30 Mar 2008

And Another Thing!!!!!!!!!!!

I forgot.....................Reg has sent his synopsis and manuscript off to an agent in London.
I feel it will do very well and yes we will get the shampoo/shampers out.
I will keep my fingers and toes crossed and if I had dangly bits they would be crossed too. Just checked - no definitely not got any down there ^_^ Tee
You can easily find Reg's blog at www.divisionofthedamned.blogspot.com or by going to the links on my web page www.teresageering.co.uk

Spring has sprung a leak

Well Reg has been on at me to write something. I think he is getting withdrawal symptoms. So here we go then.
Last Monday I was back on duty again after a two week break at home. Gave me a chance to catch up on some spring cleaning etc.
When I went into the office the big brother at the Station had caught up with me. I hadn't done a training package. Did I have to do it I asked innocently? Yes was the answer, the only difference is as a volunteer on the Station you don't get paid for doing it. So I sat at the computer and opened up the training zone. A couple of officers were in the office and asked me what I was doing. I explained and they sat on either side of me. The three hour training package was done in half an hour with their help. Don't ya just love yer mates? especially when they're in uniform....
Just having a female moment to myself there :-)....
Last night I was asked if I could help with the bar as a surprise leaving party was being held. It was one of my female colleagues that I did co-buddy with on patrol.She was moving to Australia and marrying a naval paramedic. She also nicks my sausages when we're in the canteen together. So get your own back time.
She was under the impression her and a friend were going for a meal....wrong....the ploy was that the bar area was flooded and we needed her companion to bring us the keys to the fuse cupboard which she is responsible for. Meanwhile the bar is filling up and everyone is happy.On cue she turns up and is visibly shocked as she really had no idea. The Police are sneaky at times!
So the evening went brilliantly. Lots of food was eaten and drink was drunk. Suddenly I noticed that the hose attached to the dishwasher was sprouting water (a bit like the shower head when it needs descaling but much more forcefully) at the same time more leaks appeared and the dishwasher decided to empty its complete cycle of soapy water on the floor. Fortunately the police are pretty resilient when it comes to thinking on their feet, but a fireman off duty on the other side of the bar was their in a flash. He had the water sort of turned off (We only had scissors, and bottle opener.....I remembered after I had a pair of small pliers in my handbag.
So it was mops and buckets as the lights flickered meanwhile I soldiered on serving drinks as I paddled from one end of the bar to the other. Finally the floor was dry and it was 01.15am....except the clocks went forward last night so it was 02.15am. We were too tired to care and finally put our feet up with a glass or two.
Talk about something comes back and bites you in the bum. We wont be using that ploy again I guess.
Eventually home getting towards 03.00am and my head hit the pillow. 06.30 my cat decides he wants to go out. I ignored him but perseverance is his forte. So I gave in and got up, let him out and went back to sleep on the sofa. I woke up at 08.00am. He wants to come in again. (Yes I have got a cat flap but he invited half the neighbourhood in to eat!!!). The kettle went on and I made a cuppa. Sat down to check my emails and I find that my Literary Agent is no long pushing my book out there. This is the man who chose my book over 400 plus that he receives a month. "I never take anything on unless I feel I can place it and yours is a definite"!
Well I finished my cuppa and licked my wounds. Then went on to my other emails. Richard Grayling of Struggling Authors wants to help me out in many ways so I am going to work with them instead.
So Reg what a weekend eh. Am I downhearted? well yes I was a bit pissed off at first but you get over it and I know the trilogy will sell.
Roll on the heat of summer I say, Red wine, baguettes, cheese and pickles. Luvely Jubbly :-)Tee

