17 Sep 2008

It's that time again

And so nature takes a well earnt rest. After all that hard work flowering and growing it's now time for the Crone to take over.
She gently lays all of nature to rest ready for the long sleep of Autumn/Winter.
I'm doing my bit by planting lots of Spring bulbs this year. I have always been very lax in this so I thought I would give it a go. White Hyacinths (is that how you spell it)? white narcissus with yellow centres lots of bright yellow daffys with red centres. Cant wait to see them in bloom as it means that yet again winter has finished. It's not the season I find hard to deal with it's the short days! Dark at 3.30pm in November/December. Because we still stupidly play with the clocks (It's back this time) the mornings are still dark sometimes up to 8am.
Why do governments mess with things?...........

I see Liverpool struck lucky against Marseilles then Rego! Hows the ole Writers block then?

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R.R.Jones said...

Yeah, I celebrated till 6 this morning. 1-2 in Marseille, who are not the pushovers everybody thought.
Thank God for Stevie gerrard say I.
Tell you what though, I'm knackered now I am. :-)
Writers block hasn't raised its ugly head in a while because I've been so busy lately.
My mate has bought a house so I've been there every day for the last week laying tiles, laminate and anything else he wants to put down.
However, the next couple of days I'm at home so I'll probably put finger to type key in the next couple of days.
I've got to read through frank as well. I can't remember how the story goes anymore so I'll have a butcher's and get onto him.