29 Jan 2009

Well I'm back again..........
Still trying to get rid of the virus. Just finished the antibiotics but it's still there in the back ground waiting to sneek up. It's the chesty cough that's the devil to get rid of.
My son had a lovely surprise letter this w/end - voluntary redundancy.
Who would willing leave a paid job when you have a family to support?
Nothing to say really except the fat cats get fatter.

Oh yes and arsenal drew with Cardiff 0-0

Well the sense of humour hasn't gone yet at least and I still have half of a full cup of tea left as opposed to I've only got the bottom half left.

Oh and the sun just came out, at least I think thats what it is. It's so long since we saw it.

16 Jan 2009

Well Crimbo went well.
The cold/chest/virus I thought I had got rid of came back with the vengance of one of Reg's vampires. The food so lovingly bought with all the ideas of festive happiness mostly tasted....tasteless. My son put his back out so was doing his best to enjoy himself. Since then I have had an annoying cough which returns every so many days to wind me up. Antibiotics wont touch it so like everyone else blighted I am having to wait until it runs the course. Which I am still doing and this has been going on since October. I am not alone though. Everyone is complaining about the time it takes to shake it off.
We had some beautiful crisp winter days recently with the cold sun shining in a cloudless sky. Every where across the land it was white with frost and looked beautiful.
Aha I thought that will get rid of the germs..... Wrong! it lasted about three days and we have now gone back to the wet mild weather which seems to be the norm now. Enabling more strains of germs to get a hold on us.
Still cracking on with the sorting out of the bedroom. It looks like several trips to the recycling centre for me. That done I can then empty the room out and make a start of stripping walls etc. I love choosing the new colours but then there is the loathesome job of wallpapering etc. I used to enjoy it immensely but it doesn't hold so much fun anymore.
I would rather wear the white coat with the black bowler and direct the work force.
I will try not to leave it so long next time as Reg for instance was getting ready to push the three nines buttons.