1 Dec 2011

Today I was given the opportunity to speak to a writing group at my local library. What they lacked in numbers they made up for in enthusiasm. I found it incredibly difficult to talk about the fact that I'm an international, best selling author but I definitely enjoyed talking to them. Not only did I get a wonderful bouquet of flowers from the librarian, I was also asked by the group to speak to other members in the future. A rare privilege indeed.

On another note visitors to this blog last month - 579 awesome stuff.

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R.R.Jones said...

Nice one Tee and double nice one with the visitors too !!
I've been neglecting my blog of late so my December resolution is to get back to it.
It's easy to lose steam on things and I guess the trick is to keep the fires stoked, as it were. Well, mine went out and I'm now looking for a match and a piece of paper to get it going again, lol.
Have a great weekend babe.