10 Nov 2018

And then there's megalodon sharks

Well my little chickadees how are you all? I'm not really interested I just felt I ought to ask. Don't think I can't see you with your fingers sticking up at the back.

From time to time in the past, I have interviewed film stars and film directors and that sets the scene for my guest in the cave this week. No, he's not Paul Rudd the film star, he's the author and a friend of mine.

I'm going to introduce a new instrument of torture by the way that I picked it up when I visited a prison in the States (as you do) I must admit I had a hell of a time getting it shipped over. It cost me a fortune so I hope he likes it. It's a bit old fashioned but it works a treat. Well put it this way I certainly get the victims attention when their mind wanders.

So Paul, pop your picture up so we can get a look at you. Ew yuk!!

Paul Rudd

You're inside a shark's mouth, I should have expected something like that. So then, welcome to my 5 star state of the art, victim cave. It has a certain ambience don’t you think? 

Ambience! I’m more worried about the chair you’re telling me to sit in. What’s with all the straps and constraints? 

Just trying to make you feel at home, Paul! 

Well, in that case, Tee. Hook me up buttercup!

Will you introduce yourself please?

My name is Paul Rudd. And, before you ask, I have never met Captain America, and had nothing to do with that incident in Berlin! 

Q Tell me about Paul Rudd the author then and his family as opposed to the film star

I have been with my wonderful partner for 18 years, the mother to my two beautiful children, Alyssa (9) and Lewis (7). We live in Essex. I’ve been writing for the best part of 11 years. I’m an avid Liverpool fan, I love movies and music.

Q So you’ve been writing books for quite a while now Paul; tell me about them and what made you choose the horror of sharks. Oh wait, I bet you saw Jaws? Go on admit to it !

Now it makes sense why I am strapped to this leather chair, and plugged up to all of these wires. You’re reading my mind! 

I’ve written six books and added some short stories to a couple of anthologies. 

With regards to Sharc, it is the adage… 

“I watched the movie Jaws…” 

So, from the age of eight, or nine, I had three barrels in me (thanks Quint!). It just took me twenty five years to realise why the barrels were still in me. The movie is what hooked me, but I decided to write about the Megalodon because of one book - Meg. 

This is the actual book I bought in 1997!

“But that’s like a whole other century!” 

Yep, I’m that old, kids! 

Tee: No argument from me shark man.

MEG was awesome! Aside from the Lord of the Rings, the Meg was the only other book that made me think, wow! And the best thing is, after twenty odd years, this summer it was brought to the big screen, with Jason Statham, and the movie was awesome. 

My other books are Sharc Bait, a follow on from Sharc. You have more Megalodon, more deaths, and a city that floats on the sea, called the ARC.

Tee: Yep I read Sharc and it scared the bejeebers out of me and that's why you're in that chair and I'm not. They say revenge is best served cold.

Shark Spawn, is Sharks in Space! And I am happy to say, nobody has done it before, not even the Asylum, so I’m taking this moment to say “I did it first, folks!” 

Wild Wild Dead is a zombie western, with a twist.  

Ningen is a science fiction story based on the Ningen.

London Warriors is my Fellowship of the Ring.

It’s basically Escape from New York, mixed with The Warriors, and a s*** storm that runs rampant across London. Ahhhhh, what’s with the electric shock… 

Tee – I don’t like swearing in my cave. Unless you want to end up as one of the rotting corpses, I suggest you not swear again. I have my standards to keep up.

Well that explains the smell! Sure thing, Tee, sorry about that. Where was I? Oh yeah, London Warriors. It’s my favourite book that I’ve written so far and the first in a proposed trilogy.

Tee - Yeah I remember reading and editing that one. I had many sleepless nights. Take that!

Ahhhhh that actually brought tears to my eyes Tee.

Tee - laughs heinously "job done then" 

You really are a cruel woman. Where was I? Oh yes, all my books are available on Kindle, Paperback and some on Audible. 

Q What’s your favourite pastime

Watching movies! It is a great way to unwind, and research for books. I like to take onboard how the cinematic universe is evolving, and how my stories can evolve at the same time - (at least that’s what I tell the Missus). 

Twenty years ago you only had a few blockbusters out a year. Nowadays there are so many films released it is hard to keep track of them all, so I merely stick to the ones I know I’m gonna like. Now and again you come across a few surprises, which is always nice.

Q Favourite drink/food/hot cold

A nice cuppa! And I love Spag bol, love it.

Q Tell me about the publishing house you and C Reg Jones started.

