11 Feb 2010

SNOW !!!
Snow snow and more snow. Lovely to look at but so disruptive. Buses have stopped running, no post because the posties can't get out. Didn't we all start out with legs? Thought so. How do countries like Poland, Russia, and Canada fair? They get on with it. We have 5cm, yes that is 5cm.
Heaven forbid it comes over our wellies while we clear paths etc.

Ok I've stopped whinging now.

Reg has a new name for his blog. I went to take a peek recently to see how he was fairing and couldn't find it at first. All sorted now though and I found him.

Oh and by the way Reggo baby ARSENAL beat LIVERPOOL 1 - 0 I think. RESULT !!!!! Yahoo. However i think Liverpool are ahead of us on points :-)

So to Authonomy and Erasmus: Last couple of days I was ranked at 176 and then I took a look yesterday and i'm ranked at 225. Those pesky yanks beaver away overnight as we snooze in our beds dreaming of fame. LOL.
Still keeping the faith though. All comes to those who wait long enough.