12 Sep 2009

Well how sad is this I am so lax in blogging I forgot my password to get into my account and had to look it up!!
We have so many passwords these days and then the inevitable pin numbers. We seem to live in a world that screams security at us with every turn.Recently whilst trying to get into a particular part of the police station I was having difficulty with the numbers and the door wouldn't open. I suddenly realised I was putting in my bank card pin number. Fortunately I was alone so I didn't feel quite so much of a dillon. Probably just as well otherwise I may have had to change my pin and what a rigmarole that is.
So on to my literary side then. I should have had a meet up with my artist friend this morning but sickness prevails (not me this time) and we have had to reschedule. Have I upset the Gods and fate? as I seem to be scuppered at every turn at the moment.
Well come back all I said. I just had a phone call and we are going to have a quick meet up in a couple of hours at my friends allotment. So catch you later.

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R.R.Jones said...

I hear yer on the password thing, I'm a right senile git and no mistake.
Numbers have always outfoxed me, words I can grasp out of the air but numbers elude me like a reticent virgin at a 'Love-in'... :-(