18 Dec 2011

I had the opportunity to showcase a few copies of Shasta Summer in a bookshop in Washington. Whilst browsing around a shopper actually decided to buy a copy. How exciting is that? I do hope they enjoy it as I'm also hoping to place The Eye of Erasmus there also.

I'm now closing the blog until the New Year so may I wish all my fellow bloggers who view my blog a very Happy Christmas !! and Prosperous New Year.

7 Dec 2011

I went out for a Chinese meal last night with a crowd of friends, and sold a copy of Shasta Summer AND The Eye of Erasmus. Their comment "It would be rude to read one without the other" and who am I to argue with them...... YAY !!

1 Dec 2011

Today I was given the opportunity to speak to a writing group at my local library. What they lacked in numbers they made up for in enthusiasm. I found it incredibly difficult to talk about the fact that I'm an international, best selling author but I definitely enjoyed talking to them. Not only did I get a wonderful bouquet of flowers from the librarian, I was also asked by the group to speak to other members in the future. A rare privilege indeed.

On another note visitors to this blog last month - 579 awesome stuff.