17 Dec 2009


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Renowned North East author, Gary Davison, is ‘making things personal’ by offering to sign copies of his novels dedicated to you. [This is for a trial period only, and is exclusive to Struggling Authors]

Simply pop along to the site to pick up your copy and tell him what you want the dedication to say.

12 Dec 2009

Good morning dear reader just a reminder of the following good news.............

There are 2 more competitions running on the Struggling Authors website.

1. There's a chance to win a copy of Donald McDonald's book, Antichaos. Closing date 31/12/09

2. A signed copy of Jenny Smedley's book, Souls Don't Lie is up for grabs. Closing date 31/01/10

There is also details of the 'Novel Ending' competition with a chance to get published as the

prize. Go to the Competitions page at http://strugglingauthors.co.uk/competitions.aspx...............

4 Dec 2009

Well look at me " Mrs I'm Published".

I did an interview with Jenny Smedley the renowned Author/ Radio/TV personality. Actually it was like chatting to an old friend and I loved it.

Take a peek;

It's not all authorisms as Jenny and I are also both psychics. So if you're into scientific and spiritual stuff. Or just want to see two authors, having a chat about how Jenny made her dream come true through the written word, start clicking that mouse (Laptops.....do what you have to do). You will need to look at ALL the links though to get the full interview.

http://strugglingauthors.blogspot.com/2009/12/we-have-interview-with-author-tv-and.html http://www.strugglingauthors.co.uk/ .

Where would I be without Richard Grayling? He set up the links for me. Bit of a numpty I am when it comes to those.

You can check his blog/website out too while you're there.



Right then - back to http://www.authonomy.com/ to see how the Eye of Erasmus is doing.

I have been very humbled by some of the comments by editors and journalists etc.

30 Nov 2009

Woohoo Im jumping up and down in excitement.
Me ole mucker Reg Jones is having one of his short stories put into print, at the House of Horror.
It's called the Ides of March and below is what they said...............

Thank you for submitting The Ides of March, and I am glad to say we will be publishing this piece for Issue 9 at House of Horror. A great story, love the vampire twist and you pulled it off nicely. The ending was really good, I loved this one. Good job! Welcome to House of Horror.

You've done it Reg, you're on the ladder. Great news.
Go to his web site http://www.divisionofthedamned.com and take a peek at all his other spooky writings.

20 Nov 2009

Well this reviewing books malarky is very time consuming and I find myself neglecting other sites I look at etc. However at last look I had gone up higher in the ranking so thats alright.

My ole mate Reg and his extended family have had some sad news of late. Hopefully the situation will ease a bit as time goes on.

I'm now on leave for two weeks from my volunteering jobbie and I intend to finally get around to my wallpapering and painting of the dining room. I bought the paper two weeks ago and that is as far as it got. So watch this space.

Onward and upward as lunch is calling me.

13 Nov 2009

So then.............. I've been asked to put a few more reviews up. Not cherry picked sometimes good and sometimes critical. I've copied and pasted so if there are any duplicates ... soz.

Hi Teresa,I like this, it seems to be a fun and 'cheeky' story that is written well. You are sure ta capture the imagination of your target audience and I look forward to reading more. Shelved for now though.Good luck,
James (The Lycetta Legacy)

Steve Ward
Teresa,You have some great writing here, very fast paced narrative, but pheeew, it took nine chapters to get Erasmus and Shasta together with almost no action or dialogue. The opening is quite gripping, but it is very difficult to hod readers even one or two chapters without dialogue. Much of that narrative and indirect dialogue (he told them this, she told them that) could be converted to direct dialogue to make the story come alive. Also there needs to be some conflict, action or trouble along the way to help develop each character. All good stories thrive on conflict. Just suggestions from an old editor, feel fee to ignore, it is your story. Fun read, good luck with it.
Steve WardTest Pilot's Daughter: Revenge

Went through the first couple of chapters. What a terrific read and the pitches sealed the deal. SHELVED!I could use your comments on my book when you get the chance. Cheers!
JC The Obergemau Key

Simon Swift
Great pitch! Pulls you right in and doesnt let go! Happy to shelve and read more at my leisure! Good luck with this!
Simon x

You do set up the story well. I slipped into it. Stopped looking for nits or way it could be improved and just read. What a time to live in. Carefully line to walk. Very nice. Good luck and on my shelf. C.P

Chapter one I'd delete 'around her stomach' .....I could picture her in my minds eye without you saying that.... Chapter Two When you said.....Even Eramus sisters felt sorry for him....I quickly thought.....Of course they would, why wouldn't they be feeling the same, they lost the same father ? Lovely read, a nice balance of intrigue, fantasy and romance.....My 16 year old would love this. backed.

