30 Sep 2009

Hee Hee Arsenal won their match 2 - 0 then.
yes Reg............. 2 - 0.

I understand that Liverpool 'might' have lost their match. I'm sorry
to hear that Reg (Hee Hee manic chuckles and giggles).

Now where's my broomstick?

24 Sep 2009

Well Reg of www.divisionofthedamned fame came straight back at me as I knew he would.Well and truly got me in the playground. Liverpool are third in the league apparently while my beloved Arsenal are seventh. Wait and watch I say, we'll walk away with all the cups this year mark my words. Liverpool will be weeping in their beer along with Reg. A.V. I hope your listening.........
Reg in his blog has been telling of his prowress in song writing. He's a smooth talking little tinker. He had me listening to his groups CD on line. I did ask if I needed ear restrainers as I well know his taste in music. I did listen and nearly had my brains scrambled.It serves me right I guess AND I had the sound turned up. I haven't a clue what they're singing about or even if it is in English. Actually I think its German which makes sense as he lives in Germany.If your into heavy metal/rock though you will love it. The web site is www.godswillbedone.de.index.php?a=24.
I have every intention of listening to it again as I feel everyone deserves a second chance however, I might just keep the mute button depressed next time and watch the pretty pictures.
I know my son will love it so I may well buy it for him for Crimbo.

23 Sep 2009

Well the general response to my new look blog is

"Luv it Dahling"

so it can't be bad.
I'm now working on my web page to give it a bit of an update and new look.
I managed the blog update on my own (blood sweat tears temper tantrums lots of deletion and changes of mind) however Richard Grayling of www.rgrayling.co.uk is helping me with a new wallpaper for the web page while I update the content. Do go and look at his website its linked to so many other varied and interesting items. Read about the experiences of a newly published author for instance.I was amazed at what was on there. Well my blog/website was mentioned for a start ! so how amazing is that then.

The artwork for the book cover is coming along nicely. My friend has done lots of sketches which he emailed me to view. It's just a matter of getting together and bouncing off ideas with the best of them. Does that make sense? I think so. lol(Doing a Reg there). His web page is pretty cool - however as I've said before you need to be of a strong disposition before you visit. www.divisionofthedamned.co.uk
His blogs always give me a daily dose of fun.
Does he take the mickey out of my Arsenal team though. - He supports Liverpool - cough splutter laugh. Unfortunately I think they are further up the league table than Arsenal so I'm keeping my head down for a while. I bet he reads this and tells me exactly where they're placed. Or perhaps I should say where he thinks they should be placed. He'll definitely get me in the playground after school for all that I bet.

16 Sep 2009

Well consider this to be a work in progress then.
I have wanted to update the general look for ages but I never seemed to get the
Reggo me ole mucker of www.divisionofthedamned website will get a bit of a surprise
me thinks. Chuckles and hee hee.
Next task is my website. This is a bit more complex I think but I'll have a crack
as they say.
Who say that then?
I've no idea I just write the words!!
So then.... sob sob................Manchester City 4 Arsenal 2
Reg will be pleased because it helps his beloved Liverpool with points.
He'll put me right of course if I got that bit wrong I guess.

I have been playing with my website and updating the "history" this last week.
More next week when I do a bit more.
Also I have put in a "counter" so it will be interesting to see how many
visits I get.

Laters then.

12 Sep 2009

Well how sad is this I am so lax in blogging I forgot my password to get into my account and had to look it up!!
We have so many passwords these days and then the inevitable pin numbers. We seem to live in a world that screams security at us with every turn.Recently whilst trying to get into a particular part of the police station I was having difficulty with the numbers and the door wouldn't open. I suddenly realised I was putting in my bank card pin number. Fortunately I was alone so I didn't feel quite so much of a dillon. Probably just as well otherwise I may have had to change my pin and what a rigmarole that is.
So on to my literary side then. I should have had a meet up with my artist friend this morning but sickness prevails (not me this time) and we have had to reschedule. Have I upset the Gods and fate? as I seem to be scuppered at every turn at the moment.
Well come back all I said. I just had a phone call and we are going to have a quick meet up in a couple of hours at my friends allotment. So catch you later.

8 Sep 2009

I'm back again.
Me ole mucker Reggo was pleased to "see me" and yes like my colleagues at work teased me about the sprained jaw. I'm getting used to the teasing and the pain i'm in. lol.
Do go and look at Reggos blog http://divisionofthedamned.blogspot.com If you are of a delicate disposition be prepared for bloodshot eye balls vampires and all the other walking dead.
Reg recommends that I go to Jane Smith from the "How Publishing Really Works" blog and have a read. I did look sometime ago and it was quite an eye opener for any writer looking to get books published.
I have always been dubious about putting my work on the web because of that vulnerability feel. Having had several pieces published over the last year or so on the net I am now more confident that this could be the new way to go.
My artist friend is doing some commissioned work at the moment but I'm next in the queue so to speak.So hopefully not too long now.

7 Sep 2009

Well look at me I'm blogging again.
What a summer I've had.......suspected swine flu a kidney infection and after tripping over my cat and head butting the tiled wall in the bathroom a suspected dislocated jaw. I am now waiting to see a consultant at the max facial unit in our local hospital.
Now bearing in mind I had the origional injury in March and was told "It's a sprained jaw" This went on until recently when I was sent for an xray. "No it's fine coming along nicely". My doc said in 6 weeks it will be fine --- it's now 6 months .
The first thing I will do when I sell my book is take out private health insurance and to hell with the expense.
If I tell you that the local hospital missed a broken bone in my foot and sent me home with a "oh it's a sprain we'll put on a tubi grip bandage and please rest it".You will understand my apprehension about being told my jaw problem is a "sprain". Not only did the final xray show a broken bone in my foot but also I had torn the tendons. The baloon shape of my foot was a bit of a give away I felt but hey what do I know i'm only the patient.
Am I down hearted? you bet your cotton picking fingers I am.

So enough of all that whats happening on my book front with Shasta then. Well i'm still trawling Literary Agents to find the elusive publisher along with me ole mate Reg.
At the moment an artist friend is sketching the front cover of the book for me. Once that is done I intend to chance my arm on Authonomy and youwriteon and see what happens.
When I completed the trilogy I always pushed Shasta but I am now going to push the third book in the trilogy which I always felt was the strongest of the three anyways. When we look back at origional Manuscripts we have written we sometimes see glaring errors and the finger can't but help changing a bit here and there. Looking recently at my third book I thought yep time to give it a whirl.
When I wrote the stories I ensured that it wouldn't matter which order they were read in.The endings would always lead the reader into whichever story they wished to read next in the trilogy.
Who knows it may even end up as one book yet.
So thats it for now. As soon as the sketches are done it will go on authonomy and you can have a read of my wandering man.
So Reggo now you have something to comment on.
However I really enjoyed that Man U a big fat zero. Ha Ha