30 Jun 2008

Frank Delaney has come out to play at long last. His hayfever has subsided somewhat along with mine and movement in the storyline has been detected. ;-)

29 Jun 2008

Well how wrong could I be?
They were, out thought, out run, and out played by the better team.
That should fan the flames a bit.
AND the scorer Torres plays for Liverpool. (Some redemption for Rego)
What can I say except perhaps Arsenal should buy him.
Torres that is - not Reg. ;-)

26 Jun 2008

Spain Vs Germany then.
Interesting combination.
Many beers will be drunk in the Rheinland on Sunday me thinks.
I ponder on the outcome..........

22 Jun 2008

Holland down........blast AND I forgot to record it.
Plus side I had a fabulous time Friday night and yesterday.
Recuperating this morning.

So Germany it is then. I should have stuck to my guns in the first instance but that's me fickle as ever.

20 Jun 2008

Well my boss and I have finally finished our week of talks at the Eldercare Day Centre.
I think they were more interested in their raffle tickets and a cuppa.
However they were all still breathing when we left, so relief all round.

16 Jun 2008

What a couple of stunning footy matches. I was flipping channels like mad trying to watch both. Turkey and Switzerland both did themselves very proud.

Just come back from an Eldercare Day Centre close to where I live. My boss and I spoke to them about home security etc as most of them are over 70 and live alone. I think that most of them were still breathing when we left!
Lawdy I hope so.
They got really excited when my boss introduced himself. Then continually discussed amongst themselves what a good looking fella he was. I think they got him confused with Pierce Brosnan as his name is Paul Brosnan. - Double 0 three and a half.
As they're all day visitors from their own homes we are doing it daily for the remainder of this week. Maybe tomorrows bunch will be more lively. Or not. As long as they're all breathing when we leave......... Smiles

12 Jun 2008

Well I've missed two matches this week because of meetings. Bummer!!! I see Switzerland has bitten the dust - and - a host nation. Red faces and sadness there then.

The good news.... I'm not back into the 'chocolate factory' until Monday.
Having said that the weather has changed yet again and it's completely carp. (Yes that word).

And Another Thing.... Reg has done penance for being sexist hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Wicked woman!!!

Dont ya just love that little blue gas flame. ^.^

9 Jun 2008

Just watched Holland and Italy............ Inevitable conclusion.
Why don't Italy just give up and cry in the corner as usual.
I wanted to put a bomb in to bring up the pace a bit. Or is that mean of me?
It just felt so slow and perfunctuary. Don't know if thats the right word but it sounds good.

7 Jun 2008

I just watched the second half of Portugal and Turkey Euro 2008. Portugal won of course.
Now I was of the opinion that Ronaldo was Spanish. Ok so call me stupido!! Why would I think that. Yes of course the languages are similar but thats all.
However England aren't contenders so I'm not sure who to support this time. Well you have to support someone if you're a footy fan. My girlfriends think I have lost the plot, but I don't knock it when they watch "Sex in the City" and I went to see the film and didn't moan - sort of. I also have to join in with the office "gossip". Did you see? I can't believe how he missed that goal and hit the post...and so on.
I spent a very happy time in Utrecht awhile back so maybe Holland may get my vote. Personally I don't think they will make it to the finish.
So how about our old adversaries then? Umm well maybe. Well I assume they are contending.
Ok sorted then if Germany are playing I will support them - sort of. Well maybe I might fancy someone else.
I'm a woman and entitled to be fickle. Get over it :-)

And Another Thing

I forgot to mention Andrea who ensures things are "moving along nicely" Sherry who is another contact but I can't remember what for now. The editors who seem to be the Hierarchy.
Oh I also have a telephone number with a message taking service. I can ring but they respond by email to your address. Apparently they use phone hours for talking mainly to buyers and doing deals. editors etc.But they guarantee to come back to you via email.
Oh ... apparently writers and editors make lousy sales people! Yeah I'll give them that to a point.
Apparently the best time for publishers to consider work is Spring and Fall. Christmas and Summer is taken up with holidays ..... apparently.

