7 Jun 2008

What a Lark

Well yet again I have a new dept to deal with concerning my new agent.
So far I've had the following:

"Your Agent Team" .... Initial Enquiry - or - shall we take her on or not.
Carole .... Ok send me your work and we'll see, critique probably needed.
Joan .... Right sign on the dotted line - we want you!
Vicky .... Send us the dosh we're ready to go to work.
Ok thanks for dosh/dollars/cash we need to get started.

Americans eh so many depts for some many different areas. I have now got as far as having the critique sorted which will take approximately 2 weeks.
So it's watch this space.

Other good news.......my cold is on the wain.
Bad News .......don't feel well enough to go to party tonight.
Lots of texts and phone calls trying to persuade me to go.
"You're the life and soul of our parties you have to come!"

Until they hear my voice. "Blimey woman keep that to yourself and stay away".

What it is to be loved. I think ^.^

1 comment:

R.R.Jones said...

It's probably just four people in an office, all with split personalities!
Be careful of deals with people on medication Tee; the tend to claim insanity in the small claims court... :-)