17 Mar 2008

Why do parents worry about offspring

Well that sez it all really. My son and his partner (both 24 years old) and their baby daughter flew off to Spain in the early hours of this morning. They are spending a week with her nan and Grandad. It seems the old folks are out there for three weeks. The little darlings were up at 2am for a 6am flight from Gatwick out to Javier. About half an hours drive from my friends who live in Murcia. Yep the place advertised on the telly with the golf complex. It was brown scrub land when I was last there a couple of years back.
Yep I'm digressing again - a bit like Ronnie Corbett when he sat in his chair in the 2 Ronnies and eventually finished the joke after many diversities.
I looked after the baby yesterday at theirs while they packed the cases and sorted all the stuff. Food going in one end and having to change the other end. Ewwwwwww yuk.God I was knackered. I forgot how much attention babies need.Turn your back and they're gone. She-Madison Teresa (or another Mad Tee that is - i'm training her well), doesn't want to go through the crawling stage so she pulls herself up on anything that will support her including my body parts. I was sitting on the floor with her at the time. God my bits still hurt! I swear she has been on this earth before. She is too knowing and worldwise not to have been. Here I go again...........
Anyway with their promises of phone calls and text messages when they get to Spain I bid them farewell and safe journey etc. and made my way home.
Now according to the laws of aviation it should take no longer than four hours or so to fly to Spain so in theory they should have been there latest 13.00hrs or 14.00hrs tops allowing for the time difference... God I hate all that malarkie. Why aren't we all one standard time in Europe everyone else but England sorted it. Trust us to miss the boat literally. I read somewhere eons ago that there was some sort of summit to do with European and English time being standardised and the English contingency missed the boat. No change there then!!!!!
Anyway here I sat at the old computer all day doing "stuff" for Richard at Struggling Authors which I have been really enjoying.
Was there a text, was there a phone call?? Nada which translated from Spanish means 'nothing'. I've been to many Spanish classes. :-). I left messages, plus voice mails on their mobiles...........nuffin.............. Every so often I had the panic attack and the what if syndrome....
Tonight the land line rang whilst i'm in the middle of something. It's them. Their contract phones with orange don't work out there and so they're having to use the public phone box at the bottom of the road. They took great pleasure in telling me that it's 15 degrees celcius (is that the right spelling?) out there. They know I love the heat, It's one thing I will never complain about. It's never too hot for me. However here I am in old blighty with the central heating on..shucks oh it sucks.
They had a brilliant flight the baby thoroughly enjoyed it and I was a nervous wreck. So as I said why do parents worry about their offsprings?
Cos it's in our job descriptions that's why............

Lostris my cat (Lossie for short) is asleep on the bed yet again. Well it is before ten o/clock and thats when his nightime patrol of the house starts. I'm surprised he makes it up the stairs, he is 15 years old but having said that he scales my six foot fences to meet up with his lady love. Not that it does him much good, I took him in for the chop when he was 10 weeks old. I don't think he ever forgave me. I remember his face well when he came back from the vets.
Oh well blanks are better than nothing I guess.

Oh by the way Reg, apparently I have another clandestine viewer to my blog site. Evidently he reads my blogs but doesn't always leave a comment! Apparently you know him.
Laughs a bundle there then............ Bring it on. Ha ha ha

13 Mar 2008

What a week !!!

What can I say......... for the last week I have been on rest and recuperation. The old outer casing has been taking a bashing so I've been giving it a rest. Also decided to take next week off as well. The house is a mess and needs some TLC and spring cleaning so I thought I would do a room at a time.......Well I'm supposed to be resting. :-) I work in the morning and then all the afternoon I can be found on my sofa with feet up watching the cobwebs on my ceiling. Why is it when you get rid of one with self righteous satisfaction the spider sneaks up and sez "yeah right think you've got me beat" and overnight produces another one. Now spiders don't bother me but that's taking the proverbial to my mind.
I'm more excited than a kid on Christmas morning playing with the boxes all the Chrissy presents came in......... Don't you hate that? you spend all that money and then they play with the boxes. It's a castle/car/fortress. Been there and done that. My son 24 years old reminded me of that of late. His own daughter Madison Teresa will be doing the same thing soon. Mind you she is only nine months at the moment.
Just had a sneezing fit.....why do we usually do three at a time I wonder?
However I digress dear readers......(I pluralise it because now I have another "blogster reader" apart from Reg).
This week two things have happened. Firstly I went into the local art college opposite the Police Station desperate in my attempt to look for an illustrator for my book and website. Actually I lie I pushed my friend in first (she is the new driver I spoke of in earlier blogs). She admirably spun a line to the lady at reception explaining my needs and I followed up behind.
The long and short of it. I was wandering in Staples a local computer/stationery store and my mobile rang. "Hi my name is Kirsty Powell and I would like to illustrate your book and web site". What can I say, we are as kindred spirits and soul mates. How often does that happen in your life. She is putting my thoughts into actions. I have the ideas but my artistic talents stop there. Kirsty is my right arm extension. I see amazing things happening and bless her she can't believe I have taken her on. She just wanted work experience. I intend to take her to heights she feels she can only dream about.
Us psychics are pretty spectacular when we get going.......More about that another time.

