30 Nov 2008

Yippee I've completed my 13 weeks mediation course AND got the certificate to prove it.
So instead of knocking disputants heads together I now know how to do it proper like.
yea............. wahoo............

13 Nov 2008

Well How bad am I. No blog done since October.
It's frightening where the time flies to. I have been off the whole of this week and got absolutely nothing to show for it apart from a tidy house (sort of!)
I have been doing a mediation course and that in its self is rather tiring. No excuse though I should have made the effort.
However on the plus side I did read though one of Regs' neck/nail biting short vampire stories. The ending took me by complete surprise. I passed it on to a couple of friends who are into that sort of stuff and it got rave reviews. So hopefully he will see it in print.
Oh well time to put the feet up then with a cuppa.
In the words of the imortalised Reg.
Tara for now.