Phyllis Burton
Hello Teresa,I have read all that you have updated on the site and to be honest with you, I was disappointed not to be able to read more. This is a marvelously ingenious plot: time travel, two people (time apart) born on the 31st October etc. you have a recipe for a superb story. Your characters are real and the dialogue moves the story on. Young adults would love this and that is why I am SHELVING it, because with just a little fine tuning here and there, you have material that should get published. You said that it was set in Cornwall - my favourite place. I spend about three months of the year there (going down on Tuesday for a week).
Phyllis BurtonA Passing Storm
(I would appreciate it if you would have a look at mine please)

At the start of chapter 4 you have some huge paragraphs. I would suggest you try to split them to make it an easier read especially since this is for YA readers. The plot with magic and telepathy and time travel seems to have it all. It will keep your readers enthralled. Apart from the huge paragraphs I think this is well done and should be popular. I will back your book with pleasure.
TonyLife Bringer

My youngest son was born on 31st October, a Halloween child. It was for him I made up my stories in my books. I’m not sure if it’s good to use ‘etc’ in such a book.This is quite nice to read and the pace is just right for the YA market. I think you could add some narrative to the first few chapters to break up the story telling. It is well written and I didn’t notice any errors in the four chapters I read. I think the gradual build up of his powers is good and more realistic than just getting them on a single day. I am happy to back your book. Adrian

Cato Sulla
I won't pick you up on your grammar, I'll leave that to others far more qualified to do so. Just one little thing that irked me a bit was the first two mammoth paragraphs in chapter one, bust them up! OK, that's the nit pick out of the way, now for the praise and yes there is plenty.
Your main character Erasmus, great name by the way, it's so important to name your characters well. He is a strong and integral part of the book and your portrayal of him is superb. I can close my eyes and see his black gaze (an amulet called the 'nazar boncugu' is still worn in countries in the middle east such as Turkey to ward off those that possess the 'evil eye') very well done I must say.We have only seen a little of Shasta's character but already I think she will be more than a match for Erasmus.All in all three excellent chapters. Needs a bit of tightening but then again so does just about every book on this site, mine included!
Backed again with pleasure.
Bob x

Jane Alexander
Teresa, this has a wonderfully elemental feel to it - I could almost feel the sea crashing against the shore -and you have picked my favourite coastline for this tale. I think the story could be even stronger though with a little work. You often invert sentences which slows down the read so maybe think about that - for eg, change to 'There had been constant movement.....'Just a little nitpick - people are hanged, meat is hung. Sorry, one of my pet niggles.There is a lot of backstory in the first chapter and I wonder if maybe we could find out about Erasmus' growing up as we move on through the book. It's interesting but again, it slows down the read. Check POV too - are you going to switch between Erasmus and Shasta? That would make sense.....Oh, and going back, when Erasmus makes the two girls levitate....wouldn't that be a very dangerous thing to do? Might they not report him and he'd be accused of withcraft, like his aunt?Sorry, that sounds like a lot of niggles, but really it's only because I do think this could be even better.I'm going to back this for great imagination and promise.
So how is Erasmus bearing up on Authonomy? I have to say very well and he seems to like it. Every so often he turns from his picture on the wall of my computer room and smiles at me :-) This is the book cover of course. The Eye of Erasmus now stands at 986 in the ranking system. This has occured over the last couple of weeks since I went live. Considering I started out at "multi thousands" I'm very pleased with his progress.
"Storming it" as a colleague on http://struglingauthors.co.uk/ was heard to say.
In the young adult genre where I am pitched there are 860 books. This is 20 books to a page and I'm on page 4...........at the moment. Overall in all genres there are probably hundreds of thousands including one written by the American President (Shock horror !!!!Yes he's there to) So i'm in good company depending on your point of view.
So how does Authonomy work and should it be compared to vanity press? Nah is my honest opinion.

The idea is two fold.............

(1) you can take a stroll though the shelves of many books (think of a public library) and comment if you feel like it. Good or bad comments it's your choice. It may be you're particular type of book and you enjoyed it. You may read a page and consider it's not your sort of thing.

(2) you as a writer are hell bent on getting to the editors desk which is the difference between being published or not. This is my aim. Oh really? yes really.
So how do you get there? sheer bloody hard work is how. Mostly you have to get known. This can be done through the forum a "chatter board" that seems to have many annoying gliches. Here is where you can do a "shameless plug" of your writing. I did this and was quite successful with other writers wanting to read about my lovely friend Erasmus.

