2 Jun 2008

I'm Back

Well I have been remiss with filling in my blog. What can I say? Well I have had a very heavy cold and my head has been full of cotton wool. No change there then some would say. On the other side of it now though. I probably picked up some negative energy from somewhere and it got stuck.
Am working on Frank Delaney at the moment, yep it's my turn again. It's getting to that interesting where are we going next stage.They're training at the moment ready for the off and sorting the men and women from the raw recruits. Will they all be ready to go? And....who is in the pay of Dobson I wonder? Will Maddy or Caitlin be the first to get laid? And... who will do the foul deed? :-) I'm working on that one. There has to be some light relief somewhere I guess.
I've also started work on another young adults novel the ideas are in place, it's just a matter of putting them all together.
Was going into work today but the carpenter turned up to repair my security gate. Needless to say the cement won't set around the post because it's ..... what do they call that wet stuff that keeps happening in summer..... oh yeah rain!!!!! He has had to leave it to set and won't be back until early evening.... bummer I'm going out at 6pm. Fingers crossed.
On Saturday I'm going to a 40th birthday party (down at the coast) with a 60's theme so the black afro wig will be getting an airing again along with..........well I don't know yet. There will be many police officers there as it is a colleagues birthday so I may have a bit of a head on Sunday :-)


R.R.Jones said...

Well Tee,
take a leaf out of my book and get whammoed.
You'll feel bad the next day but at least you'll know why you feel bad.
That's the wonder of booze, no matter how drunk you get, you can ALWAYS guarantee that if you drink enough you'll feel bad the next day.
I think it's this consistency that most people feel attracted to when it comes to liquid light refreshments.
What say thee, Tee?

R.R.Jones said...

Stamps are on the way.
I asked my Mam and Dad to send me some, unfortunately they're in Corfu at the moment and my lettuce brained youngest brother, (I have two brothers and one sister) didn't have the energy to pick up the envelope with the stamps and post it until I phoned him up earlier on today.
I'm still not sure whether he's done it or not !!!
What a git...
Whatever, thanks a lot for your kind offer Tee.