8 Dec 2008

Well I didn't go into the station today, 'cos I'm poorly thats why.
I can't shake this horrendous cold and chest cough.... I sound like a dog barking!
The cold has made me sound very husky and it's been suggested that I should hang on to it as it makes me sound sensual.
Hah they can have it willingly. I feel like death dug up for a second chance.

I've missed out on two Crimbo functions as well so totally peed off.
Going off for another regulation lemsip. :-(

Laters potaters

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R.R.Jones said...

Oh poor you.
I hate having a cold/flu/pneumonia, and because I'm a man, I get it four times worse than you do.
So there, you see, sympathy doesn't cost much does it now?
Whatever Tee, get well soon.
Reg :-)