4 Jun 2008

Well I've been and gone and done it.
I've signed the contract for 6 months with the Writers Literary Agency and emailed it off to them. I bet they wondered what took me so long!!
I also paid $78 for the critique which will apparently improve my writing so far.
As Richard said if I only get a critique out of it then it will be worth it.
So it's watch this space.
One of the Police Community Support Officers just popped in for her "refs" break. I think I successfully passed my cold on to her as I gave her a hug. Well I did warn her I was fed up with it and she is so healthy.
As it's nearly 3pm I'm going to sit in the lounge and have a bit of a power nap. Once I get rid of the cold I will get my energy back.
I was offered a fiver for it as one of my friends wanted a week off from work.
Anyone want to up the anti?

1 comment:

R.R.Jones said...

WOW Tee, the ultimate in hyper-capitalism, selling your old cold bacteria !!!
You'll have NATO inspectors coming around next, asking to inspect your old hankies for biological weapons!!!
This workmate of yours, she wasn't an Iraqui by any chance... ?
Good, phew !
It's just that we don't want you breaking any international arms treaties with your greened up nose wipes, lol.

Get well soon, for the sake of international peace!!!
Reg :-)... (sniff !)