13 Nov 2008

Well How bad am I. No blog done since October.
It's frightening where the time flies to. I have been off the whole of this week and got absolutely nothing to show for it apart from a tidy house (sort of!)
I have been doing a mediation course and that in its self is rather tiring. No excuse though I should have made the effort.
However on the plus side I did read though one of Regs' neck/nail biting short vampire stories. The ending took me by complete surprise. I passed it on to a couple of friends who are into that sort of stuff and it got rave reviews. So hopefully he will see it in print.
Oh well time to put the feet up then with a cuppa.
In the words of the imortalised Reg.
Tara for now.


R.R.Jones said...

George, my mate who proof reads everything I do, sent it to me yesterday.
I went through it, accepting or not accepting the changes, in a daze because I was so cream crackered, (I'd been on early shift that day, which means I start work at 0530, so I'm knackered by about 1800 hrs.)
Anyway, the changes he made were spot on and it reads a lot better now.
I'm going to go through it one more time, in a minute, and then I'll send it off.
So now you know Tee.
I'm still rewriting "Division" but there's only 8 pages left to do, which means I'll do it tonight while James Bond is on the box. :-)

R.R.Jones said...

Maggie Bloody Thatcher...
That's who, lol.
Ah well, I normally steer clear of politics but Maggie didn't do a lot for North Wales and I grew up in a very depressed area; which kind of colours my attitude towards her glory years of, "3.4 million unemployed so we'll start a war to win the next election"...
I hate Labour too actually, always have.
Aren't I just so full of spite? My fave PM was John Major, who did a lot for Britain but nobody knew it. He really was The Grey Man of politics. If only he'd had a little less decorum and more showmanship about him, he would have gone on for one more term at least.
How's you Tee?
I've been growing my hair for the last 2 years now actually, that pic was taken about 18 months ago, lol.
My hair is actually down to my shoulder blades.