7 Jun 2008

And Another Thing

I forgot to mention Andrea who ensures things are "moving along nicely" Sherry who is another contact but I can't remember what for now. The editors who seem to be the Hierarchy.
Oh I also have a telephone number with a message taking service. I can ring but they respond by email to your address. Apparently they use phone hours for talking mainly to buyers and doing deals. editors etc.But they guarantee to come back to you via email.
Oh ... apparently writers and editors make lousy sales people! Yeah I'll give them that to a point.
Apparently the best time for publishers to consider work is Spring and Fall. Christmas and Summer is taken up with holidays ..... apparently.

I can imagin all these people in one huge room with room dividers and potted palms. Through the middle is a conveyor belt which the various agents can sit on. They are then conveyed along to the next person in the team and in passing they pop the work into the next intray.They then go round in a loop and jump off as they reach their own desk.
Cynical? yep but then they are Americans and I have got a warped sense of humour.

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