31 Jan 2012

A Different Me

I thought it was about time I updated my photo image so here it it.
I would like to add that is a sun burnt nose and nothing to do with my supposed alcohol intake :)

30 Jan 2012

Shah Opens Up

My good friend and writing colleague Shah Wali Fazli author of The Interpreter has given a rare interview to Jun Ying. It gives an interesting insight into his background and how he came to writing his books.
The link is here.
Very well worth a viewing.

24 Jan 2012

Night at the Movies: 20 second movie pitch - Erasmus, Shasta and Merlin...

Night at the Movies: 20 second movie pitch - Erasmus, Shasta and Merlin...: When the mercurial Erasmus sees Shasta in a vision across time, he knows he has to have her. He will still have to work out how to reach her, but once he does he is not going to let her go, not even if he has to change the past, the present and the future to achieve his goal.

Based on the 'Erasmus, Shasta and Merlin' trilogy by Teresa Geering.

23 Jan 2012

The 'In' Thing

Many of us put videos on you tube these days and I'm no exception so I thought I would air these:
This one is me opening the proof copy of my first published book

Reading from The Eye of Erasmus in three parts
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

If you enjoyed the excerpts from Eye of Erasmus (now with it's new dramatic cover)  you can buy them here:

Shasta Summer which continues the series can be found here:

They are both at bargain prices at the moment so well worth snapping up.

18 Jan 2012

My Lossie

Twenty years ago I took on a rescue cat that was ten months old and badly mistreated. Within a couple of months I discovered I was allergic to cats but I had taken him for the length of his life come whatever. He had had a rough trot at the beginning and needed some security.
Over the years  he would sit in front of me and we would have many conversations about his daily adventures (he being a Siamese cross black domestic that never stop talking.)
Over the last few months he started to get some 'qwerky habits' and I realised he had feline senior dementia. Eventually I bit the bullet and phoned the vet for an appointment for euthanasia explaining my concerns. I was given an evening appointment for last Monday. It was the longest day I can remember and I was a total wreck by four o'clock. My son and his 'missus' took me, and on the way he wee'd in his basket and as he was on my lap it soaked me through to the car seat. My son laughingly said "He is sending you a last defiant gesture mum" which made me smile. The first one all day. I walked into the vet looking like I had been in the saddle for a week. Fortunately the vets had no pets or owners in there at the time.
We were taken through to the vet straight away. Taking one experienced look at Lossie she said "Oh poppet you're in you're own little world aren't you" whilst assuring me he was in no pain. I cuddled him tightly to me as his little spirit was finally laid to rest.
He is going to be buried in my back garden along with my son's cat (five years old that passed on just before Christmas 2011), a robin, a squirrel, and a young fox. No wonder I have so many crows in my garden.
Rest in peace dear Lossie.

16 Jan 2012

Here's one I made earlier

Lily Byrne has a reader of the month feature and January was my month.
I decided to read Mrs. Jones by the fabulous Bab's Morton.
Here are my thoughts and my review.
Oh! .... Lily also found a more updated photo of me :-)

Reader Reviews

Reader Reviews
Reader of the Month- Teresa Geering
Tee's latest thoughts:
I have finally finished Mrs. Jones by B. A. Morton and I thoroughly enjoyed every page.
Here is my review:

Detective Connell was the officer assigned to probably what would turn out to be just another hit and run case. However he knew the minute the door was answered he was wrong on all counts. The girl was a looker for a start and on questioning her his gut instinct told him she was hiding something, and he was right.
Mrs Jones is more than fast paced. It leaves you breathless with all the many twists and turns in the storyline. I thought I had it all worked out only to be wrong footed yet again by the superb writing of Babs Morton.
Highly Recommended.

13 Jan 2012


I don't usually get involved in this sort of thing but this is a genuine plea from me.
Please go to this site and read the story of Jess. It is so genuine and from the heart.
Will you help her out folks around the world.

 It only takes two clicks of the mouse and you're done.
Here is the site


Many thanks and many virtual hugs if you do.

12 Jan 2012


My publisher http://nightpublishing.com decided that Erasmus needed a bit of a makeover. The dramatic new book cover of The Eye of Erasmus is on the right. I dare you to try and ignore those black eyes as they follow you.
It's far more dynamic and suits Erasmus perfectly. I understand that avid readers of my books have re-bought The Eye of Erasmus just to have the new cover. Testament indeed to the power of a makeover.   


 Regular viewers to my blog will also have noticed that it's had a makeover. Many thanks to KC Hilton who worked her magic on it. That's Magic as in The Magic of Finkleton. Thanks Katrina and massive virtual hugs go to you from me.
Here is Katrina's web site.

Do pop over and take a look, it's simply gorgeous.

11 Jan 2012

The Eye of Erasmus Book Trailer

I wanted to officially post the Book Trailer for The Eye of Erasmus. I hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to leave a comment. Hugs to you all!

9 Jan 2012

Shasta's Image is Shared

This is actually some exciting news! The image on the cover of Shasta Summer is also the same image being used for Author Richie Tankersley Cusick new re-release of The Unseen. Both books contain four novels and when placed together they form the complete image of my Shasta :) Currently these books are exclusive to Wal-Mart in store only, in the United States. But I'm sure they'll be popping up online in the near future.

Why do we have the same image? Apparently it's not uncommon. The cover image for Shasta Summer was purchased for commercial use but not exclusively. So, they've purchased the same image, however the cover design is completely different.

I think it's exciting to know that a famous author is using the same image as my book!

Have a wonderful day! Hugs to you all!

8 Jan 2012


 Count To Ten by Sheila Mary Taylor is her family's personal cross they had to carry when their eighteen year old athletic son was diagnosed with cancer. Not only could he probably lose his leg but he could also die!
Just reading the reviews found me welling up.
Count To Ten stands at No. 23 on Amazon. I haven't had the chance to read it yet but that will be rectified.
Lets get this powerful book to the No. 1 slot. It deserves to be there.
Here is a link to the reviews

Sooo what are you waiting for?
Get over and take a look
For $0.99 you can download it.

The title COUNT TO TEN? It was a note left by his dad after surgery stating he had counted his toes and there were ten. Any parent (including me) can empathise with this.

7 Jan 2012

Will do better

I cant believe I've been so lax with my blog. I've been a bit busy reviewing books and writing.
Here is the the link to a review of Ragnar The Murderer by Lily Byrne


It's fast paced, sexy, and lustful and concerns love affairs between Ancient Britain's.
I'll be back again shortly.