So on to the second thing. Well Reg was having a bit of trouble with his synopsis. I suggested he send me a rough idea of what the story was about, which he did.
I was so intrigued by it I printed it off and got to work. it must have been the fastest synopsis I have written. it took about forty minutes to an hour tops and longer to type it up than actually put it together.
Bless him he was ecstatic. It just needed a fresh pair of eyes that's all. (He can be found at www.divisionofthedamned.blogspot.com). It isn't something I would normally read but if your into vampires and intrigue I would definitely recommend it.
Anyway that was the week that was - or TW3 as it used to be called in the good old days.
Laters then. No cat tonight, he is asleep on my bed..............

9 Mar 2008

God I'm Trollied again

Well dear reader......Reg that is - probably. Here I am again. I don't think anyone else reads my blog. Oh bless!!!!!!!
Last night I had friends over and yes we hit the wine bottles again. It had to be done and out came the cheeses and the biscuits. All the usual things you have with wine. We toasted Sammi of Struggling Authors of course who was celebrating her 21st birthday and anything else we could think of to enable us to get to the bottom of the glass. A perfect excuse to open another bottle.
Tonight I have just come back from the Police Station bar. My section, the Police Community Support Officers and several hangers on were having a bonding session. Basically we were just getting trollied as I said earlier.
One of my colleagues had been on duty and when hunger got the better of her she decided to take her "refs" which is basically a half hour break for refreshments. She wanted chinese. She found a local one and on her return back to the vehicle the chinese went one way and she ended up on her b t m. The pavement was wet and slippery. A long story very short.....her colleague took her to the local A. & E. Dept. and yep she had broken it. What can I say.... if it's going to happen it happens to our P.C.S.O. Annie and she had just passed all the exams etc to pass out as a police officer. Once A. & E. was out of the way she came up to bar. She is to be in plaster for four to six weeks and she was devestated. It will probably put her timing for the Police back a bit. Many tears were shed and sympathetic "don't worry it will all be ok" were said, but at the end of the day she is still devestated by it all. But true to form we got her drunk to help her feel better about it. Eventually the drink got the better of her and she was looking forward to her enforced "holiday". Bless her. It will also give her the opportunity to do some studying which she admitted she was behind with. So in one way serandipity I guess.
AND I left my sargeant clearing up the bar so i could have an early night. Hah am I mad it's 00.37 and i'm sitting here unwinding while my cat attacks my leg through frustration. It's way past his bed time. Will he "lay in" in the morning?.........course not. Come 7am he will be on the rampage to be let out. Ho hum it's a funny old life....................

3 Mar 2008

I am so grateful for this Monday

God what a week it was last week. Covering for my liaison officer. Looking after all the Police Community Support Officers and Community Beat Officers. Sorting out their meetings.............
Wednesday was my birthday and they bought me cakes and chocolates and lots of lovely cards. I'm not even considering going near a pair of scales. Much to frightened.
I love them all to bits but the work is sometimes very demanding. I know the rewards are even greater..........Yeah yeah. If I have a problem they close ranks around me.
This Monday my Liaison Officer was back from his hols looking disgustingly brown. How dare he have the right to look so smug after a week in the sun. Ok so i'm jealous I know that but at least he is back and I can get on with the day job as they say.
So yes this Monday morning it was great. Poodled along at my own pace. Luverly jubley. This evening I actual had time to do an article for Hedw on Tip Bits for writing short stories.
Have had a couple of glasses of red wine 13% and feel luverly. Now I know how Colwyn feels with his endless tankards of german beer.......... Can of worms.........I know he will read this. Ha Ha.
Will probably have a "head" tomorrow but it's great to relax.
Got another piece to do for Sammi now and my cat Lossie is walking along my computer desk saying feed me!!!! I can't see the screen so signing off until I have another chance to update.