16 Sep 2009

So then.... sob sob................Manchester City 4 Arsenal 2
Reg will be pleased because it helps his beloved Liverpool with points.
He'll put me right of course if I got that bit wrong I guess.

I have been playing with my website and updating the "history" this last week.
More next week when I do a bit more.
Also I have put in a "counter" so it will be interesting to see how many
visits I get.

Laters then.


R.R.Jones said...

Well well Tee, we have been busy, lol.
The new layout is nice, makes a pleasant change actually.
I might do something with my Blog, though saying that, Black really is the way forward if you want to portray something dark and disturbing...
Ah, sod it, it stays the way it is, lol.
A lot less hassle as well.
When did you decide to change the name???

R.R.Jones said...

BTW, we're third in the table now.

Tee of Shasta and Erasmus Fame said...

Well finally I have the time to respond ....
I got fed up with looking at the tea cup!!!!
Im well pleased with the new look and my visitors feel the same apparently including your good self.
It took me a while with a lot of deletion and then rejigging so to speak but i'm finally pleased with it. My son and his partner are well amused as you can imagin. They didn't know their pikkys were on there. LOL Or that I walked with no shoes on in my earlier years. Oh yes I enjoyed life. They have seen a different side of me now.
I think the black suits your blog hun. It gives a cold and sinister feel to it.
I changed the name simply to incorporate the third book which is called the Eye of Erasmus. Also the title looks more "eye catching". An unintended pun there.
Im working on my web page at the moment but I haven't found a suitable backdrop. It will come I guess.
Third in the table? damn I really didn't need to know that.