27 Oct 2008

Go the 'pool but you'll need some wheels
'cos Arsenal the champs are on your heels.



R.R.Jones said...

Is that a football chant they sing at the Emirate's Stadium?
Weren't the Pool great???
I an so chuffed, I really am.
Anyway, I found a vampire website that take stories.
I'm going to write one, send it in and hope they print it. If they do it'll be another thing I can write in my, (very limited) CV.
I've got an idea about Julius Ceaser being killed by the senate because he's a vampire.
They didn't use knives, they used stakes and the closing paragraph is Brutus, who was left alone in the senate after the murder, bending down to lick the blood of Ceaser.
Wotcha T'ink there madam?

R.R.Jones said...

I like the idea, however Brutus committed suicide after the war with Octavian so it wouldn't fit in.
Brutus actually was left on his own in the Forum after the murder.
I thought of it as more of a power struggle between the two.
Caesar's last words were, apparently, "You too child?" (and not Shakespeare's 'Et tu Brutus')
I can definitely make something out of it.
Well, I started it last night and I'll do a bit more today.
You can have a read when it's done, send me your thoughts etc.

R.R.Jones said...

Well that's good then.
I seem to be reading a lot about ancient Rome at the moment, it's absolutely fascinating.
We always think of Rome as being civilised, fair and benevolent to its citizens, but it was such a hard, unforgiving society; where innocent people could find their whole lives turned on the whim of an aristocrat or senator.
Great men conquered armies in the name of Rome only to come back and be charged of some trumped up crime because of the envy of other senators.
Truly fascinating.
Anyway, I'm glad your friends liked it Tee. When George gets it back to me I'll send it off and hope the editor of Rainfall Publications likes it.
Reg :-)