However - other writers can be brutally honest and critical about your little one. You just have to take it on the chin and move on. Sometimes they are quite right. We always think we have honed our work to perfection and someone spies glaring mistakes that you missed. Whether it is spelling or otherwise. Of course this is only one persons opinion and you don't have to change anything, unless of course 10 people in a row tell you the same thing. Then of course you need to consider the move or not.

So apart from sheer bloody hard work how did I manage to push myself up the rankings?
Good feedback from other writers helped, and the aim is to get on as many other writers shelves as possible. There is a massive flurry at first when new blood is suddenly noted but after a while it calms down a bit.
The other thing is swap reads. You need to approach another writer, if you like their work and see if they will swap a read of yours for theirs. This can work to your advantage and we live in hopes of getting good feeback. Do we reciprocate by given them magnificent reviews? Well if it's deserved yes we (I) do. However it isn't compulsary and some comments I've read about other books have been brutally honest with no holds barred. Again you have to take it on the chin, afterall it's only one persons view point.
Daily I need to review about 5 books to stay in the frame and push up my rankings. It's not easy when you've been at work all day and then come home to book reading. It all depends on how determined you are to get to the editors desk, --- and I intend to get there one way or another (as the song goes).
Some of my reviews of Erasmus have been critical but overall i'm pleased. Would I recommend Authonomy?
Yeah suck it and see. If you don't feel comfortable with it after a few weeks just delete your book from the system.
Actually I decided to update mine and through my own fault I lost all my book shelving and watchlistings. Fortunately I retained my ranking in the system memory. Was I gutted? too right I was but I got back on the horse and rode back into the sunset again.
Once again I'm storming up the trail to review more books.
Oh and by the way don't forget to take a look at Reg's and Richards websites.

Reg: http://divisionofthedamned/ (Book Title)
Richard: http://strugglingauthors.co.uk/

6 Nov 2009

Well below are some of the lovely comments I received from fellow writers on the Authonomy site. Warts an all !!

Including a lovely message from me ole mucker Reg.

The "backings"/ "Shelvings" received have pushed me up the ratings.

Since going live 31st October and ranked at 6000+ I have now moved to 1319. Luvely jubbley.

REVIEWS OF the Eye of Erasmus
Doug Bremner

I agree with other commenters that this is potentially powerful stuff with the air of myth making about it. However the initial paragraphs are dense and you need something good to pull the reader in in the first pages. I would consider show not tell in this space and the most compelling image is of the sister being dragged out to be hanged as a witch. Maybe showing this as an event with dialogue etc. Backed for potential. Doug, The Goose.

A very enjoyable read! I'm looking forward to reading more. Backing!

CamilleThe Hobble Knobble Gobble Tree

Apart from the very long and sometimes turgid paragraphs, this is a good read, and will interest fantascists everywhere. Good luck with it. Backed. Best wishes, Tony.

Teresa This is so enchanting - what fun!You have a grand adventure here, full of exuberance, magic and prophecy. Ha-ha! A time travelling lover with attitude has to go a long way.Shelved with my best wishes

DavidGreen Ore

An eternally repeating story...WOW...shelved forever or..Erasmus and Shasta are super attractive charactersand this flies along...Excellent.Suggestion.Ch 1 is has a lot of explaining. You could possibly do a clip flashbackof her sisters death, also maybe leave some of it to emergelater?Lots of fun with it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Mikey The Free


Dear Teresa,I was attracted by the cover and the Title.What you got up here reads like a fairytale, quite lovely.Ocasionally a little space between scenes would help orientation.I'll drop in to see if there's more to come.Best LuckPia (Course of Mirrors)

Urania (A published author many times over)

Theresa, a subject after my own heart! I love the pitch, the title, the premise. And the writing to boot. I'm not usually fond of books that set the scene and tell the history of someone's life before getting to the action, but this works. However, it may be that you need to bring it to life sooner and thread the back-story through the action., or bring some of the growing up elements to life. Anyway, love the whole feel of this tale, mythical, yet enough flesh and bones to make it real. And to me, myth is reality. My only other suggestion would be to break up some of those rather lengthy paras (particularly in Chapter two). Great read, and shelved with pleasure.

Sandie Newman
Excellent, cover, title and pitch. I loved the opening, very descriptive and tells us what we need to know. I thought it so sad that her sister was accused of witchcraft, dragged out of bed and hanged, terrible. Excellent writing in a genre that I like very much. Shelved with pleasure.SandieThe Crown of Crysaldor

Bill Cheall
Good story Theresa - good luck with it! Paul

This is interesting. I have put this on my watchlist. It will be good to read more of this :)

Matt Walker
This has an interesting premise. There is certainly an 'other wordly' feel about all of this which adds to the intrigue. Overall your writing is good, but just watch how many adverbs creep in. I liked it, well done!

