23 Sep 2009

Well the general response to my new look blog is

"Luv it Dahling"

so it can't be bad.
I'm now working on my web page to give it a bit of an update and new look.
I managed the blog update on my own (blood sweat tears temper tantrums lots of deletion and changes of mind) however Richard Grayling of www.rgrayling.co.uk is helping me with a new wallpaper for the web page while I update the content. Do go and look at his website its linked to so many other varied and interesting items. Read about the experiences of a newly published author for instance.I was amazed at what was on there. Well my blog/website was mentioned for a start ! so how amazing is that then.

The artwork for the book cover is coming along nicely. My friend has done lots of sketches which he emailed me to view. It's just a matter of getting together and bouncing off ideas with the best of them. Does that make sense? I think so. lol(Doing a Reg there). His web page is pretty cool - however as I've said before you need to be of a strong disposition before you visit. www.divisionofthedamned.co.uk
His blogs always give me a daily dose of fun.
Does he take the mickey out of my Arsenal team though. - He supports Liverpool - cough splutter laugh. Unfortunately I think they are further up the league table than Arsenal so I'm keeping my head down for a while. I bet he reads this and tells me exactly where they're placed. Or perhaps I should say where he thinks they should be placed. He'll definitely get me in the playground after school for all that I bet.

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R.R.Jones said...

We're third Tee, your mob are seventh... I need say no more on the matter, lol.
Got a bit of a head today, I'm afraid, too many ales last night. Well it is my weekend right now so I'm allowed.
This is the site for the band I write for:

And this link is where you can hear a couple of their songs from the CD:

You will need ear defenders methinks, lol.