16 Jan 2012

Here's one I made earlier

Lily Byrne has a reader of the month feature and January was my month.
I decided to read Mrs. Jones by the fabulous Bab's Morton.
Here are my thoughts and my review.
Oh! .... Lily also found a more updated photo of me :-)

Reader Reviews

Reader Reviews
Reader of the Month- Teresa Geering
Tee's latest thoughts:
I have finally finished Mrs. Jones by B. A. Morton and I thoroughly enjoyed every page.
Here is my review:

Detective Connell was the officer assigned to probably what would turn out to be just another hit and run case. However he knew the minute the door was answered he was wrong on all counts. The girl was a looker for a start and on questioning her his gut instinct told him she was hiding something, and he was right.
Mrs Jones is more than fast paced. It leaves you breathless with all the many twists and turns in the storyline. I thought I had it all worked out only to be wrong footed yet again by the superb writing of Babs Morton.
Highly Recommended.

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