Ah, my partner in crime! As you already know Tee, Reggie is a top, top man. We’ve know each other as long as you and I have been friends. The Welsh Wonder is always positive about life, he plays the drums a bit too, and he is an excellent author, I love his stories, the realism, (he paid me to say this by the way. The cheque is in the post, apparently).

Tee - I wouldn't hold your breath sunshine. I've been friends with the little Welsh lamb chop as long as you have.

Ravenous Roadkill is our little side project. As most of our author group are aware, we’ve all been a part of a publishing house that has had to close down at one time or another. It’s unfortunate for everybody when that happens. 

Reggie and I decided to open Ravenous Roadkill to keep our dream alive. It’s a small project, just a few paperbacks, and our audiobooks.

 We have also published on Kindle through Rod Glenn at Wild Wolf Publishing. Rod did us a massive favour and we can’t thank him enough. Have you met Rod? He’s is a real life actor! Not that I’m name dropping today. 

Q Do you prefer self publishing or a publishing house

Self-publishing is difficult to juggle. I find the promotion hard to keep on top of. I honestly think if I had the time to continually promote Ravenous Roadkill’s books, our sales would increase significantly. Reg and I have both written some cracking stories, it’s just getting the public to realise that we’re not half bad at this writing malarkey.

Q What brings in the coffers on a day to day basis

I’m a debt collector 

No! Not that type of collector. I’m a barristers’ clerk, and I chase money for my members of chambers. Kerching! Wait, have you got any air freshener? It’s kicking up a bit in here.

Tee - What's air freshener? Does it come in rancid smells. Oh wait I did see that once. Nope it's meant to smell this way. Ode of rotting flesh.

Anyway, my day job. I’ve been clerking since 1992… 

“there he goes again with this other century BS”. 

One day I found out that I am pretty good at my job, so I kept going. One day it will pay the bills!

Q You’ve been given a chance to have the holiday of a lifetime with all expenses paid. Where would you go and why

I’d love to visit Hawaii. It looks like a fascinating place to visit. Sharc is based off the Hawaii coastline, so I’d love to visit what inspired me to use the area in my book. Plus Jurassic Park was filmed there and apparently there is a game called Jumanji that you can play when you visit. If you look up Nigel Billingsley, he’s happy to help you out, and the game looks fun. Just watch out for those Hippos!

Q Have you any pets

Not unless kids count?

Q What decided you on the style of book covers you use

I’ll admit, I’m a difficult sod, and a fussy f***** … ahhhh there you go again with the shocks! I’m also a hands’ on kind of guy and my dear friend, Poppet, always has a task when it comes to putting my covers together. She always tells me it’s a challenge, and she is a smashing cover designer. I can’t fault any of them. 

She’s done me so many favours over the years, sometimes you forget how much time covers can take to put together. So thanks, Poppet. You’re

Q Have you any books due to be published? If so can you tell us about them and maybe give us a taster

Frankenshark! Wait, are you laughing at me!  Yep, I’ve gone down the Asylum route of dodgy shark book titles, but I couldn’t think of anything better to describe the story. I’m about ¾ of the way through, and I hope to have it finished by the end of the year. It’s a crazy story but will be so cool when it comes together. The cover looks wicked. 

London Warriors 2, that’s not the final name. It gets dark, bloody and even more f***** up than the first book. The first book was such a good story I had to carry it on. If it does well I’ll do a final part.

Maybe Sharc 3! I’ve started it, so I may as well finish it. I just need the time, and the right story for it to continue.

I’m also working towards a full novel version of a short story, the Twelfth day of Christmas. The short is being included in an anthology coming out this Christmas, called – Another Bloody Christmas. It’s based in the 80’s and takes the reader on a retro jaunt to their youth. The story was described to me as, Jumanji, meets Stranger Things, mixed with Vampire Nation. It’s a weird tale, but came from the heart. And I think it would be a big hit if I finish it. The title will change.

Q If Sharc was turned into a film, who would you choose to play the MC 

That’s a tough one. With Meg already out there, I think Sharc would be left dead in the water to be honest. It’s a shame but, if we’re talking a Sky One mini-series, I think it would definitely work. 

There are quite a few main characters in the Sharc saga but I’d go with the following.

Morgan Read is British, so perhaps James McAvoy, or Andrew Lincoln. They would both smash it.

