1 Oct 2008

Well it's the 1st October and traditionally the heating goes on today in offices etc. Personally I felt the need for it in September. What a year and today has a real autumn bite to it.

Reggo has a bit of a quandery with his book. To go for an opportunity to begin print on demand or not. Always a tricky one that as there could be lots of hits at the site - or maybe not.

It's a funny ole world.
As writers, we sit there tapping out these blockbuster novels and they get trodden on by publishers who will only go for either tried and tested or well known celebs. These celebs are also people who can afford to self publicate their work and get it put on the shelves. Mostly it's their background and rise to fame which they pen. (Or in some cases have "ghost" written). In some cases they even go on to write childrens books which of course also go on the shelf because of the above. "Well fancy her/him writing childrens novels etc as well - WOW how cool is that".
Yeah right and us in the literary world know the answer to that.

Ok that's me off me soap box which is getting a bit tatty these days due to extra usage.

On another note...........Arsenal 4 Porto a big fat zero (made up for the w/ends fiasco) thought I would get that in before anyone else does. LOL

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R.R.Jones said...

Hiya tee,
well I'm not going to do the POD thing after all.
There just isn't enough information being given out on the subject by the website and printers and that, to me, is a disturbing situation.
I've decided to plod on in the usual mode and if nothing comes of it then I'll do it with Lulu or Booksurge, who do have the answers I require.
So now you know babes.
It was a blissful relationship until I read the small print, then it turned to ashes in my mouth.
Ho hum, life's a laugh innit?
Reg :-)