Great work Teresa, you must be one of those lucky people who didn't lose their imagination at puberty. I'll keep an eye out for it when it, (undoubtedly) gets published.Good luck, it's on my Watchlist to show my support.


Teresa, There’s a long tradition of using Christian history as underlying themes for fantasy stories aimed at young people.

CS Lewis and “The Chronicles of Narnia” come to mind as a prime example. So you’re certainly in good company with this venture. I’ll move this to my bookshelf

So there you have it. My little baby has flown the coup and is winging its' way to victory.

1 Nov 2009

Well i'm finally on http://www.authonomy.com/ it took forever to upload it and impatient me got very frustrated. I've noticed a couple of typos since I put it up, but have I got the neck to take it down to do corrections.

Mostly my feedback has been very positive and I'm on a few of the other writers bookshelves. One of the talent spotters has now told me that he is "shelving" The Eye of Erasmus. I'm guessing that means it goes on his bookshelf. I'm going to have a look in a minute to see. As I joined the site and went live with Erasmus I was bombarded by other authors. Would I do a read swap with them? This as I understand it not only pushes their ratings up the book chart but mine also. I was origionally 4000+ in the ratings I then went to 1987. I still haven't worked out if that is good or not as it could change tomorrow.

Everyone is working towards getting noticed by the "editors desk" as this is where your work is read by our fate holders. All my fingers and digits are crossed for luck.

30 Oct 2009

Well I've just been looking for Regs' cd "Gods Will Be Done" on Amazon. He writes the music for the group and constantly plugs it. So I thought I would check out what it looks like. I expect to find blood and gore.
I'm naff at finding it - checked out heavy rock, even googled it and all the usual stuff.
Actually I found a cd of church music from Wells Catherdral lol - but no luck with the wanted, so I went to the web site instead www.godswillbedone.de/.
I'm rather taken with the "hoodie" I have to admit. I could wear it on the station. :-)
Maybe i'm going through a mid life crisis - I wonder?
Watch this space!!

29 Oct 2009

Can I just mention the Carling Cup Fourth Round Tie???

ARSENAL 2 (THATS a big fat 2 REG)

LIVERPOOL 1 ( and thats LIVERPOOL a slimline 1 REG)

Apparently we haven't lost to Liverpool at home since February 2000.
We'll be buffing and shining up the cups in time then.
But will there be tears before bedtime?
We shall see. :-) ^.^

26 Oct 2009

The Mendip Hills.......... The photo's are on my web site - with more to come.

So how was it? in a word it was absolutely amazing. One word will never describe it.

Initially we were going to drive down but decided the Great Western train would be more fun.

We caught it at Paddington London from Ashford International early Friday morning and arrived about 2pm in Bristol Temple Mead.

The New Inn at Priddy in Wells where we stayed, is in a little village in a time zone of its own. With a typical village green containing notice boards advertising the latest events (halloween/bonfire night etc) and the local bus runs on Tuesdays only apparently - if you're lucky.
Their home made food, all locally sourced is to die for and I have the extra pounds to prove it.
We were welcomed on arrival by Johnathan one of the bar staff who instantly came across as professional but with a zany sense of humour matched only by my own.

The local accent is a bit tricky to understand at first but generally it held a typical Zumerzet twang. Which encompassed anything from a general twang to a cultured slight hint of West Country to the local straw firmly held in the teeth farmer type. But how friendly they were to strangers. We intermingled very easily and our welfare was looked after with genuine meaningful honesty by most.
The staff I was aware of most were Johnathan (the behind the bar and sometimes in front with us chatting ) bar keep. The lovely waitress who served us breakfast each morning. Always ensuring we had enough coffee toast etc and if everything was to our satisfaction. At the same time ensuring it wasn't intrusive. How often do you get a hug with genuine feeling as you leave their workplace. Even though she had almost lost her voice with a heavy cold.

Being up in the Mendip Hills the weather is very unpredictable and is comparable to the mountains of Wales in part I felt but that didn't stop us exploring within reason on foot as we knew we would have a warm welcome back at the New Inn. My chosen place for contemplation on my next novel was the lovely spacious inglenook which sent out heat rays in all directions. Just the thing when your toes need toasting. Having said that I was surprised how mild the weather was when we ventured down into the valley at Wookey Hole. We actually stripped down to tee shirts there as it was so hot. We had left the mists of the Mendip Hills wearing Hats boots and heavy coats!
Venturing into the caves at Wookey, we were told by the guide, we were 200ft below sea level. Taking away the typical tourist hype, I just looked and surrendered myself, to an ancient and at times I felt, unbelievable mystery of time.