Cole Michaels is Morgan’s best friend, and I’d say Charlie Hunnam, from Sons of Anarchy and Pacific Rim. I based the character on the late Paul Walker, he would be the ideal actor for the part, and it was such a shame when he died so young. Or even Ryan Reynolds, he’s quality.

The female leads are Lauren Ramsey and Kimberley Clarke. Lauren is an action journalist, and it would have to be between the beautiful lasses, Blake Lively, and Margot Robbie. They are both fantastic actors, but after watching her in the Shallows, I think Blake would win that tussle. OR maybe I’m just crushing on them! You can’t blame me though. 

The second lead female character is Kimberley Clarke. She’s an expert diver, who takes no ****. The part is made for Lili Simmons. I’ve been a massive fan since she starred in Banshee. She’s been in Hawaii Five-O, True Detective, and the Purge Series. She’s awesome and she would rock the part, I know it.

Now if you asked me about London Warriors, and the entire ensemble of anti-heroes, that would be another story. It would be the expendables, meets Lord of the Rings, with enough machismo to scare even the 80’s action movies stars.

Well that’s all I got, Tee. Thanks for having me over. Now if you wouldn’t mind untying these binds, the stench is really starting to make me feel nauseous. No! Why not? Wait, why are you looking at that switch? Oh sh…… 

 And then he was gone. He didn't even say good bye.....




Trailers to Ravenous Roadkill 

So there you have him my little chickadees or in this case, no you don't. The chair suited it's purpose though. I think I might use it again.

Laters potaters

1 Nov 2018

The Fifth and more

Hello my little chickadees

Well it's been a while but I've discovered another new kid on the block who happens to be a very good writer in my opinion. I've read her book and throughly enjoyed it. I managed to get her into the cave under false pretences. She was quite compliant though when I mentioned the word interview so I hung her from the manacles and you know how the rest works.

Karley Rawlingson

 Hello Karley and thank you for coming. How do you like my victims cave? Personally I’m loving the ambience of victims remains scattered about the floor. It adds that bit of je ne sais quoi don’t you think? 

"It stinks in here of iron and rotten meat. I think I'm going to be sick!"

"Oh hush child it grows on you after a while. Lets just get you attached to the manacles at the back of the cave. It’s nice and quiet there. Once you’ve decided to answer my questions then I’ll feed and water you. Here’s the list. Your arms will soon stretch enough to reach the questionnaire.  Right then I’m off to find my next victim. Scream when you’re done. I won’t hear you but I’ll probably check on you from time to time."

*Victim rattles chains in frustration*

"If the only way to get back home is to answer your questions then so be it!"

Tee acknowledges with a cackle and wave of the hand.

So then Karley please introduce yourself to my friends

I'm Karley Rawlingson and I grew up in Ashford, Kent but I've lived in Upminster, Essex for the last twelve years. Upminster is a lovely place to live and I feel very lucky to say it’s my home. I often feel, I have the best of both worlds. Upminster is the last stop on the district line which means it’s only a quick train ride into London if, I want to see a show or do some shopping. Then on the other hand, woods, grasslands and beautiful countryside is in my back yard. 

Q You’re married with two children, tell me about them 

I met my husband Tony when I was sixteen and we have been together for seventeen years. We married in July 2011 and have two beautiful children. Tjay is fourteen and Demi is twelve. 
I often wonder how I got gifted with such a wonder life. Tony is a hard worker and my rock. He has always been my biggest supporter and encouraged me to follow my dreams. Both my children are beautiful inside and out, even if I am biased. Tjay is a typical teenager, he loves hanging out with his friends, playing on his computer and food! He likes to play the piano and is currently studying for his grade one exam. Tjay has a fantastic work ethic and often goes to work with his dad to earn some extra cash. Demi is equally hard working but all of her passion goes into dancing. Demi dances at least three times a week and it has given her, not only confidence but an amazing group of friends. Demi loves school and has a joy for life. Her smile is infectious and I love that she is pretty much willing to give anything a try.  

 Q Have you any pets

I have two cats; Bumblebee and Rosie. Both are black but Bumblebee has white patches on his feet that look like he has little socks on. They are brother and sister and are nine years old.  
I also have a dog; Ralph and three fish in the pond, in the garden. There were more but unfortunately, we had a pump malfunction and quite a few died. Ralph is a Jackapoo and my shadow. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him and can honestly say I think he feels the same. On the day we went to meet the breeder and pick a puppy, he saw me, and started howling this tiny-squeaky-little howl as if to say “Hi Mum”. He was the only one to make any noise and tried getting out of his cage. I knew then and there he was coming home with us.   


