30 Oct 2009

Well I've just been looking for Regs' cd "Gods Will Be Done" on Amazon. He writes the music for the group and constantly plugs it. So I thought I would check out what it looks like. I expect to find blood and gore.
I'm naff at finding it - checked out heavy rock, even googled it and all the usual stuff.
Actually I found a cd of church music from Wells Catherdral lol - but no luck with the wanted, so I went to the web site instead www.godswillbedone.de/.
I'm rather taken with the "hoodie" I have to admit. I could wear it on the station. :-)
Maybe i'm going through a mid life crisis - I wonder?
Watch this space!!

29 Oct 2009

Can I just mention the Carling Cup Fourth Round Tie???

ARSENAL 2 (THATS a big fat 2 REG)

LIVERPOOL 1 ( and thats LIVERPOOL a slimline 1 REG)

Apparently we haven't lost to Liverpool at home since February 2000.
We'll be buffing and shining up the cups in time then.
But will there be tears before bedtime?
We shall see. :-) ^.^

26 Oct 2009

The Mendip Hills.......... The photo's are on my web site - with more to come.

So how was it? in a word it was absolutely amazing. One word will never describe it.

Initially we were going to drive down but decided the Great Western train would be more fun.

We caught it at Paddington London from Ashford International early Friday morning and arrived about 2pm in Bristol Temple Mead.

The New Inn at Priddy in Wells where we stayed, is in a little village in a time zone of its own. With a typical village green containing notice boards advertising the latest events (halloween/bonfire night etc) and the local bus runs on Tuesdays only apparently - if you're lucky.
Their home made food, all locally sourced is to die for and I have the extra pounds to prove it.
We were welcomed on arrival by Johnathan one of the bar staff who instantly came across as professional but with a zany sense of humour matched only by my own.

The local accent is a bit tricky to understand at first but generally it held a typical Zumerzet twang. Which encompassed anything from a general twang to a cultured slight hint of West Country to the local straw firmly held in the teeth farmer type. But how friendly they were to strangers. We intermingled very easily and our welfare was looked after with genuine meaningful honesty by most.
The staff I was aware of most were Johnathan (the behind the bar and sometimes in front with us chatting ) bar keep. The lovely waitress who served us breakfast each morning. Always ensuring we had enough coffee toast etc and if everything was to our satisfaction. At the same time ensuring it wasn't intrusive. How often do you get a hug with genuine feeling as you leave their workplace. Even though she had almost lost her voice with a heavy cold.

Being up in the Mendip Hills the weather is very unpredictable and is comparable to the mountains of Wales in part I felt but that didn't stop us exploring within reason on foot as we knew we would have a warm welcome back at the New Inn. My chosen place for contemplation on my next novel was the lovely spacious inglenook which sent out heat rays in all directions. Just the thing when your toes need toasting. Having said that I was surprised how mild the weather was when we ventured down into the valley at Wookey Hole. We actually stripped down to tee shirts there as it was so hot. We had left the mists of the Mendip Hills wearing Hats boots and heavy coats!
Venturing into the caves at Wookey, we were told by the guide, we were 200ft below sea level. Taking away the typical tourist hype, I just looked and surrendered myself, to an ancient and at times I felt, unbelievable mystery of time.

We did all the typical touristy bits of course at Wookey Hole including eating a wonderful huge strawberry and cream ice cream. We didn't do the cream teas though as I don't have that much of a sweet tooth.

When we finally left on the Sunday Johnathan drove us into Wells to catch the local bus to the station at Bristol Temple Mead to save us using taxis. How amazing is that. The friendiness of these people at the New Inn Priddy will stay with me for a while I feel sure.
So then Liverpool beat Man U .......... reee sult...... That will please Reg.

It pleases me because anyone that beats up Man U is ok in my book.
However Arsenal lost their match :-(

More up date on my mini break later when I've unpacked.

15 Oct 2009

So then another day another dollar.
Well I have several things on the go at the moment. Im decorating the dining room with my mate. Im the one wearing the black bowler and white coat. Oh and of course supplying the liquid refreshments and nibbles.
I decided as my lounge is so large I am going to put a small intimate bistro table and chairs at one end with soft lighting and music. The original huge table in the dining room complete with tiles of woodland scenes on top - along with the bench - is going into the garden under the trees for our summer bbq's. This then frees up the dining room to turn it into a chill out room. The computer was origionaly in there but that has now been moved to my work room which is working very well I have to say as it is at the top of the house.
So my chill out room will consist of my stereo unit which I couldn't ever do without. A couple of squidgy soft armchairs and maybe a rocking chair piled with cushions. A coffee table and an open plan small bookcase for my beloved books another must. Soft fairy lights will hang from the ceiling and delicate wind chimes will complete the look. There is already a built in low level seating area which at the moment is covered with cushions. The cushions may have to go in favour of candles and crystals. However that bit is a work in progress. Cant think what wallpaper to buy though. Bright and airy,soft and seductive or whatever. As my friends will be using it also, I may take a bit of advice from them. Watch this space as they say.
So what else have I been up to? Well I have redesigned my web site at http://www.teresageering.co.uk/ to go with my new look blog and Im quite pleased with the overall look. The template I found is in the form of a book so obviously very appropriate. My mate Reg at divisionofthedamned.blogspot.com kindly put a bit about my trilogy on his blogspot along with Richard Graylings' novel Green Kiddies. We are all team members of the infamous Struggling Authors website which I regularly talk about on my blog. When I first came across the site I was at my lowest ebb but between Reg and Richard they took an arm each picked me up and got me dusted down. Oh yes they not only gave me the encouragement I needed but also put a smile on my face. If you go to strugglingauthors.co.uk you can see what we get up to in our spare time. The last time Richard looked we had 800+ visitors peeking at our antics and forums. So why not take a look yourself and have a laugh with us. If you are an aspiring writer you can sign up and join in. So whats keeping you then.
So thats: http://www.teresageering.co.uk/ .......... http://www.divisionofthedamned.blogspot.com/ ....... strugglingauthors.co.uk
Off you go and look.
Pushy aren't I :-)