20 Jan 2010

Well I can't believe how much time has passed since my last blog. What happened to this month? It's shooting past. Christmas came and went - I was ill yet again. Another bout of flu symptoms. I firmly believe I work in a sickness infested building now. Everyone seems to develop cold sysmptoms at the drop of a hat. When we all worked in the main station there was hardly any time taken for sickness at all.

So Erasmus and Authonomy.....
He was number 8 in the Young Adults chart. I took two days off and he has reverted to number 34. AND 103 books have been reviewed on my section alone in the two days. Lots of catching up to do then. Now it can be clearly understood why I have to neglect other sites including this one in favour of Authonomy.
Still getting some brilliant reviews though which is great.
If you have a need to view, you can go to www.authonomy.com put Eye of Erasmus or my name (teresa geering)in to search and it will come up. click on the book avatar and you can read the book or the comments below it.
If you can't be bothered to do that my website has a selection of them including warts and all.

Right then back to reviewing books on Authonomy.