26 Jun 2008

Spain Vs Germany then.
Interesting combination.
Many beers will be drunk in the Rheinland on Sunday me thinks.
I ponder on the outcome..........

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R.R.Jones said...

Well, my thoughts on the matter, (whether you want them or not) are thus:
IF Germany go into the game with the underdog title plastered all over them, they'll play their hearts out and probably win.
On the other hand, Spain are a damnably flexible team and if the Germans don't put in 150%, (which is an impossibility in itself) then they'll have a hard time of it.
I want Germany to win purely on the basis that I live here and my family all are either German or half German.
However, I like the Spanish team too so I'm easy on who wins to be honest.
What say thee, Tee?
How's Frank?