30 Oct 2009

Well I've just been looking for Regs' cd "Gods Will Be Done" on Amazon. He writes the music for the group and constantly plugs it. So I thought I would check out what it looks like. I expect to find blood and gore.
I'm naff at finding it - checked out heavy rock, even googled it and all the usual stuff.
Actually I found a cd of church music from Wells Catherdral lol - but no luck with the wanted, so I went to the web site instead www.godswillbedone.de/.
I'm rather taken with the "hoodie" I have to admit. I could wear it on the station. :-)
Maybe i'm going through a mid life crisis - I wonder?
Watch this space!!

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R.R.Jones said...

"Maybe i'm going through a mid life crisis - I wonder?"
Well if I am, why not you too? :-)
I found the cd on Amazon as well, which caused a stir in the Dad's corner of the Jones family, (i.e. Me!).
Whatever, have a good weekend Tee.
Reg :-)