28 Aug 2008

Well the weather has been overcast and crap all day. Not one single ray of sunshine out there, but by golly it's warm though, about 26 deg.
Why do cats always feel they need to get involved with gardening? He rolled in all the earth I dug. Then made a hole and squatted.... little darling... NOT!!
However I have only small borders and these are now weed free and also fairly maintenance free - lovely. The rest is all 6 ft bushes here and there to break up the lawn. Works well for me though. Someone suggested I could build another small house as the garden is so big. Maybe a one bedroom bungalow I guess.
Anway I digress I have moved my herb garden for ease of picking and I think it works well. The slugs got confused but thats not my problem.
Talking of slugs a silly joke.
The farmer is sitting at his table eating his Christmas dinner after a very hard day on the farm. He clears up the crockery and settles down with his favourite newspaper and a mug of ale. He takes a sip and there is a knock at the door. Cursing he gets up and looks out but there is no one there. As he looks down he sees a slug and hurls it with all his might back out into the field. The following Christmas he finishes his Christmas meal and after clearing up he again sits down with his favourite newspaper and mug of ale and again there is a knock on the door. When he answers it there is no one there. He looks down and the same slug is there. It looks up at the farmer and sez "What did you do that for?"
Oh bless. Right then time for a cuppa and feet up me thinks.


R.R.Jones said...

Well not really because I'm on early shift all weekend.
Ho hum, who'd be me then, eh?
However I am going to a party on Saturday and I do have the Sunday off, which is a good thing because I have the feeling I'm going to get a bit squiffy.
In Germany, the person who throws the party is expected to pay fr all the booze as well as the food. My 40th birthday party cost around €3000 which is about 2000 of your British Pounds.
It was a good 'do' though.
Anyway, that's what's planned for this weekend, work and booze; an unlikely combination if ever there was one.
Have a good weekend Tee, I hopefully will.

R.R.Jones said...

Well, I struggled through my drought and managed to sort out the characters and their connection to the whole Gulag hierarchy, wasn't easy I can tell you.
They did have women in the Gulag system. You have to see it as a prison system that was used in the 19th century in England, where the lags really did rule the roost.
Some women were sent only to all female camps, some were in the male camps. A lot of the women were used by the higher ups in the camp, (both prisoner higher ups and the camp authorities) as ways of consolidating friendships/power/alliances.
The whole thing is typically Russian in its lack of discipline and this was especially true in the Thirties and then just after the war.
As you say, I have done loads of research on this, as I did with my first book. But you have to because the last thing you want is for somebody to lose interest in the story because of its lack of integrity.
I've read LOADS of books on WW2 and the Holocaust and when I read a novel and something doesn't ring true, or seems to be put in for artistic merit, I lose interest.
That's why these techno thrillers sell so well, the writers know the subject backward and there's no illusion or little white lies involved to carry the story; because it simply won't wash with the people who know the subject. These same people who have probably picked that book because it's based around a topic they know about or are interested in.
It's just damned hard going when you're trying to be realistic, doing your best to research something, and then finding that you're not 100% in the zone of truth, as it were.
Ah well, it's a good job I enjoy doing it, innit?

R.R.Jones said...

Actually babes the person I sent my M/S to is a Literary Agent.
Anyway, this is he.

Apparently he's very good. He does a forum for wanna be writers like myself and was given a thumbs up by P&E and Writer beware.
Anyway, have a decko, I learnt some things I can tell... which doesn't mean much I know but what the hell, eh? :-)