16 Apr 2009

Oh dear Reggo hun Arsenal v Man U semi final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
North South divide ---------
What you reckon then Arsenal v Barcey?
Ok so I admit it I'm not holding my breath.
I can't wait to see Alex Fergusons face if they lose out to my champs lol.
OR OR Arsenal v Chelsea blues and reds both London teams???
Watch this space then.

Memo for me........... Remind Reggo that Liverpool didn't make it through.
Oh and I lost three pound in weight this week.
I wasn't even trying.


R.R.Jones said...

There's some heartless gloating going on in this Blog, Tee.
Come on, think about it, we scored four goals at Stanford Bridge and still didn't go through. Can you imagine what my nerves were like at the end?
When the final whistle went up, I was reduced to an empty husk of the man I once was. Gibbering and twitching like a jellyfish trying to speak. It took a bottle of 12 year old Famous Grouse to sort me out.
Ah well, as long as Man U don't win, I don't care. I'm almost tempted to throw my considerable weight behind Chelski after your gloat-party but I'll show the better side of grace and ignore it.
So COME ON THE WINNER... as long as it's not Manchester Spewnited...

R.R.Jones said...

Well tee, they showed the game on German television and the commentator said it best.
"A game decided by mistakes."
Chelsea were the better of the two teams but Arsenal weren't overawed.
The second goal by Drogba was unbelievable. Sylvestre simply stopped chasing Drogba, he simply stopped running, leaving Didier alone in front of the goal with only the goalie in front of him. The man is an idiot, he lost the game for Arsenal.
Whatever, we're playing each other at Anfield on Tuesday, may the best team, (Liverpool) win, eh?