We did all the typical touristy bits of course at Wookey Hole including eating a wonderful huge strawberry and cream ice cream. We didn't do the cream teas though as I don't have that much of a sweet tooth.

When we finally left on the Sunday Johnathan drove us into Wells to catch the local bus to the station at Bristol Temple Mead to save us using taxis. How amazing is that. The friendiness of these people at the New Inn Priddy will stay with me for a while I feel sure.
So then Liverpool beat Man U .......... reee sult...... That will please Reg.

It pleases me because anyone that beats up Man U is ok in my book.
However Arsenal lost their match :-(

More up date on my mini break later when I've unpacked.

15 Oct 2009

So then another day another dollar.
Well I have several things on the go at the moment. Im decorating the dining room with my mate. Im the one wearing the black bowler and white coat. Oh and of course supplying the liquid refreshments and nibbles.
I decided as my lounge is so large I am going to put a small intimate bistro table and chairs at one end with soft lighting and music. The original huge table in the dining room complete with tiles of woodland scenes on top - along with the bench - is going into the garden under the trees for our summer bbq's. This then frees up the dining room to turn it into a chill out room. The computer was origionaly in there but that has now been moved to my work room which is working very well I have to say as it is at the top of the house.
So my chill out room will consist of my stereo unit which I couldn't ever do without. A couple of squidgy soft armchairs and maybe a rocking chair piled with cushions. A coffee table and an open plan small bookcase for my beloved books another must. Soft fairy lights will hang from the ceiling and delicate wind chimes will complete the look. There is already a built in low level seating area which at the moment is covered with cushions. The cushions may have to go in favour of candles and crystals. However that bit is a work in progress. Cant think what wallpaper to buy though. Bright and airy,soft and seductive or whatever. As my friends will be using it also, I may take a bit of advice from them. Watch this space as they say.
So what else have I been up to? Well I have redesigned my web site at http://www.teresageering.co.uk/ to go with my new look blog and Im quite pleased with the overall look. The template I found is in the form of a book so obviously very appropriate. My mate Reg at divisionofthedamned.blogspot.com kindly put a bit about my trilogy on his blogspot along with Richard Graylings' novel Green Kiddies. We are all team members of the infamous Struggling Authors website which I regularly talk about on my blog. When I first came across the site I was at my lowest ebb but between Reg and Richard they took an arm each picked me up and got me dusted down. Oh yes they not only gave me the encouragement I needed but also put a smile on my face. If you go to strugglingauthors.co.uk you can see what we get up to in our spare time. The last time Richard looked we had 800+ visitors peeking at our antics and forums. So why not take a look yourself and have a laugh with us. If you are an aspiring writer you can sign up and join in. So whats keeping you then.
So thats: http://www.teresageering.co.uk/ .......... http://www.divisionofthedamned.blogspot.com/ ....... strugglingauthors.co.uk
Off you go and look.
Pushy aren't I :-)

30 Sep 2009

Hee Hee Arsenal won their match 2 - 0 then.
yes Reg............. 2 - 0.

I understand that Liverpool 'might' have lost their match. I'm sorry
to hear that Reg (Hee Hee manic chuckles and giggles).

Now where's my broomstick?

24 Sep 2009

Well Reg of www.divisionofthedamned fame came straight back at me as I knew he would.Well and truly got me in the playground. Liverpool are third in the league apparently while my beloved Arsenal are seventh. Wait and watch I say, we'll walk away with all the cups this year mark my words. Liverpool will be weeping in their beer along with Reg. A.V. I hope your listening.........
Reg in his blog has been telling of his prowress in song writing. He's a smooth talking little tinker. He had me listening to his groups CD on line. I did ask if I needed ear restrainers as I well know his taste in music. I did listen and nearly had my brains scrambled.It serves me right I guess AND I had the sound turned up. I haven't a clue what they're singing about or even if it is in English. Actually I think its German which makes sense as he lives in Germany.If your into heavy metal/rock though you will love it. The web site is www.godswillbedone.de.index.php?a=24.
I have every intention of listening to it again as I feel everyone deserves a second chance however, I might just keep the mute button depressed next time and watch the pretty pictures.
I know my son will love it so I may well buy it for him for Crimbo.

