13 Mar 2008

What a week !!!

What can I say......... for the last week I have been on rest and recuperation. The old outer casing has been taking a bashing so I've been giving it a rest. Also decided to take next week off as well. The house is a mess and needs some TLC and spring cleaning so I thought I would do a room at a time.......Well I'm supposed to be resting. :-) I work in the morning and then all the afternoon I can be found on my sofa with feet up watching the cobwebs on my ceiling. Why is it when you get rid of one with self righteous satisfaction the spider sneaks up and sez "yeah right think you've got me beat" and overnight produces another one. Now spiders don't bother me but that's taking the proverbial to my mind.
I'm more excited than a kid on Christmas morning playing with the boxes all the Chrissy presents came in......... Don't you hate that? you spend all that money and then they play with the boxes. It's a castle/car/fortress. Been there and done that. My son 24 years old reminded me of that of late. His own daughter Madison Teresa will be doing the same thing soon. Mind you she is only nine months at the moment.
Just had a sneezing fit.....why do we usually do three at a time I wonder?
However I digress dear readers......(I pluralise it because now I have another "blogster reader" apart from Reg).
This week two things have happened. Firstly I went into the local art college opposite the Police Station desperate in my attempt to look for an illustrator for my book and website. Actually I lie I pushed my friend in first (she is the new driver I spoke of in earlier blogs). She admirably spun a line to the lady at reception explaining my needs and I followed up behind.
The long and short of it. I was wandering in Staples a local computer/stationery store and my mobile rang. "Hi my name is Kirsty Powell and I would like to illustrate your book and web site". What can I say, we are as kindred spirits and soul mates. How often does that happen in your life. She is putting my thoughts into actions. I have the ideas but my artistic talents stop there. Kirsty is my right arm extension. I see amazing things happening and bless her she can't believe I have taken her on. She just wanted work experience. I intend to take her to heights she feels she can only dream about.
Us psychics are pretty spectacular when we get going.......More about that another time.

So on to the second thing. Well Reg was having a bit of trouble with his synopsis. I suggested he send me a rough idea of what the story was about, which he did.
I was so intrigued by it I printed it off and got to work. it must have been the fastest synopsis I have written. it took about forty minutes to an hour tops and longer to type it up than actually put it together.
Bless him he was ecstatic. It just needed a fresh pair of eyes that's all. (He can be found at www.divisionofthedamned.blogspot.com). It isn't something I would normally read but if your into vampires and intrigue I would definitely recommend it.
Anyway that was the week that was - or TW3 as it used to be called in the good old days.
Laters then. No cat tonight, he is asleep on my bed..............


R.R.Jones said...

Another reader !!
Who is he?
I'll kill him... :-)
40 minutes for the synopsis?
Good grief, it takes me 40 minutes to get in the right frame of mind to do some writing.
Ah well, you've either got it or you haven't Reggie boy...

R.R.Jones said...

Well I do possess very generic features.
Or could it just be that all gingers look alike?
I was posted to Bovington in Dorset and Wimbish in Essex during my time in the army and... well I don't know really.
Why do you feel you know me?
Perhaps I remind you of someone in your family? Do you have any redheads with swollen livers, a penchant for the ridiculous and an indestructably bad sense of style in your nearest and dearest?