29 Jan 2009

Well I'm back again..........
Still trying to get rid of the virus. Just finished the antibiotics but it's still there in the back ground waiting to sneek up. It's the chesty cough that's the devil to get rid of.
My son had a lovely surprise letter this w/end - voluntary redundancy.
Who would willing leave a paid job when you have a family to support?
Nothing to say really except the fat cats get fatter.

Oh yes and arsenal drew with Cardiff 0-0

Well the sense of humour hasn't gone yet at least and I still have half of a full cup of tea left as opposed to I've only got the bottom half left.

Oh and the sun just came out, at least I think thats what it is. It's so long since we saw it.

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R.R.Jones said...

So your back then.
I can't get over how long you've had that cough!
Voluntary redundancy is a godsend to the lazy little git who's only going to work because his dad tells him to but for a family man it's another kettle of fish.
I hope it all goes well for them. We're verging on short time over here and I only hope we can keep moving forward until we get to the other side of it.
Right now I wouldn't mind winning the lottery. I'd have to play first,of course; apparently it improves ones chances but I'm not so sure...
Whatever Tee, wish your son good luck from us here in Drütte and I'll catch you again.
Reg :-)