31 Jul 2010


Whether you suffer from insomnia, or not! take a look at Night Publishings' new blog. I rave about many blogs, but this one is the business. Go to http://www.nightpublishing.blogspot.com/

Night publishings' Gen Sawchyn is in charge and there is imput from a larger than life well known publisher. Authors published or otherwise also get to voice their opinions..

Night Publishing are Struggling Authors partners of course. Their web site is:. http://www.strugglingauthors.co.uk/

Many times we have found prospective 'star' authors and directed them to Night Publishing, and most of them have had their books taken on for publication.

Just remember .... the next one published could be you !!!

There is also a competition running on Struggling Authors at the moment to win a signed copy of my book the Eye of Erasmus. He's a time travelling lover with attitude, but the love of his life lives in a different time span..... Will they meet up?
If you wish to purchase a copy at a bargain price go to the tab at the top of my blog showing 'buy the book'
and fill your boots.

29 Jul 2010

27 Jul 2010

WAHOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reg's story 'THE HOT GATES' now in print and has a link to it.

Go to http://filthycreations.yolasite.com/fc6.php

If you like anything to do with scary creatures of the night Go and fill your boots! I did and it's scary.

Another blog to follow shortly ... this time about my visit to the Goddess Festival in the Cathedral City of Canterbury. Fascinating place steeped in history.

22 Jul 2010


Recently I received a no punches pulled, straight from the heart, review from America. I'm still getting my head round it.
So first the email accompanying it,addressed to both myself and my publisher, and then the review.

Tim and Teresa,

I posted my review of Eye of Erasmus both on my blog and on Amazon. Here is the link:

Once again, I am blown away by the fantastic quality of writing in which that Night Publishing is involved. You and your authors truly set yourselves apart with high quality books that are obviously written with passion.

Teresa, I cannot wait to read more!

As always, feel free to use the credited review in link, excerpt, or full form any and everywhere you like. Every web page, blog, social networking outlet, and publicity outlet you choose. I, in turn, will continue singing the praises of the book and Night Publishing to any and everyone who will listen.

Please believe me when I tell you my reviews are all honest and genuine. As a matter of integrity and professionalism, I am as polite as possible when I do not enjoy a book, but I never sugar coat them. So trust me, the reviews in which I rave about a book are heartfelt.
Thank you again for the honor of reviewing for you.

Best regards,

                                                                 THE REVIEW

Tiffany's Bookshelf

Tiffany Harkleroad
Kittanning, Pennsylvania, United States

Erasmus is a powerful man. Born during a storm, as he grows up he realizes he has extraordinary powers. He determines he can travel through time, and goes into the future to meet the love of his life, Shasta. Erasmus and Shasta were born on the same date, at the same time, many years apart. They fall deeply in love, and marry. But all the while, Hesper, the begger boy Shasta takes into her home, shows disdain for Erasmus. Who is Hesper, really, and who is he to challenge Erasmus the Omnipotent?

Reading this book was an unusual experience for me. The book is written unlike most modern fiction, where the goal is to create a personal bond between reader and character. Instead, The Eye of Erasmus reads like an ancient myth, slightly removed from the reader because it is sacred, scriptural almost. I loved that aspect of the book, it gave me a feeling of enlightenment and awe.

The book uses language that allows the reader to determine the place and time setting, which I think is fantastic. This allows every reader to paint their own version of Erasmus and Shasta, which in turn does allow the reader to have a personal investment in the story. This story has a quiet, solemn power about it, and I felt myself pushing through drowsiness to read on late into the evening. There was no way I was going to sleep without knowing what was to happen.

The book is written in such a way that I think it will appeal to a large variety of readers. There are some fantasy and supernatural elements to the story, so those fans will enjoy. There is romance, so those readers will love it as well. As because of the mythos involved in the story, I believe it will greatly appeal to classical literature fans, historical fans, mythology fans, and readers who enjoy classic storytelling elements in writing.

To me, this feels like the kind of story that can be passed on for many generations.
The fact that there are 2 future installments planned for Erasmus' story leaves me breathless with anticipation.

A review copy of this book was provided courtesy of the author and publisher.


And no I still can't get my head around all the fantastic reviews. I guess I probably never will.

19 Jul 2010

Hooting Loud and Proud

Since being published by http://nightpublishing.com/  I am aware of many magnificent books going through their hands. NP are not concerned about which niche they fit into - only that good books should and must be published.
So can I bring your attention to the following? All published by NP of late.

Carolyn Allen ~ Knifing the Famous
K.J.Rigby ~ Little Guide to the Unhip (Funnee and a good read!!)
Catherine Chisnall - Descending
This is only a couple of many

Genevieve Sawchyn recently received a fantastic review of her book  from - youwriteon
Also when you get the chance take a peek at her blog/web page Writing Wildly.
Others you should look at are Louise Wise of Wise Words.

New Blog first chapters up and coming on NP:
The Bringer
Cry From a Deep Place
Bump Up the Gamma

Recently I came across an American guy Jon Renaud. His web site is http://www.jonrenaud.com/ and his novel is called Dereliction of Duty.

Jon Renaud is a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer and former CID Special Agent who earned two Bronze Stars for tours in Iraq in 2003 and 2005. During his tenure as a CID Agent, Jon led Counter Narcotics Teams, worked on high profile Homicide Cases, served as the Special Agent in Charge of a Detainee Abuse Task Force and had assignments on the protection details of the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and the Commander of Forces in Iraq. After serving 20 years in the U.S. Army, Jon now lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Go check it out - fascinating stuff. I bet my blogging mate Reg takes a look. He is also ex services.