I can imagin all these people in one huge room with room dividers and potted palms. Through the middle is a conveyor belt which the various agents can sit on. They are then conveyed along to the next person in the team and in passing they pop the work into the next intray.They then go round in a loop and jump off as they reach their own desk.
Cynical? yep but then they are Americans and I have got a warped sense of humour.

What a Lark

Well yet again I have a new dept to deal with concerning my new agent.
So far I've had the following:

"Your Agent Team" .... Initial Enquiry - or - shall we take her on or not.
Carole .... Ok send me your work and we'll see, critique probably needed.
Joan .... Right sign on the dotted line - we want you!
Vicky .... Send us the dosh we're ready to go to work.
Ok thanks for dosh/dollars/cash we need to get started.

Americans eh so many depts for some many different areas. I have now got as far as having the critique sorted which will take approximately 2 weeks.
So it's watch this space.

Other good news.......my cold is on the wain.
Bad News .......don't feel well enough to go to party tonight.
Lots of texts and phone calls trying to persuade me to go.
"You're the life and soul of our parties you have to come!"

Until they hear my voice. "Blimey woman keep that to yourself and stay away".

What it is to be loved. I think ^.^

5 Jun 2008

Right then. Thats sorted. I think I was trying to post to Reg on my blog.Whatever somethings been posted somewhere.
I can't wait to get rid of this cold. My head is full of cotton wool, my hair and teeth hurt (how come?)My joints ache and I have a temp. Maybe it's the 'flu masquarading as a cold.
Boring Boring Boring Boring :-(

What's Occuring Then Rego

I have been trying to post a message on Reg's blog.
As I don't have a Google Account it won't let me post unless I sign up for Google.
I have tried several different ways to no avail They're probably stuck on the ethereal plane somewhere waiting to send all at once. Now that would be a larf.
Hmm unless you tell me different Reggy baby.
Maybe a blonde moment or the cold eh?

4 Jun 2008

Well I've been and gone and done it.
I've signed the contract for 6 months with the Writers Literary Agency and emailed it off to them. I bet they wondered what took me so long!!
I also paid $78 for the critique which will apparently improve my writing so far.
As Richard said if I only get a critique out of it then it will be worth it.
So it's watch this space.
One of the Police Community Support Officers just popped in for her "refs" break. I think I successfully passed my cold on to her as I gave her a hug. Well I did warn her I was fed up with it and she is so healthy.
As it's nearly 3pm I'm going to sit in the lounge and have a bit of a power nap. Once I get rid of the cold I will get my energy back.
I was offered a fiver for it as one of my friends wanted a week off from work.
Anyone want to up the anti?

2 Jun 2008

I'm Back

Well I have been remiss with filling in my blog. What can I say? Well I have had a very heavy cold and my head has been full of cotton wool. No change there then some would say. On the other side of it now though. I probably picked up some negative energy from somewhere and it got stuck.
Am working on Frank Delaney at the moment, yep it's my turn again. It's getting to that interesting where are we going next stage.They're training at the moment ready for the off and sorting the men and women from the raw recruits. Will they all be ready to go? And....who is in the pay of Dobson I wonder? Will Maddy or Caitlin be the first to get laid? And... who will do the foul deed? :-) I'm working on that one. There has to be some light relief somewhere I guess.
I've also started work on another young adults novel the ideas are in place, it's just a matter of putting them all together.
Was going into work today but the carpenter turned up to repair my security gate. Needless to say the cement won't set around the post because it's ..... what do they call that wet stuff that keeps happening in summer..... oh yeah rain!!!!! He has had to leave it to set and won't be back until early evening.... bummer I'm going out at 6pm. Fingers crossed.
On Saturday I'm going to a 40th birthday party (down at the coast) with a 60's theme so the black afro wig will be getting an airing again along with..........well I don't know yet. There will be many police officers there as it is a colleagues birthday so I may have a bit of a head on Sunday :-)