22 Apr 2009


Liverpool 4.............

Arsenal 4.............

What do you say to that...... except Liverpool now top dogs

Arh!!! Virginny


R.R.Jones said...

It was a helluva game and no mistake. I was gutted at the end, I thought we were on to win it, but it really was end to end stuff.

What do you mean "Heavy gloating"?
I've never gloated before in my life... he he he...

R.R.Jones said...

Well tee, Arsenal weren't really in the game last night, were they?
I dunno, it just looked like they weren't all firing on four cylinders.
Ah well, whatever.
I haven't had a rejection in ages, starting to get withdrawal symptoms.
Three of my short stories are away and have been for months now and the MS is still not back yet, I sent it off on the 22nd of December.
I still don't know if that's good or bad.
Whatever, have a nice May day weekend.
Reg :-)