23 Sep 2009

Well the general response to my new look blog is

"Luv it Dahling"

so it can't be bad.
I'm now working on my web page to give it a bit of an update and new look.
I managed the blog update on my own (blood sweat tears temper tantrums lots of deletion and changes of mind) however Richard Grayling of www.rgrayling.co.uk is helping me with a new wallpaper for the web page while I update the content. Do go and look at his website its linked to so many other varied and interesting items. Read about the experiences of a newly published author for instance.I was amazed at what was on there. Well my blog/website was mentioned for a start ! so how amazing is that then.

The artwork for the book cover is coming along nicely. My friend has done lots of sketches which he emailed me to view. It's just a matter of getting together and bouncing off ideas with the best of them. Does that make sense? I think so. lol(Doing a Reg there). His web page is pretty cool - however as I've said before you need to be of a strong disposition before you visit. www.divisionofthedamned.co.uk
His blogs always give me a daily dose of fun.
Does he take the mickey out of my Arsenal team though. - He supports Liverpool - cough splutter laugh. Unfortunately I think they are further up the league table than Arsenal so I'm keeping my head down for a while. I bet he reads this and tells me exactly where they're placed. Or perhaps I should say where he thinks they should be placed. He'll definitely get me in the playground after school for all that I bet.

16 Sep 2009

Well consider this to be a work in progress then.
I have wanted to update the general look for ages but I never seemed to get the
Reggo me ole mucker of www.divisionofthedamned website will get a bit of a surprise
me thinks. Chuckles and hee hee.
Next task is my website. This is a bit more complex I think but I'll have a crack
as they say.
Who say that then?
I've no idea I just write the words!!
So then.... sob sob................Manchester City 4 Arsenal 2
Reg will be pleased because it helps his beloved Liverpool with points.
He'll put me right of course if I got that bit wrong I guess.

I have been playing with my website and updating the "history" this last week.
More next week when I do a bit more.
Also I have put in a "counter" so it will be interesting to see how many
visits I get.

Laters then.

12 Sep 2009

Well how sad is this I am so lax in blogging I forgot my password to get into my account and had to look it up!!
We have so many passwords these days and then the inevitable pin numbers. We seem to live in a world that screams security at us with every turn.Recently whilst trying to get into a particular part of the police station I was having difficulty with the numbers and the door wouldn't open. I suddenly realised I was putting in my bank card pin number. Fortunately I was alone so I didn't feel quite so much of a dillon. Probably just as well otherwise I may have had to change my pin and what a rigmarole that is.
So on to my literary side then. I should have had a meet up with my artist friend this morning but sickness prevails (not me this time) and we have had to reschedule. Have I upset the Gods and fate? as I seem to be scuppered at every turn at the moment.
Well come back all I said. I just had a phone call and we are going to have a quick meet up in a couple of hours at my friends allotment. So catch you later.

8 Sep 2009

I'm back again.
Me ole mucker Reggo was pleased to "see me" and yes like my colleagues at work teased me about the sprained jaw. I'm getting used to the teasing and the pain i'm in. lol.
Do go and look at Reggos blog http://divisionofthedamned.blogspot.com If you are of a delicate disposition be prepared for bloodshot eye balls vampires and all the other walking dead.
Reg recommends that I go to Jane Smith from the "How Publishing Really Works" blog and have a read. I did look sometime ago and it was quite an eye opener for any writer looking to get books published.
I have always been dubious about putting my work on the web because of that vulnerability feel. Having had several pieces published over the last year or so on the net I am now more confident that this could be the new way to go.
My artist friend is doing some commissioned work at the moment but I'm next in the queue so to speak.So hopefully not too long now.

7 Sep 2009

Well look at me I'm blogging again.
What a summer I've had.......suspected swine flu a kidney infection and after tripping over my cat and head butting the tiled wall in the bathroom a suspected dislocated jaw. I am now waiting to see a consultant at the max facial unit in our local hospital.
Now bearing in mind I had the origional injury in March and was told "It's a sprained jaw" This went on until recently when I was sent for an xray. "No it's fine coming along nicely". My doc said in 6 weeks it will be fine --- it's now 6 months .
The first thing I will do when I sell my book is take out private health insurance and to hell with the expense.
If I tell you that the local hospital missed a broken bone in my foot and sent me home with a "oh it's a sprain we'll put on a tubi grip bandage and please rest it".You will understand my apprehension about being told my jaw problem is a "sprain". Not only did the final xray show a broken bone in my foot but also I had torn the tendons. The baloon shape of my foot was a bit of a give away I felt but hey what do I know i'm only the patient.
Am I down hearted? you bet your cotton picking fingers I am.