Q Favourite: drink/food/hot/cold

Omg why are you asking me about food and drink, when you haven't given me anything to eat in days. I swear, I can almost smell the coffee. 

* Cries out for help *

Hovering outside by now Tee enters and cracks the whip against Karley’s manacles. “Stop whinging that won’t get you food.”

Okay. My favourite drink is a toffee latte with cream and toffee sauce. I love food and I'm willing to give most things a try at least once. My favourite dinner at the moment is grilled chicken, couscous and a tomato, cucumber, spring onion and crabstick salad with balsamic vinegar glaze. 

*Belly grumbles*

“Here chew on this rotten finger. Oh wait you can't you're strung up. Never mind, get over it.”

What encouraged you to enter the writing world.

I've wanted to write for a long time but never had the confidence. I left school without finishing and had no G.C.S.E’s. Instead I focused on hairdressing. Then I met Tony, moved and got a job in a clothes shop. When Tjay started primary school, I went back to college to study, and gained qualifications in level 3 hairdressing and a B in English and maths. However, no matter how hard I tried and for all the hard work I'd put in at college, something was missing. A few years later whilst on holiday, I spoke to Tony about my fears. He told me that he would support me in whatever I wanted to do as long as I was happy. It still took me a while to actually figure it out. One night I dreamt of someone called Sadie, and heard her calling to me, telling me her story. The following day I picked up a pen... I haven't looked back since.  

Q Are you regimented when you write

I try to be but working from home with two children, a husband and a number of animals can be difficult. 

Q What genre do you write in

Science fiction, Fantasy 

Q Tell us about your typical day

A normal weekday is usually quite chilled. Everyone is up and out the door by 8.30am, leaving just the animals and me. I talk to my sister-in-law until 9 then have some breakfast. I will then do some writing unless I have a hair-client (I love writing but it doesn’t pay the bills). I do take time to speak to my Nan every day; she lives on her own and I hate the thought of her being lonely. Kids are home by 4.30pm and Tony is back by 6-7pm. Dinner, bath and if we have time, maybe a little board game with the kids before bed. Ready to do it all again tomorrow.

What do you do to relax

Its got to be watching a movie, reading a book or goofing about with the kids.

  Q Tell us about the book you have written 

The Fifth is a sci-fi, fantasy book. It is about a girl called Sadie McNeil and the end of the world, as we know it.  

Q Your book is self published I understand. Do you find it difficult to promote and what outlets do you use

Self-publishing is hard and of course, I would love a publisher to pick me up and help, in my journey to become a successful author. But promoting is harder and definitely a challenge. I have never been one for social media and my son is far more computer literate than I am. So, I’ve had to teach myself a lot of new things, but I'm getting there. Facebook, Instagram and Amazon (@KDRawlingson) are great platforms to use but again I'm still working at getting the best out of them. I have designed a website  https://karleyrawlingson.wixsite.com/kdrawlingson

Q Is your book to be part of a series

Yes, the next book is due out next year and is called Powers.  

Q Can you give us a taster of the book, (perhaps the back of the book blurb)

 A“Legend has it that the world was created in 7 days. I don`t know if that`s true or not but what I do know is that it only took 7 days for everything to go to shit and the world to end as we know it!” 

Born into poverty, controlled by drug-fuelled parents, Sadie McNeil has had a hard life. On the cusp of adulthood, tragedy strikes, leaving both Sadie and her older brother Sol orphaned. When Sol moves thousands of miles away for a job offer, alone and miserable Sadie believes this is the lowest life will ever get. On a rare night out celebrating her eighteenth birthday everything changes, and in the blink of an eye, she meets Ryan. He's everything she's not. In fact he’s her polar opposite. And everything she didn’t know she was looking for.
For Seven long years, things could not be more perfect for Sadie or more normal.   
When an unprecedented earthquake happens halfway across the world, Sadie believes it to be nothing more than Mother Nature at its worst. Bad yes, but something the world could recover from.
However, forces far bigger than she could ever imagine are at play and unbeknown to her she is stuck right in the middle… 

Q Anything else that you would like to add 

Writing has become more than just a hobby to me, it has become a love. The Fifth  (Sadie’s story) is real and honest. It is dark at times and is fraught with hardship. Can Sadie get through it? How would you handle it if, it was you? 

I’d like to say thanks to Tee for the interview but I'm hungry and thirsty. My wrists are red raw from dangling so I will just say… Please can I go home now? The Darkness Is Coming...

