27 Aug 2008

Well it's so long since I did a blog that 1st I couldn't remember my password 2nd I had to think twice on how to get round site. How sad is that.

My first day off and I expected a lay in - Wrong I woke up at 7am as usual and my cat was snoring by my ear. He was laying full length keeping my back snug. I have now decided to call him "Pyewacket" (just to confuse him). What a cracking name that is.

It's cloudy today 21 celsius and I'm thinking about doing some gardening but can't get motivated. I'm a fairweather/sunny gardener when I'm in this mood.
Just checked and the slugs have mullered all my sweet pea seeds. They must have been laying in ambush, round the corner of the butterfly bush (Cant spell budlhia)waiting for them to poke their heads up. The idea was to train then up through the bush (still can't spell it properly). Ok so I planted them late as I had visions of a September flourish. Forget that now then.
My neighbours had a garden full of trees that overhung into my garden. They joined up with the trees on the other three sides.It afforded shelter from the sun and my patio table and chairs are there along with regulation summer brolly. In their wisdom the owner has decided to move out. Consequently they gutted the garden including all the beautiful trees (roots were attacked mercilessly). Beautiful flowers sailed over the shoulders in a rapid clearing frenzy. In it's place is a six foot full length fence. The whole area will be grassed. Ok it looks nice and affords privacy but I do miss those trees. Most of my first book was written under the shade of them during that barmy summer.
Obviously they served a purpose and have now gone to that green landfill in the sky.

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R.R.Jones said...

Your ex-neighbours sound like right gits Tee.
Ah well, the only constant is change, right?
Our cats sleep with me in bed too, God bless em. They're so funny.
Carlos has about five other names, C-Los, Jables, CJ and Kaller, which is a very German moniker.
I'm in the garden now as well. Two days off but really it's two days with a shovel, wheelbarrow and muddy knees.
I'm not sure I like my life anymore tee.
I used to spend my free time in the pub, or with friends, or at the cinema or in the pub again.
Now all I seem to do is work.
Is that the way it always is? God I hope not.
Right enough of the whining, time to move my jacksy.

Reg :-)