26 Oct 2009

The Mendip Hills.......... The photo's are on my web site - with more to come.

So how was it? in a word it was absolutely amazing. One word will never describe it.

Initially we were going to drive down but decided the Great Western train would be more fun.

We caught it at Paddington London from Ashford International early Friday morning and arrived about 2pm in Bristol Temple Mead.

The New Inn at Priddy in Wells where we stayed, is in a little village in a time zone of its own. With a typical village green containing notice boards advertising the latest events (halloween/bonfire night etc) and the local bus runs on Tuesdays only apparently - if you're lucky.
Their home made food, all locally sourced is to die for and I have the extra pounds to prove it.
We were welcomed on arrival by Johnathan one of the bar staff who instantly came across as professional but with a zany sense of humour matched only by my own.

The local accent is a bit tricky to understand at first but generally it held a typical Zumerzet twang. Which encompassed anything from a general twang to a cultured slight hint of West Country to the local straw firmly held in the teeth farmer type. But how friendly they were to strangers. We intermingled very easily and our welfare was looked after with genuine meaningful honesty by most.
The staff I was aware of most were Johnathan (the behind the bar and sometimes in front with us chatting ) bar keep. The lovely waitress who served us breakfast each morning. Always ensuring we had enough coffee toast etc and if everything was to our satisfaction. At the same time ensuring it wasn't intrusive. How often do you get a hug with genuine feeling as you leave their workplace. Even though she had almost lost her voice with a heavy cold.

Being up in the Mendip Hills the weather is very unpredictable and is comparable to the mountains of Wales in part I felt but that didn't stop us exploring within reason on foot as we knew we would have a warm welcome back at the New Inn. My chosen place for contemplation on my next novel was the lovely spacious inglenook which sent out heat rays in all directions. Just the thing when your toes need toasting. Having said that I was surprised how mild the weather was when we ventured down into the valley at Wookey Hole. We actually stripped down to tee shirts there as it was so hot. We had left the mists of the Mendip Hills wearing Hats boots and heavy coats!
Venturing into the caves at Wookey, we were told by the guide, we were 200ft below sea level. Taking away the typical tourist hype, I just looked and surrendered myself, to an ancient and at times I felt, unbelievable mystery of time.

We did all the typical touristy bits of course at Wookey Hole including eating a wonderful huge strawberry and cream ice cream. We didn't do the cream teas though as I don't have that much of a sweet tooth.

When we finally left on the Sunday Johnathan drove us into Wells to catch the local bus to the station at Bristol Temple Mead to save us using taxis. How amazing is that. The friendiness of these people at the New Inn Priddy will stay with me for a while I feel sure.

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R.R.Jones said...

I went to Somerset as a kid with my parents. Mam and Dad used to pack us kids off to bed in the tent and make a beeline for the closest pub, leaving us to run riot.
Happy days.
We also went to Wookey Hole but it took me ages to make out the Witch; who said kids have a superior imagination to adults, eh?Now I think about it, we went to Wells too, isn't there a cathedral there?
This was the 70's when we went there, hence the blanks in my memory, lol.
Whatever, glad you had a good time.