenal are playing Reggos' Liverpool tonight.....

If they don't win there will be some very heavy gloating going on by Reggo to pay me back for my gloating when Liverpool got blown away.
AND I'm out so can't watch it either!!
Oh lawdy lawdy Virginia...........

16 Apr 2009

Oh dear Reggo hun Arsenal v Man U semi final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
North South divide ---------
What you reckon then Arsenal v Barcey?
Ok so I admit it I'm not holding my breath.
I can't wait to see Alex Fergusons face if they lose out to my champs lol.
OR OR Arsenal v Chelsea blues and reds both London teams???
Watch this space then.

Memo for me........... Remind Reggo that Liverpool didn't make it through.
Oh and I lost three pound in weight this week.
I wasn't even trying.

1 Apr 2009

What a game. My blog has gone over to Google. No by your leave do you mind. Just we've done it so get over it. Everything had to be reset.
Serves me right I guess I have been very lax with my blog of late.
Well I didn't lose any weight this week but on the plus side England are playing tonight so I intend to watch it as I am at home.
Watch this space then.
Oh by the way Reg go and look at St. Chuckles Day on SA boards. Very amusing and lighthearted.