9 Feb 2015


Hello my little chickadees,

Yet again late to the party. Sometimes I feel like Alice in the Mad Hatters Tea Party. I seem to be scurrying everywhere and the hours and days shoot by. Tell me about it I hear you cry.

So then, this here Blog Hop - this is how it works according to the legend that is the immortal
C Reg Jones my little Welsh lamb chop. (He hasn't put me wrong so far!)
To quote his words...

... This is how it works. Each blog involved in the 'hop' is hosting one story from The Secrets of Castle Drakon anthology (published by Thorstruck Press) For each blog you visit you get the opportunity to read one story from the collection.

Now at the end of my blog I will give you two links. One will take you to the previous blog and the other will take you to the next blog. So if you work it right by going backwards on the blogs you get to read all of The Secrets of Castle Drakon for free. Simples!

So then my offering is Sleeping With the Gods which I had great fun writing.

If you fancy reading the story before this one, here is the link. It's the lovely C Reg Jones 

The next one in line is the lovely Elaina


Have fun 

Laters Potaters