22 Dec 2008

I see 'The Pool' drew with Arsenal then.(I missed it)
Hats off to top of the premership.
We'll soon be on you heels ...... ho ho ho

18 Dec 2008

Right then........... Just eaten a massive fresh cream and jam doughnut and I'm looking at the added inches already on the bum lol.

Crimbo prezzies all done and wrapped.
I'm going to spend part of Crimbo with the children and little one and then the second half and new year with friends. So the first will be late nights and early mornings (the children are 25 and 24 yrs and like excited big kids).
The second half will be late night/late mornings.
No doubt there will be the usual various photo's taken on digital or mobiles of the drunken ala sleep mode with bodies in various reposes.

Ok then off to view Reg's blog now then.
Merry Christmas one and all and here's to a hale and hearty New Year for all.

8 Dec 2008

Well I didn't go into the station today, 'cos I'm poorly thats why.
I can't shake this horrendous cold and chest cough.... I sound like a dog barking!
The cold has made me sound very husky and it's been suggested that I should hang on to it as it makes me sound sensual.
Hah they can have it willingly. I feel like death dug up for a second chance.

I've missed out on two Crimbo functions as well so totally peed off.
Going off for another regulation lemsip. :-(

Laters potaters