"My god, there are so many wimps out there…"

Sighs dramatically whilst undoing the manacles, allowing her to drop to floor on the rotten bits of flesh…. Offers a rancid finger to chew on to stave off her hunger. It's refused as Karley holds hand over mouth and hurtles outside.

"Some people are never grateful and you can clear that mess up before you go, I have a cleanliness routine that I maintain at the entrance. What ever would my next victim think?"

 Links to book

So there you have it my friends. Check out The Fifth, it's worth a read. Thank you Karley for the interview. Please come again.... Ha Ha Ha....

Laters Potaters

12 Jul 2018

The Long legged potential lover from Knaresborough

Hello my little chickadees. Well footies underway and we play Croatia tonight. My trotters are crossed for them.
UPDATE: We lost 2:1 but how proud are we of their overall achievements.

This week in my cave is the elegant and single Miss Charlotte Castle. I had to raise the manacles because her long legs and feet were touching the ground. She didn't like it much as it stretched her to her full extent but thems the breaks as they say, literally. 

Hiya Charlie, so tell me about yourself and will you stand up straight woman. Forget the broken leg it'll mend.

Are you absolutely sure? Well If you say so, but I'm not convinced at all! 

Do stop whinging. It's only a broken leg

About me then, I'm elegant, witty, pure of heart, long of limb... Well before the left one was broken by you. I'm actually a rather rotund 37 year-old mother of two. I'm a writer, of all forms, though in particular speeches at the moment, and I've been single for six years, so I spend a lot of time muttering to myself. I am torn between wanting a boyfriend and enjoying the wardrobe space.

Where do you live in the world

A stunning town called Knaresborough in North Yorkshire, England. Like all Yorkshire folk, I'm fiercely proud of my county - if we were a country we'd have come eighth in the medal table of the most recent Olympics! Famous Yorkshiremen (and women) include The Brontes, Alan Bennet, WH Auden, Dame Judi Dench, Sir Patrick Stewart, Jeremy Clarkson, The Beautiful South, Def Leppard, Ed Sheeran, Kaiser Chiefs.... I could go on.

Knaresborough is particularly famous for our (long dead) prophetess Mother Shipton. Kind of an English Notradamus. She predicted that when Low Bridge falls down for a third time, the world will end. So far it's fallen down twice. I'm always super careful when I'm driving over it.

Have you any pets 

I have a small, white psychopathic cat called Deborah. Her favourite game is lying on a low wall by my house, trying to entice victims with her beauty. If she was human, she'd be in a maximum security facility by now, strapped to an upright trolley with a bite-shield on. Luckily for her, she isn't; so she's lying at the end of my bed working out which of my neighbours to bite next.

Deborah the psychopath

I know you’re an author Charlie, can you tell my readers what you have written and the storyline 

I wrote a novel called Simon's Choice which was very well received, mostly in the States where it was first published. It tells the tale of a doctor whose seven year-old daughter is dying of leukemia. When one evening she asks him 'Daddy, who will live with me in Heaven?" he answers in a moment of grief and confusion that he will 'go with her'. The novel explores grief, the stresses of grief on a marriage and the concept of death in different religions. 

Whilst I appreciate it doesn't sound like a laugh a minute, I'm told it has its funny moments! I wrote the novel in only three months, whilst my baby son was strapped to a bouncy seat next to me. 

It is out of print now, sadly, but you can still purchase a Kindle copy and help me pay my rent.

Favourite food/drink

The best way to keep me quiet is to put a platter of shellfish in front of me. I've been eating mussels and oysters since I was four. Potential suitors should know that I'll do anything for a lobster. I am also a fan of good sushi and will rugby tackle people to get at a cheese board. Readers will not be amazed to hear that I've put on a lot of weight recently. 

My parents divorced when I was only seven, but an enduring memory is that their marriage was at its happiest when they were cooking - usually strange and exciting things. I remember a squid's ink sack being removed by my giggling (and probably quite tipsy) parents in a bath. I also have memories of a duck being dried with a hair dryer. (The duck was dead and plucked - they were trying to replicate the Peking duck pancakes they liked in the Chinese restaurant - not give it a blow dry.) As such, food has always been an enormous source of romance and excitement to me. I think the only thing I've never tried is probably tripe - I don't have any plans to, but never say never.

A good dry white wine to accompany any of the above.

