8 Jan 2012


 Count To Ten by Sheila Mary Taylor is her family's personal cross they had to carry when their eighteen year old athletic son was diagnosed with cancer. Not only could he probably lose his leg but he could also die!
Just reading the reviews found me welling up.
Count To Ten stands at No. 23 on Amazon. I haven't had the chance to read it yet but that will be rectified.
Lets get this powerful book to the No. 1 slot. It deserves to be there.
Here is a link to the reviews

Sooo what are you waiting for?
Get over and take a look
For $0.99 you can download it.

The title COUNT TO TEN? It was a note left by his dad after surgery stating he had counted his toes and there were ten. Any parent (including me) can empathise with this.

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