So enough of all that whats happening on my book front with Shasta then. Well i'm still trawling Literary Agents to find the elusive publisher along with me ole mate Reg.
At the moment an artist friend is sketching the front cover of the book for me. Once that is done I intend to chance my arm on Authonomy and youwriteon and see what happens.
When I completed the trilogy I always pushed Shasta but I am now going to push the third book in the trilogy which I always felt was the strongest of the three anyways. When we look back at origional Manuscripts we have written we sometimes see glaring errors and the finger can't but help changing a bit here and there. Looking recently at my third book I thought yep time to give it a whirl.
When I wrote the stories I ensured that it wouldn't matter which order they were read in.The endings would always lead the reader into whichever story they wished to read next in the trilogy.
Who knows it may even end up as one book yet.
So thats it for now. As soon as the sketches are done it will go on authonomy and you can have a read of my wandering man.
So Reggo now you have something to comment on.
However I really enjoyed that Man U a big fat zero. Ha Ha

28 May 2009




7 May 2009

All your Gods were listening then :-)

COME ON BARCA...............

6 May 2009

WHO were the team Man U played last night?
I only recognised one name and then realised I knew more of the Man U side.
By 60 minutes I got bored and by 90 minutes lost the will to live.
What happened?
AV get out the cheque book and inject some movement into the team.
On the plus side Arsenal women did well.
On the minus side AF will be gloating big time if his team walks with the cup.
Whatever God you choose ... pray that Man U get Barca and that Barca win.

22 Apr 2009


Liverpool 4.............

Arsenal 4.............

What do you say to that...... except Liverpool now top dogs

Arh!!! Virginny

21 Apr 2009

Oh lawdy lawdy Arsenal are playing Reggos' Liverpool tonight.....

If they don't win there will be some very heavy gloating going on by Reggo to pay me back for my gloating when Liverpool got blown away.
AND I'm out so can't watch it either!!
Oh lawdy lawdy Virginia...........

16 Apr 2009

Oh dear Reggo hun Arsenal v Man U semi final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
North South divide ---------
What you reckon then Arsenal v Barcey?
Ok so I admit it I'm not holding my breath.
I can't wait to see Alex Fergusons face if they lose out to my champs lol.
OR OR Arsenal v Chelsea blues and reds both London teams???
Watch this space then.

Memo for me........... Remind Reggo that Liverpool didn't make it through.
Oh and I lost three pound in weight this week.
I wasn't even trying.

1 Apr 2009

What a game. My blog has gone over to Google. No by your leave do you mind. Just we've done it so get over it. Everything had to be reset.
Serves me right I guess I have been very lax with my blog of late.
Well I didn't lose any weight this week but on the plus side England are playing tonight so I intend to watch it as I am at home.
Watch this space then.
Oh by the way Reg go and look at St. Chuckles Day on SA boards. Very amusing and lighthearted.

18 Mar 2009

Ey up it's me agen then.
Went for my first weigh in last night......
I lost two pounds and I sunk a few during the week. Yippe yeah.
My friend also lost two pounds - can't be bad.

On the writing front I am looking for an agent and this time I am sticking to the English market. I sent the MS off yesterday and it will be at least six weeks before I hear from them.
So it's watch this space.

14 Mar 2009

Ey up me hearties. How you all adoin then?
Whilst I've got five minutes I thought I would blog a bit.
My friends talked me into going to weight watchers to give them a bit of an incentive to lose some weight. I agreed thinking it would be a laugh and I could do with losing a pound or two. My scales have been inactive for at least a year. My colleagues always dispute my weight with comments like "your scales need aligning" etc. I weighed in the lightest of them all at 11 stone! However I am 5ft 6 inches and my target weight is 10stone 6lbs.
Because i'm big boned (apparently) I weigh more than people expect.I have been mistaken for 9 and a half stone recently! lol
Once all the weigh ins had been done you can browse the w/w shop area and buy treats etc.then comes the meeting ( a boosting chat and many rounds of applause for anyone that has lost that odd pound or two.
I lost five just walking through the door! but if I lose a bit of weight it will be worth the money I tell myself.However we do get value for money with a neat little book filled with ideas for meals and how many points each item of food is worth. e.g. 75 grams of fresh coconut is 10 and a half points.whilst a cup of coffee with whitener is only 1 point.A jam doughnut is 5 and a half points.(bummer).
It works on a points system (For my weight and height I am allowed 18 points) and I was surprised how many veggies etc are no points at all. So if you love veggies you can stuff with treats.
However I left the best until last..............
A glass of red wine 175grms (who counts fill it up I say) is only 2 points. So if I budget my points carefully I can still drink 525 grms each evening which is basically a glass and a half.
As Reg would say .... BAH
However I will keep you updated on my weight loss. I may be told to give up the fattening red wine though. :-( ......... we will see.
I'm going to do a bit more on Frankie Baby later. Working slowly to get it right.