I got Jons' name wrong - it should read Jon Renaud . There is no 'L'
Apologies all round Jon.

16 Jul 2010


My ole mucker Reg who hails from Colwyn Bay in Wales but now resides in Germany is at last going into print. Below is an extract from his new look blog. (Check it out).


Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2010
The Hot Gates.
The 300 vampire story, “The Hot Gates” is in print!

This is the splurge I used for the covering letter.
The film, "300" recently broke the Box Office with its tale of Leonidas and his brave Spartans, who stood against the might of Xerxes and the whole Persian Empire. The name Leonidas is now synonymous with self sacrifice and bravery; whereas Xerxes tends to be seen as a cruel, debauched and somewhat vain tyrant. I thought it would be a novel twist to the tale if the roles of these two leaders were reversed in some way.
In my short story, "The Hot Gates", Xerxes is a hero who has gathered an army to take on the Vampires of Sparta. Using the original characters and taking only a breath of artistic liberty, I drew on the legendary battle as my blueprint to tell the tale of the destruction of Leonidas and his bloodsucking 300.

Well, there you have it, my first go at marketing a story, lol. 10,500 words of Hellenic horror and Persian pluck!
Whatever, when I have the address I’ll put it up here and if you’re interested you can purchase one.
Still heard nothing from the publishers about my manuscript, but we’ve been there before and know that it means nothing…


His epic story called Division of the Damned is still awaiting publication and an excerpt can be read here on my blog.

So other things: Loiuse Wise of Wise Words has blogged me. If you go over to Wise Words you will see the wonderful words she has spoken about Eye of Erasmus.
Tiffany Harkleroad has contacted me from America. She would like to do a review of the Eye of Erasmus. I intend to send her a complimentary book so that she can read it in comfort. There is nothing like the feel of a new book in your hands.

I am now on Kindle and Smashwords. If you can't find me just Google my name I seem to be taking over the web of late with 5 or 6 pages or more.
Richard Grayling of http://strugglingauthors.co.uk/ has just updated my web site .... It looks fantastic and I owe him a barrel of his favourite drink.
Thats about it at the moment

14 Jul 2010

Louise Wise has just given me a mention on her blog at
 http://louisewise.blogspot.com/2010/07/eye-of-erasmus-by-teresa-geering.html pop over and take a look.

The blog is seriously amazing, I have never seen so many books mentioned on one page It will also give you a chance to read about all her own achievements as well.

13 Jul 2010

Last Saturday during that fantastic, blistering heat wave, I caught up with John D. Piggott on his allotment and presented him with his signed copy of my book the Eye of Erasmus. As you may remember John painted the cover and has also prepared the book cover for the next book in the series.
Shasta - The Enchanted Garden

We also have a 'new kiddie' on the block with a brand new blog, courtesy of the now infamous Richard Grayling of Struggling Authors.
Colin comes to us for a bit of cosseting, as he is new to all this blogging malarkie. So lets help him along folks. His blog is
and of course Richard can be found on Struggling Authors. If you scroll down a page or two or look in the left hand column of this blog , all the info you need is there.

8 Jul 2010


My feet have finally come into contact with terra firma, so grab me while you can.
I'm in print and I have signed a couple of books.

I've been interviewed by the local paper and the local radio station has given me a mention.
Richard of Struggling Authors tells me that if you 'Google me' now I come up as owning the 'net!!

Unbelievebly my video of me opening my proof copy of the book is now on a site called 'BIGLOBE'. You can view it at this attached link......    http://movie1.search.biglobe.ne.jp/video/watch/9a228abbfa58f699 If you click on it you will see a dropdown menu. Follow the links.
The irony is its all in Japanese but you can use their translater.

Carolyn Allen also had her book published at the same time as mine. It's called 'Knifing the Famous', and a fascinating read.
'Knifing the Famous' is an intimate, emotionally complex, portrait of John Watson who was a pioneer British plastic surgeon who operated originally on 'The Guineapigs' - pilots who had been shot down in flames during WW2 and grossly disfigured - and who rose to the top of his field with clients ranging from Lord Lucan and a wife of the Kray Brothers, to Lady Churchill and members of the Royal Household. The big question: did he operate on Lord Lucan a second time immediately before he disappeared after the murder of his children's nanny Sandra Rivett?
I found this fascinating because Lord Lucan seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. He could even be looking at this blog with a different face. Who knows?
Go to http:/www.lordlucanjohnwatson.com

So what else is going on at Night Publishing that you can look at?
Tim Roux is editing Catherines book at the moment. It's called 'Descending' so that will be hitting the shops shortly.
Genevieve Sawchyn an amamzing writer. Take a look at her work on either Night Publishing or her regular blog http://genevieve-thewritemove.blogspot.com/
Then of course there is Suzannah Burke - mind blowing Australian writer. Whenever Soooz posts anything new on NP I just know the beds will go unmade, dirty dishes in the sink etc. Her latest story is the mind blowing, 'MIND SHIFT' part 2. I would stronly urge you to go to the blog page on the front of NP, click on it and get reading. Oh the first part is on there also.

I have been so preoccupied with radio and paper interviews I haven't had a chance to check out all my other blogging friends.
It's on my "TO DO" list which is getting forever longer.