Tell us about your family life

As a single parent I seem to spend much of my time picking other people's stuff up. My son is autistic, with a little known form called Pathological Demand Avoidance and so both myself and my daughter have to have diplomatic skills comparable to the United Nations. They should get me to negotiate Brexit, it would be nothing in comparison to convincing my son to brush his teeth.

You recently started up a speech writing business. How did that come about? You have a fantastic sense of humour; do you find it easy to write speeches? How do you get the balance of timing right when you’re waiting for the laugh?

It was my mother's idea actually. I wrote some speeches when I was younger, one memorably for an important event in the construction industry and afterwards delegates were coming up to me asking for a copy so that they could share it with their employees. As my son is disabled it's difficult for me to have a 'proper' job, and so 'My Standing Ovation' was born. It's in its infancy.

With regards to waiting for a laugh, often you'll get more of a laugh if you give the audience some space. Pause. Look up. If they're tittering, raise an eyebrow - it often gives people the permission to go for a full guffaw. You need to engage with your audience - if you only rely on the words it won't go as well. Pretend you're with your mates in the pub. 

What is a typical day for you or are the days all different?

My days are rather boring. Two hours negotiating with my son regarding clothes/breakfast/getting into the taxi to his school. Then a flurry of housework and shopping, a bit of writing if I have a job on, and then back to the endless demands of food and 'she hit me', 'he spat on me' when the children are back. My son only goes to school for 3 hours, so I don't get a lot of time to myself. My days tend to end with wine and crime documentaries. I have a concerning fascination in murderers - though it does actually stem from an interest in psychology and not my inner-psychopath.

Choose a pet to snuggle up to at night from time immemorial

Deborah. She may hate everyone else, but she loves me.

Share your ultimate dream with us

Writing on a team - preferably comedy.  As everyone knows, the problem with writing is that it is for the most part lonely and a rollercoaster of exhilarating highs (when you suddenly resolve that plot issue, or you write a killer bit of prose, you land a publisher or get a great review) and crushing lows (rejection, writers block - crashes in self-belief - so being able to bounce ideas off each other and share the elations and commiserations would be the ultimate dream. I adore the show Episodes, starring Matt le Blanc, Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Grieg about a married pair of British sit-com writers living out in LA, battling the faux smiles and backstabbing of the TV Studios. It must be wonderful to have a writing partner. 

Where do you go to socialise usually

I'm a single mother with two children. I consider it a social whirlwind if the checkout guy in Morrison's mentions the weather.

Well you could always hang out here in the cave.

I know you love your garden. Would you like to tell us about it, how much time you spend out there, share some photos with us?

My garden is really just a patio, but it's important to me because we were made homeless a few years ago and for about a year, I had no idea where we were going to end up. It was an horrific time and I feel very passionately about the housing crisis in the UK. I'd got to the point where I was looking at paying £850 a month rent for the most basic 3-bedroom house in my area - on one part time salary. I'm now a council tenant and feel extremely lucky to have a roof over my head. The time I spend in my garden is a nod to my luck - I could be in a high-rise flat, so the patio deserves my love and attention.

If you could travel anywhere in the world all expenses paid, where would you go and who would you take with you

I think I should probably say that I'd take my children, but as I'm typing this during the difficult bedtime period and one of them has just yelled at me and the other has spilled fake-tan all over her fairly new pale bedroom carpet, they're out. You blew it kids. You can have imaginary babysitters for this imaginary holiday.

I'd like to take my mother on a trip around the Eastern and Southern coast of the USA. I'm fascinated in areas full of history and diverse cultures, so I'd like to start in Virginia and drive round in a wonderful car through South Carolina, Georgia (Savannah), Lousiana - I'm particularly keen to drive up the old River Road from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and visit the plantation mansions there. There's a property called Nottoway, and it's my biggest dream to spend a night there.

The little darlings

Have you any new storylines buzzing around the brain?

Always. But I'm afraid I'm not sharing them.

I’m letting you step off the world for a week (with no come backs) what would you do?
Well it would have to include a stay at Nottoway. But I'd also love to visit a film set in LA, and I'd love to go to Japan. Do you have some kind of a time machine? There's a lot I need to fit in. Also, if I was invisible, I'd go to The White House and listen in to what Trump is really saying. 

Time Machine? I haven't even got a washing machine love. I'm with you on the Trump thing though.

Is there a question I haven’t asked that you were busting for me to ask? If so what is it 

No, you covered it, thank you!!!


Simons Choice

So there you have the fabulous Charlotte Castle. Now if just one of the others finally gives in and answers the questions, there will be another blog.

Laters Potaters