30 Mar 2008

Spring has sprung a leak

Well Reg has been on at me to write something. I think he is getting withdrawal symptoms. So here we go then.
Last Monday I was back on duty again after a two week break at home. Gave me a chance to catch up on some spring cleaning etc.
When I went into the office the big brother at the Station had caught up with me. I hadn't done a training package. Did I have to do it I asked innocently? Yes was the answer, the only difference is as a volunteer on the Station you don't get paid for doing it. So I sat at the computer and opened up the training zone. A couple of officers were in the office and asked me what I was doing. I explained and they sat on either side of me. The three hour training package was done in half an hour with their help. Don't ya just love yer mates? especially when they're in uniform....
Just having a female moment to myself there :-)....
Last night I was asked if I could help with the bar as a surprise leaving party was being held. It was one of my female colleagues that I did co-buddy with on patrol.She was moving to Australia and marrying a naval paramedic. She also nicks my sausages when we're in the canteen together. So get your own back time.
She was under the impression her and a friend were going for a meal....wrong....the ploy was that the bar area was flooded and we needed her companion to bring us the keys to the fuse cupboard which she is responsible for. Meanwhile the bar is filling up and everyone is happy.On cue she turns up and is visibly shocked as she really had no idea. The Police are sneaky at times!
So the evening went brilliantly. Lots of food was eaten and drink was drunk. Suddenly I noticed that the hose attached to the dishwasher was sprouting water (a bit like the shower head when it needs descaling but much more forcefully) at the same time more leaks appeared and the dishwasher decided to empty its complete cycle of soapy water on the floor. Fortunately the police are pretty resilient when it comes to thinking on their feet, but a fireman off duty on the other side of the bar was their in a flash. He had the water sort of turned off (We only had scissors, and bottle opener.....I remembered after I had a pair of small pliers in my handbag.
So it was mops and buckets as the lights flickered meanwhile I soldiered on serving drinks as I paddled from one end of the bar to the other. Finally the floor was dry and it was 01.15am....except the clocks went forward last night so it was 02.15am. We were too tired to care and finally put our feet up with a glass or two.
Talk about something comes back and bites you in the bum. We wont be using that ploy again I guess.
Eventually home getting towards 03.00am and my head hit the pillow. 06.30 my cat decides he wants to go out. I ignored him but perseverance is his forte. So I gave in and got up, let him out and went back to sleep on the sofa. I woke up at 08.00am. He wants to come in again. (Yes I have got a cat flap but he invited half the neighbourhood in to eat!!!). The kettle went on and I made a cuppa. Sat down to check my emails and I find that my Literary Agent is no long pushing my book out there. This is the man who chose my book over 400 plus that he receives a month. "I never take anything on unless I feel I can place it and yours is a definite"!
Well I finished my cuppa and licked my wounds. Then went on to my other emails. Richard Grayling of Struggling Authors wants to help me out in many ways so I am going to work with them instead.
So Reg what a weekend eh. Am I downhearted? well yes I was a bit pissed off at first but you get over it and I know the trilogy will sell.
Roll on the heat of summer I say, Red wine, baguettes, cheese and pickles. Luvely Jubbly :-)Tee

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R.R.Jones said...

What a lilly-livered wibbling womble of a man your ex-agent is.
Ah well Tee, I'm there for yer too.
Not that I have much to offer other than moral support and simpering understanding but it's there if you need it.
No simpering?
How about manly, rugged, no nonsense compassion for your disapointment then?
I've a lot to do in the next three days, (putting a false stone effect in the stairwell) so I won't be writing anything on the S.A. thread/story thing you started.
But when I've finished I'll be there.
So, best foot forward, hoist the main sail and don't tell Aunty, (whatever that's supposed to mean?)
Reg :-)