27 Feb 2009

Morning All
Well it's my birthday today.
I'm apparently coming up to my best before date.
Actually I'm at the peak of perfection AND i'm over 40 (but not the hill)! so it can't be bad.
Sammi sent me a birthday card and The Anchorman DVD so intend to chill out with friends, pizza, wine and dvd..............lol

5 Feb 2009

The tv engineer just left. He told me my set was defunct or NFG in my language.
I may have blonde hair but well I could have told him that. It was as dead as the preverbial dodo.
I bought it on 23rd January 2009 which made it 13 days old.
Because I "collected it" from the store as opposed to having it delivered I had to retun it to the store myself for replacement.
Customer services will remember me for a long while to come.

However I'm now awaiting my friend coming over tonight to set it up for me.
I am only allowed to touch "white goods" at work because without fail if I go near anything electrical it shrinks in fear and cries. Then it breaks down.... Hah

4 Feb 2009

Well 5cm of snow locally and we ground to a halt. London seemed to get the brunt of it and it stopped the buses running and in some places the trains also. Here where I live the buses struggled or didn't run and the trains? well forget it we are buried in the countryside.
I hate the snow but I have to admit my garden looked like a christmas card. The trees and shrubs looked beautiful.
I did smile at my cat when he looked out. Obviously he had every intention of going out to play in it until I opened the door and the northern icy blast blew in. I told him to get over it he was wearing a fur coat. He gingerly put out one paw and then another and completely disappeared! Well apart from his blue collar and head. I had to rescue him. Today is the first day he has actually chanced it and gone out. Having said that he is laying beside the radiator in the front room now enjoying the warmth.
I don't blame him. Unfortunately I have to go out tonight to chair a meeting at the police station.
I wonder if I can defer most of the items until our next meeting in the spring.
Worth a try I guess.
I bought a new flat screen tv with built in dvd towards the end of January.
Whilst watching last night it suddenly went dead. Zilch narda nothing. The engineers can't get in until tomorrow so I sat there last night wondering what to do.
What DID we do before tv? sat by the fire with a blanket over our knees reading and listening to radio. Well I caught up with one of my magazines and listened to the local radio station. As it was a phone in programme I talked to the DJ and told him why I was listening to him. He couldn't stop laughing. Not because the tv was dead but because I was having to listen to him. "Spread the word about local radio" was his command. As my office use local morning radio I mentioned it to them in passing and they were very sympathetic before they also found it funny.
It's probably just as well I have to go out tonight bcause I still don't have any telly. Groan groan.

29 Jan 2009

Well I'm back again..........
Still trying to get rid of the virus. Just finished the antibiotics but it's still there in the back ground waiting to sneek up. It's the chesty cough that's the devil to get rid of.
My son had a lovely surprise letter this w/end - voluntary redundancy.
Who would willing leave a paid job when you have a family to support?
Nothing to say really except the fat cats get fatter.

Oh yes and arsenal drew with Cardiff 0-0

Well the sense of humour hasn't gone yet at least and I still have half of a full cup of tea left as opposed to I've only got the bottom half left.

Oh and the sun just came out, at least I think thats what it is. It's so long since we saw it.

16 Jan 2009

Well Crimbo went well.
The cold/chest/virus I thought I had got rid of came back with the vengance of one of Reg's vampires. The food so lovingly bought with all the ideas of festive happiness mostly tasted....tasteless. My son put his back out so was doing his best to enjoy himself. Since then I have had an annoying cough which returns every so many days to wind me up. Antibiotics wont touch it so like everyone else blighted I am having to wait until it runs the course. Which I am still doing and this has been going on since October. I am not alone though. Everyone is complaining about the time it takes to shake it off.
We had some beautiful crisp winter days recently with the cold sun shining in a cloudless sky. Every where across the land it was white with frost and looked beautiful.
Aha I thought that will get rid of the germs..... Wrong! it lasted about three days and we have now gone back to the wet mild weather which seems to be the norm now. Enabling more strains of germs to get a hold on us.
Still cracking on with the sorting out of the bedroom. It looks like several trips to the recycling centre for me. That done I can then empty the room out and make a start of stripping walls etc. I love choosing the new colours but then there is the loathesome job of wallpapering etc. I used to enjoy it immensely but it doesn't hold so much fun anymore.
I would rather wear the white coat with the black bowler and direct the work force.
I will try not to leave it so long next time as Reg for instance was getting ready to push the three nines buttons.