31 May 2010

So then.... All the books of the trilogy are now edited and just waiting to go. As I sit here looking out of the window, the sky is overcast and it's spitting with rain. Of course, its bank holiday yet again.

I'm told by night publishing that my book is very close to going into print. Then the hard work begins as I have to start selling myself to the world. No problemo I already have several orders waiting in line.
Having edited everything, it means I can start writing again. AND I have. AND of course i've got my life back sort of.(My family and friends have started to call again). I'm three chapters into another young adults book. I say young adults but my colleagues have been fascinated by my writing. "Awesome" one said. So I must have struck the right balance.
I have taken Erasmus off of Authonomy. Too many people trying to buck the system to get to the Editors Desk. I prefer honest critique and backing and the achievement of having got there through hard work. Far more satisfying.
Out of interest I took a peek at the "you write on" web site. I like it and Richard Grayling from SA has a book on there. It's called Lifetime, do take a look, I started reading the first few chapters and was gutted when I got to the end of what was posted. Talk about leave them wanting more! So if you fancy a read go to:
www.youwriteon.com I'm no good at links but if you put rgrayling into their search engine it will pop up for you to read at your leisure.

I'm off to the caravan tomorrow for a bit of a break. It's set in woodlands on a farm with just sheep and horses for company. It's about 10 miles from where I live, and a chance to meet up again with friends who are already there, basking in our English weather. lol.
Four days there is like a month in heaven, so i'm looking forward very much to the rest. No laptops, limited mobile phone usage, BBQ's, walking in the woods, Tenterden/Rolvenden just down the road if we need civilization. Copious amounts of the usual stuff.
So off now to sort out the wellies, beacon flash light,all weather clothes.
Catch ya when I get back.

14 May 2010

Well I certainly can't complain about the weather today it's all ticketyboo out there with the promise of better to come. Well about time too I say.
So I've bitten the bullet and given in to the head hunters on Night Reading. They are going to publish my book for me. I've pussyfooted about long enough. I've had two agents and I publisher all Americans and had nothing but grief, so i'm now going this route. It will cost me absolutely nothing for editing and printing and the option is there to go to another publisher if I want. So there you have it.
I'm still getting rave reviews on Authonomy so I am going to leave it there for the time being.
In the meantime I need to start thinking about book signings etc. lol

The monthly poll on Night Reading was finally won by Bruce Essar with his book Gods Breath. He narrowly beat Genevieve Sawchyn by a whisker. Genevieve is almost agented (as she puts it) and i would urge you to go and take a look at her book
Under The Same Sky

Under The Same Sky is a gritty 18th century adventure with a breath of fantasy, and here is a taster.

Maggie Johnson was born in the grasslands of South Carolina. She has "the Sight". Andrew MacDonnell is a Scottish Highlander. The two have never met, but have always known each other through dreams and visions. They meet with horrific adventures, but are able to help the other survive through dreams.

For more, please visit: www.authonomy.com/ViewBook.aspx?bookid=14091(This cover is her own creation, and she is borrowing a photo of Colin Farrell from "The New World".)

Here is another to whet your reading buds:
Ismay Colclough - Descending

Descending : is a novella about social rules and what happens when loneliness makes someone break them.
This book and the sequel can be found at this link:
www.authonomy.com/Read Bookaspx?bookid=15313#chapter.

If the link doesn't work just go to the Authonomy web site and put DESCENDING by ISMAY COLCLOUGH in their search engine and it will come up.

Oh! Oh! and by the way my ole fruitdrop come blogging mate Reg has a new blogspot. POSH it is trust me. It's called boyfromthebay. You can find it at
http://boyfromthebay.wordpress.com ..... check it out.
Off now to do some more editing of the other two books in my trilogy. It's a full old world folks.


2 May 2010

Well here we are on the second of May and it's absolutely "tissing down". It's a bank holiday of course thats the trouble. Oh well.

It would seem that Night Publishing is more than happy to edit and publish "my little man" Eye of Erasmus. I just want to make a few adjustments though to the plot. Why do we keep fiddling with perfection? I have no idea. Just let it go.
However there are some wonderful first chapters on NP and of course who can forget Regs' tribute to our fighting forces. The poem is entitled "The Colours". My poem "Avoca My Love" is also on there and due to be published in June in a compilation of short stories and poems.
I would suggest you check out the following books on Night Publishing. It will also give you an opportunity to check out the website (details below).

Monday Afternoon - Stephen Sangirardi -
Missio - Tim Roux
LOVE POEMS - Ian Parks - coming soon
Buenos Aires: A Train Ride Over The Rainbow
The Old Man & The Monkey' by George Polley
Get Some by Danny Birch
By These Things Men Live - Bob Ellal

No Death by Unknown Hands Minnette Coleman
The Interpreter Shah Wali Fazli
The Wrong House Genevieve Sawchyn
The Sacred Place George Polley
God's Breath Bruce Essar
Trippers William J Booker
Death Replies to Emily Dickinson DL Mullan
BROOKLYN BRIDGE - A Novel about love and Friendship. Lynne Morley
Remember When Brian Roberts
The Colours R.R. Jones

Check out all of the above at: http://www.nightpublishing.com/
At the moment the monthly poll is taking place to select a book for publication and the contenders are hot on each other heels.